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  1.  A poor game.


    I bought this game as a bit of filler between other better titles. I played midnight club la and found it infuriatingly hard after a while. This game is not that. It is quite easy.
    The reason for the poor review score is that it has been some time since i have played a game so badly designed. The pop up and load in is awful. You will be racing down a street and suddenly the game will freeze up while the game loads the next view, and then there will be a hard corner that you couldn't avoid as it has only just loaded. If it's not a corner it's an oncoming vehicle.
    I didn't think things like this went on anymore but this is a poor example of this and makes some races a lot harder because you cannot plan or react to what is going on.
    As for the story, this is at best naff, and seems to have been written with hormonal teenage boys in mind. Lots of glossy scantily dressed ladies trying to add intrigue to what is a fairly poor story.
    On the whole a very poor game, and only worth playing if you are truly desperate and getting for a very low price.

  2. inFamous



    4 New from  £11.15  Free delivery

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    When I played the demo of this game I wasn't that taken with it. For those that didn't play it, the demo throws you in on a mission part way through the story and it didn't really hook me in. I felt it was all a little out of context. For this reason I didn't buy the game straight away. I have now put this right and realised I made a BIG mistake. The game is excellent, creative and looks great. I read someone say the game reminds them a bit of Spiderman on PS2 and I'd agree with that, also has elements of Crackdown on 360 and Assassins Creed. All excellent games. I have just finished my first playthrough and am looking forward to going through again. The good or evil choices add a dimension and encourage that second playthrough. The side missions as well, whilst they have some repetition, are still pretty varied and certainly more so than the likes of Assassins Creed. There is plenty of things to do even when you are not playing the story through, like collecting items and the side missions. This really is a great fun game and I would recommend it to anyone that has ever played and liked any action/adventure game. I really cannot think of anything about this game that I don't like.

  3.  Okay, but worth waiting for a price drop!!


    I was very excited about playing this game and joining the Ghostbusters. Bought it on release day and first impressions were good. It looks good, the music takes you straight back to your youth, and the story and cut scenes are well written and designed, in all it feels very much like a new chapter in the Ghostbusters timeline.
    Unfortunately once you delve deeper there are some flaws. The load screens take ages and when you are on hard level and die regularly it can get very frustrating to have to wait so long for the same battle to relaunch. Also it gets a little samey after a while, not really much exploration or imagination throughout.
    All told it's enjoyable and fun, but by the time I got to the end I was quite happy to be done with it and had no incentive to replay.
    Probably best bought in a couple of months when hopefully the price will drop a little, and at a bargain price this is well worth a look.

  4.  Very average.....


    I bought this game at the start of the year when trophies were promised, but they only released them a couple of weeks ago!! The game is now six months old, however in many ways it plays like an early PS1 od PS2 game. It looks good, a bit dull in places but some of the scenery is fantastic, however this is only when you can see it! The camera in this game is AWFUL.
    It has been a long time since I have played a game with such a bad point of view, and the camera spins round just when you really need it to help you out and stay steady. It is truly dreadful and reminiscent of early Tomb Raider games.
    Also Lara has this weird thing when you are too close to scenery and she runs on the spot effectively stuck until you stop running and slowly turn around.
    It's quite a basic game and does not push the bar in anything it does, however if you like Tomb Raider this is definitely more of the same, and maybe you will see past it's flaws.
    Unfortunatley for me, being Tomb Raider just wasn't enough.
    P.S. If you like trophies, I got a platinum in less than two weeks!!

  5.  Nothing new.......but still great!!


    If you have played the original Motorstorm, a PS3 launch title, then you will not be surprised by the sequel. However whilst it may be 'more of the same', that's no bad thing when the original was one of the best racing games I have played. Not deep, not complex, but good driving fun. Anyone who has not played this series I urge you to try it, and if you've played the original, then more of the same should be enough to get you back!!

  6.  A solid game


    I bought this from Play after seeing it for the bargain price of £17.99 and would recommend it for this price. It's not the best driving game i've played, in my opinion Burnout Paradise and Motorstorm are better, howevr for value for money it makes a strong case. It is good fun, and reminds me a lot of Need For Speed Most Wanted from a couple of years ago. It looks good and plays well, however some of the races are quite long and need quite a lot of concentration even early on in the game, the slightest mistake and several minutes of good work can go down the pan!!
    It is not gripping me in the way some racers have though, maybe because it sort of feels like it's all been done before, it doesn't really give anything new thats not been done in several other racing games.
    If you're new to racers, then this is a good introduction, if not then i'd only recommend it if you can get it for a good price.

  7.  OK offline, amazing online.


    I held off buying this as I was hoping to get it for Xmas, but when Santa did not produce I bought it at first chance. I've missed out on a pretty good game, and the definitive online experience!! Offline, the single player game is solid but buggy, with your teammates doing stupid things, which left me shouting at the TV on the higher difficulties (veteran level). However when I ventured online I was amazed. I played COD4 but not much online. This is without doubt very similar to what I remember and is in my opinion the best online shooter. Even as someone who lacks skill but makes up for it by running around like a wally, this still gave a lot of fun. The online element of the game is excellent and anyone who wants to play a good online shooter, look no further!! I was going to give a score of 4/5 due to the offline portion of the game, but the hours of enjoyment I've had out of the online stuff more than makes up for it. I strongly recommend this game.

  8.  Excellent game.


    I loved the original Resistance and thought most reviews were a little harsh. This game builds on that with great gameplay, amazing graphics and fantastic set piece battles. The story mode is very good, but online the game is faultless. Up to 60 player battles with a host of different modes and smooth gameplay even during big matches. An excellent first person shooter, and in my opinion one of the best in its genre.

  9.  Awesome!!


    An amazing game. I did not buy this straight away on release, as I was not sure if I would like it. However I have taken a gamble after seeing the excellent reviews and metacritic score, and it is totally worth it. Fantstic fun, not complex but still makes you think occasionally and leaves me with a smile on my face after playing. Highly recommended.

  10.  Good......if you are patient!!


    Bought this on the strength of good trailers and reviews, and can't argue with any of them. However a warning to anyone who is thinking of taking a punt. If like me you have played games like tomb raider and become frustrated by your characters inability to make a simple jump, then imagine a whole game of it!! There is not a lot more to this game than running around and when it works it is stunning, however i have never found a game so frustrating. Please do not buy this unless you have a lot of patience and the ability to realise that every mistake and inevitable death is your fault. It undoubtedly is, but that didn't make me any happier!!