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  1.  Really like it :D


    I got this with the book and im really happy with it. The detail is great and just has a different look to all the other star wars busts. There are two removable parts one on his side and one on his lower arm. Taking these off shows all rotten flesh which looks really cool :D

  2.  Amazing.


    This game is amazing, I think everyone else has already summed up how great this game is, but I thought I'd write this review just to let anyone thinking about buying it, if you buy it, DON'T SEARCH ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT ON THE INTERNET UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE GAME. It is so, so easy to find out who the killer is, I find out just by typing Heavy Rain into google, and it showed it in the suggestions, and it really does ruin the ending more than any other game if you find out who it is. Anyway, it's highly recommended!

  3.  Question


    Can i also use this as a PC monitor aswell as play my PS3 on ?

  4. inFamous



    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £14.69

     Just Buy it lol :D


    Really good game i prefer this to Prototype because it has a better storyline and better feel to it like your in the game.

    Great powers and upgrades
    Assassins Creed+GTA+StarWars ForceUnleashed = inFamous

    Karma moments are really cool you get to choose to ethier help someone ignor or kill them what ever you choose effects your Karma

    Play as a hero or play as the villian (inFamous)
    Complete it on both.each side changes the storyline
    Great game 10 out of 10 :)

  5.  Good game.Not as good as inFamous


    Its a good game and you should play it,but i prefer infamous by far,
    The story line is bad and short,you do get more powers but some are hard to do.the graphics arnt good the city looks all square.i say its just a more violent version of inFamous. All you do is kill, powers are cool theirs alot,but infamous ones are more easy to use then this.

    their both good games but i wld go for infamous

  6.  Lightsabers


    I have Anakins lightsaber and darth mauls both are awesome. The blue blades are so bright they light up the whole room and looks really good on camera (Webcam to show off to your friends) :P lol

    Buy one before they go out of stock because Master replicas are no longer making them

  7.  Wicked Game


    This is one game that is worth getting, the graphics are amazing and its just so fun to run round on the city roof tops, everything you see you can climb.The fighting is good and realistic same with the people in all the different citys, But many seem to find some of the missions repetative like my friend but his a fool anyway, so alot of people like it and alot of people dont . I recommend you get it Because i still have it and still play it.

  8.  Best Game Ever .BUT ....


    This is the best game i have ever played on any console. Every metal gear game iv played has never let me down, definitely my favorite, but number 4 is Amazing, Get this game it wont let you down ,Well maybe thos Xbox people :P

    BUT ...
    If you have never played the previous games you wont have a clue whats going on, it will still be a good game but you wont know whats happing

  9.  Darth Maul FX Lightsaber


    Darth Mauls Lightsaber its Reli good dosnt matter if you like star wars or not its reli fun and good to have on display, Until your friends come round Oooh wat dos this Doo Lool
    This is the best for swinging around (When Single blade)nice easy handle to hold, can be taken apart to hold one in each hand or Joint to make a dual blade Witch is RELI long Btw lool

    Reli nice to have on display

  10.  The Rest Have Said It Lol


    COD4 Best Shooting Game everplayed You can play it for ages and not get bored Online is Sooo Good
    Wicked Graphics,Gameplay,its Just Soo Good lol

    Unlock The Barrett 50 Cal online and Just Send Sum1 Flying lool Its Wicked

    Add me online My Online ID is Jimms