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  1.  Take note of the negative reviews


    I read the reviews and thought there are more good than bad ones so I purchased this item.
    I now wish that I never bought this as my kinect is unplayble with this attached. I tried every thing as others reviewrs did. It does not pick up the floor at all, this product should be removed from the shelves!

  2.  Two movies in one


    I agree with the person who said they where laughing one moment and crying the next. This movie really moved me at the end and made me lol in the first half. Stephen Graham is totally fantastic he always plays a great villian.

  3. Brink


    Xbox 360

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     For the Ark


    I cant get my head around these reviews they must of played for 5 mins then ran back to CoD.
    This game is nothing like call of duty for the reviewer who said it is. Multiplayer is PvP for the reviewer who said its not. The graphics are brilliant great character customisation good maps. I am loving the team play style also i heard the first DLC is going to be free.
    If you fancy a change from CoD and want a game for team play the this is the one for you

  4.  5 STARS ?


    I dont know how people rate this 5 Stars. I love my old skool action movies and yes im older than 18. If you want to watch a movie about Stallone and jason statham(trying to act). With no story line at all then this is for you. Terrible acting no story, i was expecting more like Rambo and got this turd gutted.

  5.  I want to fight 10


    A fantastic movie that shows off wing chun it its greatest form, not to be missed if your a martial arts fan or even if you are not.

  6.  Worst so far


    Played a few Kinect games so far and this has been the worst. Some of the motion sensors are a joke very frustrating if you play with a child (9 year old in my case)height was a major issue. Plus was lots of games and i like the leaderboards.

  7.  Lazy


    Very lazy game this one a Lack of games and bad controls save your money as there is so many better games for the wii.

  8.  Hidden Gem


    I took a chance with this game and i am so pleased i did. I got to say its the best game i have played this year. Its a Totally refreshing change from all the army fps games dominating. Fantastic story superb graphics Great characters and top notch gameplay.

  9.  I give up


    First of all i thought band of brothers was amazing so i was really looking foward to this. First few episodes where all over the place boring and i did not see any main characters. I though well it must get better as many things pick up after a few episodes. I gave up just after half way through. I thought the characters where bad and it was very VERY slow And how many battles sequences where at night and not long enough total rubbish like pearl harbour.

  10.  Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit


    Having played bad company, call of duty and now medal of honor I would say its a massive step in the right direction for the game.
    First off the campaign has a great story and a realism about it. The missions had a good variation also. Just a few things that let it down for me. First was the difficulty i played on the hardest and completed it with not many deaths. Second was that the AI could be patchy at times but it was not as bad as some comments are making out. I thought the campagin was better than bad companys and on par with call of dutys
    Mulitplayer is very similar to bad companys as you can tell dice did alot with it. To be honest its not as good as call of dutys or badcompanys. Thers is just not enough depth and can come boring very early.

    To sum it up alot of these reviews are very unfair cod fanboy reviews. Its a good game worth buying as alot of the stories and maps in the game are real and its a decent multiplayer to.