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  1.  Understated and yet, grand...


    This book was fantastic for a change of genre, ordinarily when I go for a book it is either horror, sci-fi, thriller or crime. However this gothic romance was most impressive.

    Admittedly it took a while to get into and seemed more fledgling romance than anything else the second half of the book wowed me with that simplistic understated horror that comes from the gothic genre and I was left thinking how wonderful the story had become. One step ahead of explanation I pieced everything together before it was all spelled out but that didn't stop me thinking how clever the story was.

    I only bought this book as I found it in a bargain bin; I would now say that for a nice change I'd read this style by Holt again, although not very frequently. There are definitely two elements to this book; gothic styling - not quite horror but not entirely tame and in some ways more simplistic and inspired and romance; just the right dose too.

    A wonderfully old fashioned story...

  2.  The weakest link


    This third installment in the Twilight series was in my opinion the worst. I grew tired of Bella's whiny, selfish demands and began to think she was not worthy of the immortal love she had originally snared, let alone the fight between two creatures for her affections. Her constant confusion and demands really grated on me and I wished someone would just bite her. Cruel I know, but at least then she'd stop moaning about something. Finally, when she makes the choice I would have made in a heartbeat, she seems to resent what she has lost and feels pressured into her chosen possition. I quite frankly think she is mad and hoped after reading that in Breaking Dawn (the fourth installment) she would turn out to be descended from a mermaid or something and would have to go live in the sea. All in all, this third chapter disappointed me. However I think this was due to the direction Bella's character took and the fact she was still idolised for it. However, not to end on a glib note - I did still enjoy it, clearly as I still read and loved the fourth installment.

  3.  Not shafted on the price


    This is the second of Mandasue Heller's books I have read (the first being The Front). I have to say I am definitely going to be ordering more of her stories as they have a certain quality about them which makes me want to read them from cover to cover without break; which is exactly what I did with Shafted.

    I admit the big 'twist' in the book was sussed by me pretty much straight away but I think after reading many books of this nature I have come to expect that there will be some big factor which the reader would normally kick themselves when it is revealed which ties it all together. That being said I wasn't disappointed at being proved right and still found the plot behind this story and the eventualities of all characters cleverly thought out and well written. A wonderful insight into the 'gangsta underworld' of Manchester as Heller seems to focus on in her novels; I really enjoyed this book and would definitely read it again.

  4.  C'etait tres amusante...


    This book arrived yesterday and I had finished by late last night. I am not sure exactly how to review this book as my opinion of it is certainly mixed. Firstly I believe it is not for the prudish and certain circles may find the way Belle talks of sex in her frank and honest way makes for uncomfortable reading. I myself found this book very interesting and was intensely surprised to find the author (forgive any stereotyping or insulting typecasting - I am only human) was incredibly witty and intelligent. Something I was not expecting. However, as this book is not quite a biography and not quite a novel it is hard to place my enjoyment as it never really went anywhere and when I reached the last page I was unsure what to make of it. If you look at it from the point of view that it is an insight/segment of someones life, not neccessarily in chapters, but in glimpses all over the shop then it is a really interesting read. Put another way, I've ordered the follow up book, but I wouldn't rave about it...

  5.  Impressive


    My sister lent this book to me (and I know she woud praise it highly as she has most, if not all of the series). I can see her point; I was pleasantly surprised by this book - not that I assumed it would be poor, just that it has a slightly understated quality about it and is not unnecessarily horrific to pack out the pages. Instead it focuses more on forensics and theories and seems to me to be more old fashioned which I liked. I was also thrilled to find that I was unable to effectively work out who the killer was despite believing on several occasions that I had the book sussed. AND stereotypes which are becoming all too easy to spot in this genre were avoided which was nice. I am definitely going to read the next book as soon as.

  6.  Not overly amazed


    I did not particularly enjoy this book. I bought it as it was on sale around the time the film was released a few years ago, and have only read it the once since then. I just found I could not warm to the main character so did not care at what great lengths she went to in order to keep the job she didn't actually enjoy. It does give a good insight into the fashion world, but in my opinion stereotypes everyone as stuck up waifer thin bimbos. The lead character unfortunately in my opinion wasted her time spent in the book on a fruitless career nose dive. Although, hating to be too critical; if you like a book you do not wish to take too seriously this would probably give someone a good holiday read and I did read the whole thing so it wasn't dire...

  7.  More than Mighty


    I am a huge fan of the Might Boosh so did not even think twice about ordering this book when I came accross it on Play.com. Needless to say I was not dissapointed.

    I would like to echo what other reviewers have said in the fact that fans of the Boosh will get a lot more enjoyment out of this book as they will get what it aims to do. That being said I am sure more creative non-fans would also find joy between the covers as from both graphical and photographic points of view this book is a stunner. Who would have thought that 'Bollo' took the majority of the pictures and had a major influence on the design of the book.

    This would definitely make an ace Christmas present for any Boosh fan, or a self indulgence as mine was :)

  8.  Endearing


    This book is the sequel to Chocolat, in as much as it charters the life of Yanne and her children after the first book. But, as I discovered having not read Chocolat first, this is a book which can be read alone as the story is quite seperate and the characters well explained.

    I found this book to be indeering. The mixture of withcraft, secrecy, struggles to overcome what you once were and find out who you are make this book a magical tale about inner strength. I enjoyed it quite pleasantly although that being said, it is not one of the most amazing books I have ever read. Merely a good read when you have the time and it needs filling.

  9.  A good read


    There are many offerings which have recently come to light on their portrayal of the truth of this period. From the film The Other Boleyn Girl based on this very book, to The Tudors series and the book itself each offer an interesting insight from different vatage points. However, with all recounting the instances within history in differing orders and not all matching up this is another fictional account losely based on fact.

    That being said, this book, which is told from Mary's eyes was a delight to read and showed just how ambitious and ruthless one family can be in order to possess their hearts desires (when accounting for station and power) and how for most of them, monopolising love was more important than obtaining it with good grace and living it. A love story of sorts, it showed how Mary defied her family to finally choose love and the dire consequences of those who let love pass them by for something more. A good read.

  10.  Surpassed my expectations


    Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final installment in the Twilight series, although there is a book coming out soon called Midnight Sun which explores Edwards life before he met Bella and will soon become one of my collection.

    What can I say, for a final parting chapter this book surpassed my expectations. Admittedly I had read a few reviews of the book prior to buying it and found other peoples opnions to be disheartening and feared this book would be the ending nobody wanted. I was thankfully wrong.

    The book is told in three seperate books, the first through Bellas eyes, the second through Jacobs and the third again through Bellas. It drew conclusions to all the storylines and relationships which had been simmering through out without any lack of explanation as to why all events turned out the way they did which proved to me this ending had been thought out long before the second and third book were written.

    I also liked the fact that due to the differing perspectives within the book the story was no longer so selfishly all about Bella. The only negative I'd have to speak of the book is the building up to the ending. It was indeed a good ending in the making but was made anticlimatic for me when conversation led the outcome away from something more exciting. However, with every glimpse this series allowed into the supernatural world at more of a depth with each book I would definitely recommend this series for anyone looking for a love story with a difference and a series that should not be taken too seriously. All in all a pleasantly desirable fantasy compilation :)