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  1.  Amazing


    A GREAT game! Its graphics are mind blowing and the handling is life like.
    People say that Forza 2 is better because it shows damages, the only reason that GT will not show damages is because the car manufactures do not want people to see their cars being damaged. end of.

  2.  Wow


    A great speaker for your iPod, Everything is spectacular! Great sound crisp bass, and if anything feels over powering, use the remote to adjust the bass and the treble! You can't go wrong with this premier iPod speakers!

  3.  Booooom


    POP and your ear drums have been damaged! Joke!
    An excellent pair of headphone, weird desing will make people go ooooo, and the sound quality is awsome, but the best thing about these are the base! Its so clear and crisp! BUY THEM!

  4.  shake shake shake!


    Yet another walkman phone!
    This is the successor of the mighty W850i, and improved alot since then! Firstly the main feature of the phone is the walkman and what can I say? Amazing, quick, easy to use and gets right down to music without any problems, the sound is crisp and is one of the loudest phones i have heard, remember thought loudness does not mean quality! But that's whats so good about this phone it is loud and has the quality for every music genre!
    The build quality is great aswell, it doesn't feel fragile unlike some Samsung phones, however the buttons do creak a bit, but your not going to notice it when you commute from home to work.
    The shake control is great instead of sliding the phone open and press a button, just simply shake your phone and it will change the song!
    With a large screen you'r not going to miss anything!
    Messaging is easy and quick just like every other SE phone.
    So is it worth waiting untill a new phone comes out? Not really, if you like your music alot then this phone is the one for you, though you might want to buy a 4GB memory card to hold more music and maybe some external speakers to annoy the neighbours :) Try the MBS-100 bluetooth speakers!

  5.  Great


    A really small speaker that creates a lot of sound!
    Great for pop music and just general music, but when you get to some hard rock, the bass gets a bit mashed but not so much that its unbearable!

  6.  Much better then the iPhone


    As my title suggest it's better then the iPhone! Why? Because it does so much more than the iPhone!
    1: Camera is 5mp unlike the iPhones 2mp
    2: Video records, iPhone doesn't (might change in 08)
    3: Allows you to send information over Bluetooth suprisingly the iPhone doesn't!
    4: Has a touch screen same as the iPhone (however the touch screen is better on the iPhone)
    5:And finaly the sound quality! Lg Viewty superb, iPhone probably the worst i have ever heard on a 21st centuary phone!

  7.  Best walkman phone


    This phone is one of the best phone/mp3 around! Why?
    Well first of all the main feature of the phone which is the Walkman is amazing, it is now in the 3rd generation and it looks and handles amazing, with fast transfer speed it only takes 2 minutes to upload 1Gb of music on the phone and whith 8Gb of onboard memory its fantastic!
    While the camera doesnt boast a 5mp camera like other phones it can still out perform some 5mg thanks to sony's camera expertise which makes 3.2mp good enough!
    The touch screen control is also a great feature in the phone which will get alot of great remarks from people, but if you are a keen txter then you have the standard keypad to txt faster. It's also a 3G phone which lets you download music on the go at fast download speeds.
    The build quality allthough many reviews say that it feels cheap, i have to be honest IT DOESN'T and feels sturdy enough to drop on the floor with out any damage to the phone.
    The only thing I don't like about the phone is there is no d-pad just a jog dial (a little scroller on the side) however you wont really use it because of the touch screen.
    5/5 10/10 100/100

  8.  Scary


    It was a well made film and had an indie side to it!
    Many people dont like it because you have to read sub titles so they dont take any notice of the film and automatically say it not worth watching! But that is totally un-true!
    It not a big budget film either and has almost no gore except for some blood! Its a film which WILL keep you on the edge of your seat right untill the end!

  9.  Better than K800I


    Even though on paper the specs are basically the same, trust me they are different! The K810i has a better picture quality to the k800i and how much more camera taking photos to make it easier for you. The styling of the phone has also improved (but this is my opinion not yours opinion on the styling)
    The camera is even better than the Nokia N95 5megapixel camera because the people at sony know how to make cameras unlike Nokia, the contrast on the K810i is much higher than on the Nokia N95 so the colour has more depth to it, plus the anti blurr on the K810i helps improve the pictures unlike the N95.

  10.  Walkman spits on iPod Nano


    AMAZING. The build quality is so amazing and the audio/video quality is simply amazing. The buttons and the menus are easy to use. There are also enough accessories to buy. I just cant get over how much good this is! It's smaller than the Nano, it has a larger screen and has 30 HOURS of battery life compared to the Nanos mere 12 hours. The video quality is amazing something that the Nano doesn't have the capability of doing. Buy it and you WILL be happy with it.