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  1.  Awesome at first listen, gets better every time after....


    A fantastic follow up to Periphery's first album.

    With Matt Halpern tracking live drums for this album, it is nothing short of intense and mindgasm inducing.

    Guest solo's from John Petrucci of Dream Theatre, Guthrie Govan of The Aritocrats and Wes Hauch of The Faceless adds more organic sound and feel to tracks "Erised", "Have A Blast" and "Mile Zero" (respectively) and gives you something to listen out for through out the album, these all being guitarists I listen to regularly, they do each solo spot justice and are memorable.

    If you are new to Periphery then I would still recommend this album, so much going on that with every listen you will pick up on something new you might have missed.

    For those who dislike the "Djent" movement, then you are letting yourselves down and missing out a musical creation that is simply stunning.




  2.  Amazing Graphics, Story Line and Experience!


    As soon as I first saw the trailer videos for this, I was hooked!

    The storyline combines a clever use of facts laced with fiction, making good depth and quality of story line. Having been told not long before release that time travel was involved, I was both intrigued and puzzled as to how this was going to fit in with trailer videos of gameplay in Jerusalem. But when starting the game, all was cleared up and again a clever use of fact laced with fiction made this a game to behold!

    Gameplay is great, looking out over the cities from the vantage points are impressive, clever fight controls mixed with stealthiness and requires a little thought before alerting half the cities guards to your presence!

    Only a 4 for being slightly repetitive, but the hunt for the flags and Templars help add a little extra zing in there.

    I hope the 2nd one can take the core quality and expand upon it.

    Excellent work and must buy!

  3.  Great Solo Campaign, Excellent MP and Zombies!!!!!


    With all the fan boys on here spitting their nonsense on how Black Ops is unbalanced on multiplayer.... yadda yadda, its hard to get a decent, un biased review on the game for what it is.

    TreyArch have done a smashing job, the solo campaign is hugely immersive, good story line linking in with true life events and putting that fiction twist on them gave it good depth for me.

    Game play is fantastic too, on the campaign you get to pilot lots of diff vehicles with some awesome fire power! Good range of guns and the levels are fantasticly huge at some points! Enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, both in story line and game play.

    Multiplayer - For me at first I could not see past MW2's MP. But when you get past it, it is a huge load better! No tact insert glitchers to ruin the game! And with Hardcore modes for the best modes, it is a great game (apart from shoddy campers).
    Wager Matches is a great element to be added in too! Cant help but feel cheated when you get Tomahawked on Sticks and stones in the last second of the game! But makes it a hell of a lot more exciting than MW2 (which is still a great MP experience) when your constantly bombarded by Killstreak rewards by 5 year olds "Levelling Up" and being asked constantly to private servers to do the same, none of that nonsense here!

    A must buy for the single Player Experience alone. Unlike some of the reviewers here, I still try to find the time to sneak a game or two in after almost a year on, so the re-playability is defo there!

    Get on this, forget the haters and enjoy the game for what it is, you wont be sorry you did!

  4.  Addictive, Fast Paced, Great Graphics


    This is one of those games that comes along and you can't help but be stuck to it for hours!

    Great graphics, awesome game play! There are a few different racing classes which keeps it mixed up and helps it stop being boring and repetitive. Ranging from Muscle up to Formula racing.
    My fave is the Japanese Drift as this took me a while to master but worth the multiple failed attempts until you reach that supreme level!

    The music throughout the game is not bad either and the personalisation, by way of selecting your name, is a nice touch too. Welcoming you back by your name each time to the garage as well as in game when your engineering team speaks to you on the race track.

    Bargain game, would be silly not to have this game in your collection if your a race game fan!

  5.  Immersive, Supernatural Crime Thriller


    First impression - The game starts out a bit like a Stephen King novel (I'm pretty sure there's some references in there), sets the scene nicely and can tell its building up nicely for a mind bender of a journey.

    Wake comes across as a bit of a d**k to be honest at the start, in the way he acts with his wife, which I found annoying, but as you play further through the dark and tangled forest, the character gradually breaks down due to the situation.

    The game play gets quite repetitive at times and each episode seems strung out by long walks in the woodland fighting shadow demon red necks with next to no ammo, for a little bit more of the story, but once you get round that and focus on the story itself, it becomes enjoyable.

    It borrows from Silent Hill in some cases too, but isn't as mind capturing a world as it should be for the type of game.

    All in all, for the price it is now and genre of game I would say its worth a play through.

  6.  Hours of Fun!


    I've had this game for nearly 3 years now, I play it a few hours at a time on and off, and its great for coming back to. Being a fan of GTA since the start, this has to be one of the best. Story lines are amusing and can warm to some of the characters, plus I think being a European immigrant gives it a harder edge, making the story lines that bit more exciting.

    The multi player is amusing, I have had tonnes of fun being on some of the maps with one person up to the max, one of my fave features of the game!

    I also like the anti cheat system they have. So beware if your doing any health or weapons cheats as you will disable achievements by doing so, as the vehicle ones seem to have no effect.

    All in all a great game! and the price it is these days including the DLC, its daft if you don't have a copy for when your tired of COD and the likes!

  7.  Could be a good one!


    In response to the review about lagg. Its a multiplayer demo, so the lagg you refer to will be due to your broadband connection. The demo is pretty fun, and I think the game will be pretty awesome too. Although I hope it doesnt fall short of the hype

  8.  Under rated!!!


    As I'm a huge fan of anything to do with mobile suits (Vital Suits in the game) this has plenty to offer on that front! Great graphics, no slow down even with tons of Akrids flooding the screen! Decent control system and great all round game in my opinion and vastly under rated! For mech fans this is a MUST!!!