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  1.  good, but not not excellent


    This is a good steering wheel for the price, and the best available for the PS3. The driving feel is good, the wheel doesn't feel cheap and tacky like most can / do! This wheel is a most for any driving / Gran Turismo fan!!

    SLIGHT BAD POINTS: The force feedback is a little dissapointing , steering not too smooth / slight grinding, and the paddle buttons on the reverse of the wheel arent the best. Also whats not clear from the videos / pictures is that you will have 3 leads trailing accross your floor. 1 power cable, one connection -to ps3/pc and one to the footpedals.

    Ideally I would like the wheel to be wireless like the xbox 360 one, but at 60quid cant complain! Hours of fun to be had, and even the girlfriend had fun driving (she hates games)!!

  2.  awesome!!


    This game has been long in the making, but boy have they got it spot on!! The fight scenes are amazing. The game follows a decent storyline & brings u up against a few challenging boss's throughout! This game is well worth £30. Unlike many recently released games, this hasn't been rushed & wont be completed in the usuall 5-6 hours. Many games will struggle to come close to this, this year! Its one of the must own games of 2008! Only bad thing i can say about the game is there is no co-op play which could be good fun!! You can also compare ur scores online with friends & also check out the xbox live leaderboard to see where ur ranked!
    This game is up there with the best of them!! 5 stars

  3.  good, but not quite...


    This game starts well, and you think this could be good! But the game is very repetative... you can litterally shoot around 1000 bad guys then its complete.. The game is very unique with the tequila time modes and good fun to start off with but it soon becomes a chore and you can loose interest in the game.. The game takes around 8-10 hours to complete on normal which is better than most current xbox 360 shooters and for play.com's current price its well worth a purchase.. Online play is also pretty good although not the best out there... 3 out of 5...

  4.  Pure class


    This game has suprised me.. COD 3 was a big let down. But this.. this is a massive improvement. It feels and handles well like all COD games, but its the graphics and story line that has been vastly improved. The game is great, but very short. Should take around 6 - 8 hours to complete. Although on veteran level, if you can complete on this level i will be amazed. Its solid!! But where this game wins.. is online. Im not a fan of online shooters as usually i get my butt kicked by people who play it online 8 hours a day non stop. But I thought I would give it a try, and i haven't managed to stay away from it.. Its something that i dont think i will ever bore off, until the next COD... a true master piece!! Well worth the purchase!!

  5.  Amazing


    This game is truely one worth waiting for!! I purchased the xbox 360 on release and this has been one of the big games I have been waiting for along with halo 3, mass effect, grand theft auto. . Ubisoft, I thankyou.. you have not disappointed!! This game has been a long time in the making, and boy it shows.. The graphics are the best to date on the xbox 360, game handles just right and the maps are huge and visually stunning.. I have yet to find something I dont like about the game. Free-running across roof tops is pure class.. The story line is also spot on.. I give this game 5 stars.. this game is well worth purchasing!!

  6.  imprexa99


    One for the hardcore racer!
    This is not a game you can pick up and get on with straight away. This game takes time to master and is in my opinion very similar to that of gran turismo. Its a huge game with plenty of different races to compete in. Some people have given this game poor reviews... which is probably down to the individuals ability to handle the game rather than the game being poor! This game is well worth £30-40 and will keep the keen gamer occuppied for a good month or so to complete. Online auctions of cars is also a good touch, helping you to buy / sell cars you can't get / want rid of. Overall this is probably the most realistic driving game on the 360 to date, But in truth its not the most fun, and can become repetative after awhile! If your looking for realism, this is the one... If not, consider PGR4 or Dirt