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  1. Rage



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     Brilliant !!!!


    I have no idea what people are getting stroppy about with this game... it is flinking awesome !!!

    People are comparing it to the likes of Borderlands, but to be honest apart from being set in a post apocalyptic world, inhabited by psychopaths, general nasty people and the obligatory "wild west" theme... thats it. Borderlands, to be honest doesn't even come close to the quality of this fine game.

    The graphics are amazing. Look totally authentic. Game play is spot on... it is a true homage to Doom; a game I'm sure the vast majority of the complaining gamers weren't even around when originally released !

    The longevity of the game seems fine. I have only played 3 hours of the game so far, but it feels like I have barely even scratched the surface. Plus, when completed there is an extremely challenging multiplayer option that can be played single player too. As well as some vehicle racing (albeit a bit second rate).

    In fact, the only gripe I have with the game is sometimes when turning around, the textures take a moment or so to update causing the landscape, walls, etc to appear flat and texture-less... Although it occurs few and far between, and is only for a second or so.

    The game is that good, I'd give it six stars....

  2.  Hmmm...


    Firstly, I'm not really one for football, but for some reason quite enjoy playing football games. After downloading a demo of Fifa and PES I concluded Fifa was the better gameplay-wise so I went ahead and ordered it. Now firstly, the game itself is great. It is ultra-realistic and even my totally apathetic better half commented it was like watching a real game. The speed of play is spot on. The behavior of different players opens up a whole new realm of realism - instead of the usual 22 generic robots, it really feels like 22 individuals... For the gameplay I'd give it a solid five stars.

    However, I quite like highly customizable options. Creating leagues, players, etc. Unfortunately, the menus and general clunkiness of the options really spoil what I personally would have thought at this level should be obvious elements to a football game. I remember the mid-90's and the days of SWOS and the options in that game were far superior. Ok, they may not have looked that pretty, but I would prefer to sacrifice looks for some slick tables and easy customization.

    Obviously this is not something that could have been revealed from the demo, but suffice to say, it is a sufficient negative point that I probably would have looked elsewhere.

    This game is excellent if you just want a single match between two teams. If you're looking to create your own cup, manage teams, create players, view statistics, see proper league tables with points, wins, losses, etc you'll find it real hard work. It's not impossible, it's just a very unpleasant and awkward experience to do.

    For everything other than the in-game gameplay I would give the game 1-star.

  3.  Best. Game. Ever.


    This game is so awesome I cannot stop playing it at the mo ! To be honest I was a little underwhelmed at first as it takes a good hour or so to start doing anything interesting (the first 20 minutes are exceedingly dull) However... after reading many, many rave reviews I decided to stick with it, and I'm so glad I did !!! The graphics are amazing. Lighting effects, super intricate attention to detail really suggest as to the scale of the fully working city. I am constantly amazed at how so many differing factors can alter the gameplay. My favorite being using the poisoned blade, jabbing someone and watching them go beserk, before keeling over - much to the concern of fellow troops and surrounding city dwellers... leaving a distracted crowd for you to creep around pick pocketing everyone. its GREAT !!! The fighting methods are really great. Controls and camera are great. Just everything about it is great. It is somewhat reminiscent of Thief (used to play on the PC) I'd say the only negative thing is some of the levels can be extremely irritating, and quite drawn out (in particular getting the 2nd Assassins seal in the massive church) though these are quite spaced apart. Also, the extra management elements of turning a dilapidated squat into a thriving and bustling city are a nice touch - though it doesnt take long to rebuild everything leaving not a lot more to do with it... Excellent value overall, the negative points aren't sufficient to reduce to 4-stars. 6 hours in and I'm about 1/4 of the way. Not too bad really considering I can sometimes finish a game in one sitting !!!

  4.  BRILLIANT !!!


    This is one of the best games I played for a long time. A fine blend of adventure and exploration. The (frequent) gun fight sections are very well put together. The controls are excellent, the enemies AI is pretty good - they duck and weave, hide behind things and frequently skirt around your position to blast you from a different angle. The cinematic sequences are pretty much movie-quality scripted and "acted" (though not particularly original). All in all, top notch game. If I could give 6-stars I would.... the only downside to the game is when it ends. When I got it I stuck it on immediately, played it non-stop and finished it - Took about 6 hours. Because of this game I nearly forgot to go pick my girlfriend up from work !!! lol.

