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  1.  Great product. Excellent value. Recommended !!!!


    Got these within 3 days of ordering. Great build quality for the price. Never would have thought you could get speaker stands for £15.
    I have a Jamo A102HCS5 5.1 system and have used these for the rear speakers. Admittedly I had to tweak the "universal connector" slightly to fit but they are fab.
    If you also have these speakers here is what i did. Basically what i did was look at the instructions for connecting the speakers with "keyhole type fitting". I reversed the way the "thumb nut" is connected so that the thumb nut is where the screw should be and the screw is where the thumb nut should be on the diagram. This meant i could actually reach the screw with a screwdriver to tighten it up.
    Such good value for money. To get the actual speaker stands from Jamo would have cost me £85 for a pair.

  2.  Disappointing remake.


    I was really disappointed with this movie. I felt the pre credit opening was really well done but it went down hill from there. It was like they tried to cram so many elements from the original movies into this. You would have thought that with the original being a classic slasher flick - they would have put a bit more thought into this. Rent this first and see what you think. I personally think that My Bloody Valentine was a much better remake than this was. Very disappointed.

  3.  Great machine and a bargain at this price !!!!!


    I have had this for nearly a week and it is a fantastic machine. It took me ages to decide whether to go with HD DVD or Blu-Ray. As soon as Warners said they were moving to BR then I made the decision to get this. It was so easy to connect and as I have a Samsung 40" TV it also has the Anynet function. The previous reviewer was correct in that this is a 1.0 profile player but Samsung has already issued an upgrade for this player and it can be downloaded from their website, either directly to the player via an ethernet cable or it can be burnt to CD and then installed. Failing that if you call the customer services number on the website they will send you out a CD with the update on. I assume there will be future upgrades available as there is a section about this in the manual. This pretty much makes it future proof.
    Any-Hoo back to the player itself. I have so far seem an episode of Planet Earth, Ghost Rider and 300 and the picture is just stunning. More so with Planet Earth and Ghost Rider as they were not filmed in a grainy style like 300. Not to say that 300 looks bad. The upscaling is fantastic too, Revenge of the Sith looks out of this world upscaled to 1080p. It is a tad slow on start up, but who cares when you get such stunning picture quality.
    This machine is a bargain at £230 and I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to get into HD.

  4.  This rocks !!!


    This tv is fantastic and was delivered so quickly (purchased it on 04/01 and it was delivered on 09/01). Also got the Xenon black tv stand for half price which was a bargain and looks awesome with the tv. The picture is better than i could have imagined and standard DVD movies look awesome. Havent a Hi-Def dvd player yet but Blu-ray has pretty much won the format war (as Warners are moving exclusively to Blu-Ray later this year...thats gives them a 70% share of the market and paramount may soon be moving too !!)and I have my eye on a cracking Samsung blu-ray playeer to go with the TV. You will seriously not be disappointed with this TV, the set up is so easy too. A great bargain as I have seen this in the shops for a grand !!!!!! Have always stuck with sony, but saw this tv in a store and looked cracking when playing a hi-def movie. Coupled with the brilliant reviews I took the plunge and I have to say its the best bit of kit I have ever bought !!!

  5.  Amazing series !!! Highly recommended !!!!


    I have been watching the re-runs on Sky 2 which I have Sky +'d and this series is the THE best sci-fi series (if not series) on TV. I have to say all the seasons have grabbed my attention more so than 24, Prison Break or Heroes. My missus will certify that as whenever I watch this she relegates herself upstairs to watch the soaps, bless her. The characterisation is excellent, stunning effects, great plot twists, and the action set pieces are amazing, (SPOILER WARNING, IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN SEASON 3) especially the stunning jump entry of Galactica into the atmosphere of New Caprica to rescue the occupants !!! I dont know of another series that has ever been so captivating. Bring on Razor and the final Season 4 (which has currently shut down production due to the writers strike). Definately worth the money. Especially if you wait till they sell this for £17.99. Thats what I did with season 2, and I watched it in 3 days.