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  1.  Bungie's Final Masterpiece


    Despitve being an avid Halo fan, I was weary of this new title due to the failure of Halo 3: ODST. Yet it's detail, gameplay and improvements from the last installment completely eclipse any previous Halo title. The campaign is as playable as ever, even though there are no more skulls to find. Whilst online is a masterpiece in it's self as the armour lock, jet pack and hollogram perks etc. allow you to customerise your every respawn (something that COD players will know counts every time) Firefight has also improved significantly and the continuation of Forge and Theatre modes just pretty much tops a 5/5 game that will leave anyone with soar thumbs and a crippled social life for months to come. Well done Bungie!

  2.  Reasonable


    For the price, you're obviously not getting the best headphones in the world.
    But they do the job effectively.
    Only problem I can see with them is that because they're white they stain easily, I've only had them for 2 months now but if you use them regularly like I do, they're likely to lose their white colour.

  3.  Suprising funny and addictive.


    After being forced to watch all 3 High School Musical films amongst friends who love the franchise and sitting there thinking, am I the only one? The idea of a TV series similar to that of the movies did not appeal to me in the slightest BUT! And that's a big but, this is fantastic! It's so much more than HSM, it provides you with laughs, admirable covers of well known songs and a brilliant story line that leaves you gagging for more. The Glee creators have really struck gold here.
    Note: Jane Lynch (The Cheerleader Coach) is hilarious in this.

  4. Contra


    Vampire Weekend - CD

    23 New from  £6.35  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.95



    Fans of Vampire Weekend's first album should love this follow up.
    In a sense they've gone a bit more techno but still retain their feel good songs that fit perfect on a summer tracklist.
    The lyrics are even weirder than before 'Bounced across a Saudi satellite dish' etc.
    But the songs are just brilliant and keep echoing in your head for days.
    A nice diverse range of songs, from fast to slow, techno to guitar.
    Horchata 4/5
    White Sky 5/5
    Holiday 5/5
    California English (possibly the craziest song of the album) 5/5
    Taxi Cab 4/5
    Run 5/5
    Cousins 5/5
    Giving up the Gun 5/5
    Diplomat's Son 5/5
    I think ur a Contra (Slowest song on the album, yet magnificent) 4/5

  5.  The old design was better.


    The original Wired Headset was a lot better than this updated version.
    It's a lot easier to pull this one out by accident when moving your head and the mute button is harder to use when in a game.
    Other than that the sound and qaulity is perfect for Xbox Live and the I can't see why everyone keeps saying it breaks because I had my old one for 3 years and it didn't break once!
    Just take good care of it and don't move around to much when you play online.

  6.  Eye-catching and good price.


    Its not a bad t-shirt.
    The size was perfect.
    The picture on the front is very noticeable and bright.
    The only criticism I have is that the neck is a bit dodgy.
    It's a lot higher up than usual t-shirts and makes your shoulders look a bit flat.
    But who's being picky!
    For 11.99 its a bargain!

  7.  Somebody buy them a guitar!


    If you're a fan of the Editor's first two albums you're going to be bitterly disappointed.
    They've gone way too techno and completely lost their stylish, catchy, upbeat guitar based songs!
    On neutral grounds the album isn't too bad hence the three stars but if I were going on previous records this is their worst by far.
    Papillon and You Don't Know Love are the two best songs on the album but the rest are just all a bit melodramatic and too techno based.
    If you've never heard of the Editors before I suggest you check out their two previous albums...
    Overall 'In This Light And On This Evening' is creditable but lacking that Editor charm.
    Bring back the guitars for the 4th one lads!

  8.  Immense!


    By far one of their darkest albums to date "The Resistance" is a crafty piece of work. It may not be their best ever album, although their new sound is even more extravagent and political than before! This album is a definite must have for anyone who appreciates music. Its mind-boggling and fantastic!

  9.  A Must Have for a Halo Fan


    The back of the jumper is Master Cheif from Halo 1
    But you can see that in the picture anyway?
    And besides he does not change..he's the same Master Cheif in all the Halo's.
    This jumper is very comfy and a definite eye catcher.
    I went to Reading Music Festival this year and a steward actually asked if he could have my top!
    I also got a lot of people challenging me to games of Halo 3.
    Of which they cannot win of course.
    Overall it looks good, feels good and gets good responses!

  10.  Keep it up.


    Gears of War = Immense.
    Gears of War 2 = Immensly brilliant!
    I cannot begin to describe how amazing this game is.
    Everything Gears of War had it has and better!
    The new Horde playlist is my favourite feature of the game whereby you have to face separate waves of Locust by yourself or with up to 4 other people.
    The campaign is a bit longer than the first game which is a plus and the graphics are just as good if not better than the original Gears.
    Buy it!