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  1.  OMIGAWD...!


    I don't care if he is a serial killer - I love him!! This plot is pure genius and i can't wait to read the rest of them! (or watch the series ;D )

    p.s. Dexter by Design looks particularly interesting

  2.  KEWL!


    I've only seen one episode! Lol, but i thought it was really great. Its really quirky and has a unique style! Well done to whoever wrote this ;)



    This is soo great!! i brought it for my dad for fathers day - the sizing is good n' all, (i know its a little early for fathers day but... i thought it was a great deal so, yeah) cant go far wrong with this ;P

  4.  Kwl


    This is a pretty cool collection. My only bug bare would be that part 9 and 10 - nd also freddie vs jason r missing. Wether they switched production comapnies or not - there shud b a collection - an eitnire collection, of every friday movie made. Loads of people forget part 9 - because its so awful - but wat i cnt undastand, is y people rememebr jason x - its even worse!! Thers nuffin lyk an absolutewly awful crappy horror extraveganza for ur weekend alone.

  5.  Big disapointment.


    Okay... in terms of action - its ok. It strains me to say that. It lacks the original complexity that the first one witheld. It was more prophetical and instead ruined the simplicity of the original death fight. It contradicts its predescesor, almost compeltely ruining the trilogy. There is always crucial evidence throughout that it was directed by a different guy, which always ruins a saga. Conpletely decipated the world that was created in Underworld.
    Big disapointment.

  6.  OOH YEAH!


    I will not have a bad word said against the Muppets. They're are the greatest creation via humanity! You can't beat them. The best way to go through life - with the muppet theme song in your head!!

  7.  The best!!


    This is a great series of movies. When i was little, peole used to place bets on me over who would get the next one first - let me tell you, the people who bet on me always won! They're the best - i was always the first to grab every one of them. Beautful great - enjoyable hilarious! They're great. Definately gonna be what my kids watcha all their childhood, along with sesame street, the muppet show and fraggle rock!!

  8.  AWSOME!


    You don't get better than Sweeney Todd. Combine that with Johny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter... Sacha Baren Cohen - basically an all star cast and you got yourself a deal!
    Can't miss it. I'll track you down if you do not order it - right now.

  9.  SO KWL!


    An awsome second series to Chris Rock's latest masterpiece! He did it again without ruining it! This alone is a skill that should be more recognised.

    Well done chris ;)

  10. Junior



    1 New from  £20.88  Free delivery

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     You'll never read anythin' like it...


    (paperback - 199 pages) Juniors great, the author describes his life as someone else perfectly, it's basicy a semi- autobiographical novel based on his life and disfunctional family.
    There's this beautiful poem called 'i know you don't love me but...' it's beautiful, i cried the first time i read it.
    He wanned to know that there would be people out there who could know, or at least understand.
    Read it guys, try to understand his world, thats what he wrote it for...