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  1.  good film


    This 2004 version of dawn of the dead was a good movie but not even close to the 1978 version that george a romero directed zombies do not run they walk if your a real fan of zombie movies you'll know that the original is the best i recomend if you havent seen the original movie that you watch it this dawn of the dead version is worth buying but it a movie that you will only watch once the original 1978 version never gets boring if your a fan you'll watch it over and over again if you like gore and action then the 2004 version is for you.

  2.  the best in the series


    some might say that halloween with michael myers is the best but it all the same if you watched one you seen them all this is fantastic halloween 3 is the best in the series.

  3.  brilliant horror movie


    even though this film was done back in 1979 there was a lot of special effect and a lot of gore if you dont like gore i suggest that you dont buy this movie and if your a big fan of horror films then it a must have.

  4.  avoid at all cost


    the worst horror ever cheap film poor acting poor effect and fake avoid at all cost.

  5.  the best original movie ever.


    in the summer 1974 a man named tobe hooper created a cult classic named the texas chainsaw massacre if your a big fan of horror movies then i suggest that you buy this brilliant horror movie

  6.  the best texas chainsaw


    out of all the texas chainsaw massacre this is the best it funnier gorier and wilder than the original texas chainsaw .

  7.  great action movie


    a brilliant bruce willis movie a must see for die hard fans full of special effect 5 star.

  8.  really funny


    a brilliant family fun movie 5 star real funny ben stiller at his best.

  9.  fantastic


    this is a brilliant gangster movies if you like scarface and goodfellas then you will enjoy this fantasic movie box det

  10.  hilarious


    this is a real good family movie very funny one of the best films of the year if you liked rush hour 1,2 then you must see this.