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  1.  If you loved Wii Fit, you'll definitely love this!


    I was worried I'd lose my Wii Fit data by getting this new one, but when I inserted the disc it successfully connected to my old Wii Fit data. And once you get started the friendly on screen balance board introduces you to the fantastic new features to Wii Fit Plus.

    There's alot of reviews about the new games online. So there's no point me also raving on about them. But I just have to say the Wii Fit island has had a major change, it has gotten bigger and there's so many new buildings. It is always a pleasure to switch on the Wii and run around the island while it is a rainy day outside!

    Finally if you do buy this, don't forget to delete the old Wii Channel and install the new one from the Wii Fit Plus disc. Only problem now is what to do with the old Wii Fit disc. Frisbee anyone? ;D

  2.  A Step Above!


    This product is a great addition to anyone who loves Wii Fit and use it regularly. I am not a gamer but a fan of the Wii's health/lifestyle games and use the Wii Fit regularly. This StepUp pack gives the step exercises an added intensity. You have to be a bit careful though when doing the sidesteps in the activity as you might find yourslf wobbling if you don't give yourself enough clearance for both fit on the side of the board.

    The hand weights are okay, they are a bit light, but okay for people new to exercising. The product does look cheap, but the plastice is rigid and seems pretty safe. If you already have hand weights I think you should buy the Step Up raise by Venom seperately, you'll save a bit of money that way.

    On a final note, you can buy more expensive raisers and higher quality ones (there's some made from metal out there), but for the price, this is decent product. But only worth it if you are into Wii Fit/Plus.

  3.  It Get's Better...


    This is book 10 in the GG series, I found the storyline starting to lull a bit, but it soon heats up! Serena and Blair are at the Hamptons and they've found themselves next door to Nate! Cue some nakedness and debauchery. Will Blair and Nate get back together? Not only that but there are also Serena and Blair look-a-likes who are causing a stir during the holiday season...
    Meanwhile back in the city Dan is finding himself making out with another guy... Could it be that the poet is going gay? How will Vanessa take the news? - Especially considering the pair are now living under the same roof.
    The book ends with Blair finding a secret of Serena's that could tear the girl's friendship apart...

  4.  My Favourite Guilty Pleasure...


    Gossip Girl. I love it. You know you do too.

    Based on the books by Cecily Von Ziegesar, the series follows the story of two BFF's, Blair and Serena, and the world they live in and the people that share space in their glamorous world. It's no ordinary world, their families are rich, they play hard, work hard they live life to the full... But many secrets are revealed, it's not just the girls who have hidden lives, their fathers and mothers are just as bad. Anyhows compared to my 9 to 5 work life in the UK, this show is a great escape.

    Just a note, Kristen Bell (star of Veronica Mars/Heroes) doesn't actually feature in the series, she only does the voice over of Gossip Girl, our blogger who guide's us through the scandal and fun... If you find time, read the books too, they are just as fun and can be more graphic too...

    xoxo Gossip Girl.

  5.  It's hard to hate Nemi!


    The first thing I do when I get hold of the Metro is go straight to the Nemi comic, it is a highlight of the day to read the latest Nemi strip, wow I sound so sad...

    Anyway the cartoon strips for Nemi are sometimes hit and miss, overall the comics are entertaining and you learn so much about the Goth girl and her mates (Cyan in particular)

    I bought this book and it is brilliant! I am working myself slowly through it, I don't want to spoil it all in one go. The pages are high quality and in full gloss colour. I don't think all these comics have featured in Metro, because many of them are new to me. Some of the comics span over a page. There's also a lovely introduction to Nemi by her creator Lise Myhre.

    Right, I am rambling on. If you have not heard of Nemi or have not read the comics, go to google and type "Metro Nemi" and you'll get a link to the current comics that have featured in the paper. Have a read and enjoy, if you are after more or are a Nemi fan then buy the book, it's definitely worthy of a place on your bookshelf.

  6.  Oh forget the kids!


    Not just for your young ones, this film is great fun and the use of the 3-D glasses is fantastic! The effects are brilliant. The storyline does drag a little, but it is good clean cheesy entertainment.
    Try and get hold of the 3D version of the film, because it is far better than the 2D one.

  7.  Excellent Videos! Quality tunes!


    I only have one problem with this DVD, two of my most favourite tracks the girls released have been left of the DVD. The tracks are 'Soul Sound' and 'New Year'. These tracks were released around 2001 in the original line up of the girls.
    Apart from that the other tracks are great, pure pop tunes. Shame though that the collection is incomplete.

  8.  Please Please Please Think Before Buying This Product


    I have had this charger for 3 months now and have had no problems. But recently the lights have begun flashing when I attempt to charge the Wii-motes and much to my dismay I have found that one my two Wii controllers no longer works!!! I have bought fresh new Duracell batteries which I tried in both controllers but only one now works. I am really really annoyed, as a Wii user yourself you'd know the controllers don't come cheap. I wish I had stuck to the conventional method of replacing the batteries manually or buying an external battery charger and using that. Searching online I've found I'm not the only one with this problem with the charger, I just wish I was warned before hand. I'd actually give this zero stars if it would let me.