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  1.  Good but not as good as the trailer made it!


    This game is fun but the cutscenes are WAY TOO slow.Once again you fight stuff like drums,a bus again etc.Its a bit frustrating and gets harder and harder.You can make your dragon skinny or muscular and change its colours too but you have to unlock them.Oh and you can unlock diffrent body shapes. The gamplay is diffrent.I think the dinosaur one was better.

  2.  Endless boring!!!!


    This game is boring! All you do is swim and look at the same sea creatures all the time.On the boat an animal will be just sitting there at random times! It could be a seal, a sea bird,a penguin or even a poler bear! The graphics are good but the music is just annoying and nothing can hurt you! To know about an animal you must pet it like a dog!You can also find random objects that you dont even use!

  3. Lungs


    Florence & The Machine - CD

    26 New from  £4.65  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.35



    This is the best album i have ever heard. have listened to it non-stop for weeks. Florence welch is very talented! The music is great, and very addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!



    This game is not so good at all.Its just the same moves from Godzilla Save the Earth and lets not forget that some of the monsters have the same movements!The graphics are awful and it gets super boring! Shame on the makers of these games!

  5.  letdownzilla!


    Worst movie ever! The whole film is a guy using a video camara!It was also a very very VERY boring movie!The monster looked pretty real but that is the only good thing about it.Some people think this movie is good but I dont see how its got any apeal.Why did i waste time seeing it?Cloverfield sucks!

  6.  The dead sea


    Boring! All you do is swim around in the same area.you must find fossels to unlock more creatures.its very hard just to move it and the music is very annoying.the monsters have bad aiming and die pure easy.it is 3 & up when it has blood in it.do not waste your money you will regret buying it!

  7.  DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Good game. You must draw a picture and the better you do it the more damage you can inflict. But you can also fight tanks and more strange stuff.it does get a bit boring after a while.

  8.  Great value for money


    I was really impressed by the great quality of sound from such a small gadget. Would recommend anyone with an ipod shuffle to get one. Money well spent!



    A fantastic read. Great from start to finish. Crystal is the best book I've read in ages well done Katie!