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  1.  Vast improvment


    Great improvment on the design of the actual box compared to my old white bulky one, the built in Wifi is brilliant and there is a noticeable difference in the noise of the fans. The choice to install games on the box for better quality is a great idea and doesnt take too long to complete the process. 250GB storeage gives plenty of room for updates, addons and game installations. Only downside is its not as quiet as I was expecting and often get a loud noise from the fans like its revving its engine.

  2.  Great looking ... Fades fast


    Looks and feels great, and also is a great fit (medium).
    However the great looking Superman logo began to fade after only one wash!
    Not best pleased

  3.  Terrible quality.


    Loved the design, and theres plenty card slots... However ... this is where to good news ends.
    Quality of the wallet was terrible, stiching wasnt done correctly and my cards started to tear the wallet, the card slots arnt even big enough (strechs after a while of having cards in there), No coin pouch, no clear plastic slot (for drivers licence etc) ... unfortunatly very disappointed. ended up buying a different superman wallet and giving this one to the dog as an early christmas present. Least someone enjoyed it.

  4.  Brilliant retro T-shirt!


    Great shirt, good fit, transfer feels very premium (not the kind that comes off after one wash).
    Picture is a good representation of the actual product

  5.  Must buy for all you comic book fans!


    Couldnt of asked for a better wallet!
    Feels very well made.
    Has in total: 1 credit card slot, 1 slot with clear plastic window, coin pouch, 2 slots behind credit card and clear plastic window slot, 1 slot behind the coin pouch and 2 sections for notes.
    Great delivery and had it for a couple weeks now and no complaints

  6.  Brilliant game ... enough said


    One incredible gaming experience.
    The graphics alone are really spectacular. Even on the console edition. Multiplayer involves game modes: Conquest, Rush, Team deathmatch etc. Play as most war related vehicles such as jets, helicopters, tanks, LAV and jeeps! Please note however this edition does NOT come with Back to Karkland the update must be bought separately from the live store. Wide range of playable classes from medic to anti tank engineer. Single player is lacking... but lets face it, multiplayer is what you buy Battlefield for. If you love getting deep into the heart of battle, working with team mates and just generally shooting the hell out of things... defiantly a game to buy. Suggest also investing a little money in a surround sound system ... makes all the difference!

  7.  Not bad ... not great ... but not bad


    Bought this headset a while back when I upgraded my Xbox to the new whisper quiet one.
    Firstly the good points: Good design. Sound quality is great ... especially for the price... can always hear other players voices crisply. Nice snug fit with an adjustable arm that goes over the ear and different sized inner ear plugs. Quite comfortable but causes mild discomfort after continuous gaming.
    Bad points: No clip on the mute button to attach to clothing. As mentioned above causes discomfort after continuous gaming. Microphone is a few inches away from the mouth so always have to raise my voice for it to pick up what im saying.
    Overall, for the price, not too bad... but if your a continuous gamer... get something more comfortable

  8.  Its an okay tshirt


    It takes some people quite a while to actaully get the joke or theres the people who ruin the joke by looking too much into it by saying "well you could be either running towards the bomb or running away so how would i know" ... overall though when people finally got the joke it got a few chuckles