  5.  OMG !


    After owning a gen 2 Ipod and a shuffle for gym use I thought it was about time to buy a new gizmo.

    Now as a true die hard Mac only fan (wouldn't touch a PC or Windows with a long stick) I am used to simplistic, intuitive menus, gloriously clear screens, wonderfully sleek designs and a piece of kit that just doesn't go wrong...

    However, I was so gobsmacked by the use of the Ipod I really consider the Ipod to be THE best gadget currently out there ! Whether its downloading straight from Itunes, playing brilliant games, watching beautifully colourful, bright, crisp videos, using WIFI to access the internet or email,the pinching of the screen to zoom in and out... Oh yeah, and playing some tunes too !!!

    Ok, they've been out for a while now but it is just such an amazing piece of kit I really think everyone should have one !

  6.  Disappointing


    I was expecting a lot from this game as I am a HUGE fan of Half Life: The Orange box.

    However, whilst there is no disputing the games wonderful graphics, the gameplay is severely let down by its randomness. Whilst it is quite easy to pick off the zombies from a distance, when a load of them come charging in it just becomes a frantic button-jabbing free for all. The AI players are completely pointless as the term AI is quite laughable; they wander round, get in the way and there is no way you can tell them to go and flick switches, open doors, etc whilst you get into position for the oncoming horde. They'll blunder into situations setting off alarms and such. In single player, the three others will go charging off together all guns blazing - there is no form of strategy or stealth. The most annoying being when you're trying to avoid the Witch, the "AI" players with go off startling them in no time. The weapon selection is extremely limited and whilst the pipe bombs and molotov cocktails are satisfying you're limited to just carrying one...

    This games only redeeming features are its graphics and its cooperative gameplay - hence the 2 stars. There is very little else to it.

  7.  BRILLIANT !!!


    I love these little earbuds. The sound is excellent. There is a real punchy-ness to the bass lines whilst everything else is crystal clear. They're cheap as chips. I would have these anytime over earphones I have spent upto £40 on before.

    The only downsides? When I first used them in my Ipod shuffle the connectors didn't seem to be, er, connecting - leading to an iffy sound. After a bit of jiggling they're fine.

    Just an individual and temporary flaw easily fixed. Hence five stars.

  8.  Would give it 6 stars !


    An essential a product for the Wii as a Wii controller. The disc has not been out of my console for 2 weeks now and still I don't see how it would be possible to get bored of it... fantastic in single player, even better in multi player and better still online !

  9.  Ahhh nostalgia....


    After being somewhat disappointed with the Wii so far, I bought this game on the personal reccomendation of my boss. And fair do's, he wasn't wrong !

    At first I thought the whole concept seemed a bit too simplistic for my taste, but once you get past the irritating - and stereotypically cartoonish beginning you're whisked off to a galaxy of bright colours, great graphics and wonderful controls.

    First things first. The controls; whilst the Wii's intuitive controller is, frankly brilliantly inspired, it doesnt neccesarily work with everything (Tomb Raider for example) but with Mario everything seems to work perfectly ! For a game with potentially negative playability as regards controlling with the disorientating levels, it works perfectly - something I doubt could be copied with a 360 or PS3 controller.

    As for the gameplay, as I said I was a little underwhelmed at first but with a little bit of perserverence the game quickly sucks you into the cartoony-cute style of Nintendo. Infact, thinking about it it takes me back to the days of staying up all night playing Super Mario Brothers on the NES on a B&W TV... just in modern day wonderfulness that is computer game development. And colour TVs !

    Anyway, enough drivel... got a Wii? Buy this... essential purchase.

  10.  Terrible


    Play really needs to introduce a "zero star" rating. The American Pie franchise takes yet another blow - if you thought "Band Camp" was bad, you aint seen nothing yet! They are now just cashing in on the name, neglecting any form of story instead opting to recycle every generic American college/teen movie but adding as much t*ts and a** as possible.

    Perhaps I may have enjoyed the film more when I was abut 15, but at the ripe old age of 26 I find this kind of juvenile rubbish offensive to sit through.

    This film is purely for pre-pubescent idiots to sit and snigger away at all the rude words and female flesh, with the only company beng a box of tissues.

    If you consider yourself to have even the slightest hint of intelligence then you would be better off sitting looking at the wall. Or, just buy a magazine.

    The only thing I'm thankful for is I haven't paid for it - instead renting it, although I am seriously considering writing to the film company to ask for a refund for my electricity.

    AVOID !