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  1. Hush



    16 New from  £3.24  Free delivery

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     Amazing british film!


    It's not really a 'horror' film but more of an intense 'edge of your seat' kind of film. It's truly an amazing film!

    I love british films anyway, but this is really brilliant. It keeps you really gripped to the screen. I'd reccomend buying this film and in HD it would be amazing!

  2.  Doesn't hold the package in...


    The mankini looks awesome! The colour and everything is great. But I'd reccomend getting a bikini wax done before wearing this, as the jungle is exposed.

    Also - It doesn't really hold the 'package' in very well. I know it's a mankini, but it really does expose more than the family and their kids want to see on a beach! If I wore this on the beach, I wouldn't walk off alive! Haha!

  3.  Nice warm hoodie, looks awesome!


    This hoodie looks awesome. It's fairly plain but looks very good with it's skinny fit. It is quite tight, but it's a skinny fit - So it's expected. It's good material as well.

    I'd reccomend this hoodie.

  4.  Really nice design, but...


    Really nice design, but... the one I received was not even. The print on the fully zip-up hood was crooked. So when zipped up, the eyes/mouth were not even and next to each other.

    Was a shame really, as I really liked the hoodie. I returned it in hope for a new one, but insead got a refund. Not to worry.

    Would reccomend buying it though, but make sure the print is even on each side of the hood.

  5.  Nice bag.


    If I was a woman, I would walk around with it. But seems as I'm not, I won't be doing it. The girlfriend however loves it. Made a great christmas present.

  6.  Xbox 360, Sky+, Computer, Laptop... AMAZING!


    Play.com delivered this item at really quick speed. Was well impressed.

    I opened the rather small box it came in, to lift out this smart looking black projector. It is light to pick up, so easy to transport to mates house(s).

    First thing's first. Xbox 360. Hooked it up, and wow! I played around with the zoom/focus rings on the projector, and it was amazing. 100Inches of hd xbox 360 goodness! Can't go wrong!

    Tried it through the sky+ box. Again... Amazing. Tried it through my computer and laptop. Again.. Amazing!

    The projector comes with the following cables:

    The obvious power supply..
    Component --- component
    S video --- s video
    Vga (pc) --- vga (pc)
    Scart --- vga + s-video adapter.

    Which i thought was really good. The only problem is, when using a hdmi cable.. Where is the sound going to come from? That's the only query i had.

    But for the price of a hdtv.. You can get a hd-projector, that is crisp clear, and human-size graphics on a wall. Definately reccomend this bad-boy. Most exciting purchase i've ever made.

    Buy it! Xd

  7.  Walked over Grand Theft Auto.. again.


    This game is great, and has walked all over GTA once again. Nice collecters edition I must say, got some really nice things included in the collectors edition.

    Customise till your blue in the face on this game. You can customise evverything, and it's really good fun. There's even different voices you can choose for your character. Really well thought out game.

    The only thing that I hate about this game.. is the new online. It's complicated I find. I want to just be able to select one specific gametype, and get going. I was hoping to be able to play the original saints row game modes and things, but i'm struggling to find them. This is why I've only given it 4 stars.

    Well worth buying though. Great game.

  8.  Great phone that takes some getting used to.


    I have this phone on contract, and I have to admit. It's a great phone. It's not that simple to use, due to small touch buttons and things. But there's plenty to do.

    The phone does feel slightly plastic-y compared to the iPhone/Touch. But it's still a nice phone. Samsung widget screen is awesome. The thing about buying a touch screen phone is that it will take a while to get used to. But once you've conquered that and set it all up to your way. You will love it.

    Unfortunately, I had the phone 2 days and it had broke. The display went funny and it kept shutting down. Just a faulty one I think.

    I am getting a replacement from my phone company shortly.

    So for me having a faulty one from elsewhere, and as it isn't all that simple to use. I'm giving it 4 stars. But if you have the cash to buy one. I would.

  9.  Awesome hoodie.


    This hoodie is awesome. Has a real nice feel to it. Nice and warm, and it looks great. Really stands out.

    The only thing I suggest, is size is a little smaller than usual. Especially length-wise. But I quite like wearing it that way.

    I would reccomend.

  10.  Best game ever released


    You can't beat this game. There's so much to do on it. The campaign is awesome.. online is even better.

    The best way to find out is to buy it and play it. Especially if you have Xbox Live. It's well worth it!