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  1.  Great but mine's a little loose.


    I picked mine up in the US a month or so ago and Swindle is a fantastic figure! Show accurate to the tiniest details and a great transformation process begile his deluxe class size. The only problem I have is that his stomach panel is very loose and flaps open at the fainest touch. This aside he is an awesome figure and a great update of the G1 combaticon!

  2.  Fantastic


    Immensly playable, retro chic, would recommend it to any one over 16! Ok, so there is no blood, boo hoo, the nature of the game is stylised to the point where realistic blood splatters would look silly and, more importantly, blood never made a game good, Wu-Tang Feel the Pain for any of the slightly older gamers out there! Only grip I have is with Play.com, I preordered this game and didn't recieve it until the following monday, not really acceptable.

  3.  Simply brilliant.


    Just a short review to say that this is one of the greatest Xmas presents I have ever brought for anyone. From the excellently weighted hilt for those weapon officianados out there to the sturdy blade for all you big kids that are going to bang it off things, this item oozes quality. If you love Star Wars or know someone that does, buy one, don't spend £15-£25 on a cheap plastic one, buy one of the Masterreplica ones. Hell, I'm going to buy one for myself... not sure to go for Mace Windu or Darth Vader.... hmmmm....

  4.  Hmmmmm... but ooohhhhh.....now, I get it!


    Right first off the bat, do not buy this game expecting the same experience of SvsR on the other home consoles. This has been built from the ground up with the Wii in mind and offers a completely different experince.

    I first thought that it was terrible, a complete lack of game modes, control of atmosphere. Then I played it again... and again... and again and before I knew, 4 hours had gone past. Sure I hadn't fought a ladder match, put someone through a table or watched a photo realistic replication of the Pedigree, what I had done was have a massive amount of FUN! That word that we seem to forget when it comes to games at times. I was tired, constantly re-editing my jobber due to the slightly daft system and cursing as I kicked out of my third chokeslam but, by God, I was laughing my ass off. It feels fully interactive and truly instinctive within a couple of hours play.

    Right, on to the negatives. Graphically the game isn't upto much, other than the superstars the game looks positively last generation. The motion controls can be a little haphazard at times and lead to moments of frustration. There is no ladder, TLC, cage, hell in a cell, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series... well the list goes on of what there isn't as far as game modes go. The create a wrestler is limited at best as far as moves and entrances go.

    BUT!!!! The multiplayer is worth the money alone. Having four of you banging ten shades of hell out of each other is as hilarious to watch as it is to play. Even one on one this beats the other SvsR experiences hands down!

    In all, a flawed but entertaining start to our own version of a good franchise. The basis is here for a cracking 2009 edition much in the way that Pro Evo 6 on 360 was for 2008 next gen. If you want a technical, in depth wrestler, then get a N64 and Wrestlemania 2000/No Mercy, if you want a good laugh with your mates and a respectable one player experience, then give this a fair try, not just a weekend. BMDA.