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  1.  Cheesy, Silly, and great ENTERTAINMENT!


    It's as silly and cheesey as the first F&F film. Probably the second best out of the series. Good to see the old characters back as they were all truly the best.
    Nice cars, nice girls, good bit of action. Don't expect oscars and awards to come out of this film, but a good 2 hours of entertainment definitely!
    If you liked the others, you'll like this.

  2.  Best film of 2009


    So funny. End of.

    Not a typical teen comedy, like Superbad or Role Models. It has a bit more edge and grown up humour to it. Really top acting, such funny characters and really, just a great great film!!! I've got my pre-order down!

  3.  Suprisingly, really good!


    Zac Effron - yuck! That's what I thought when I watched this and yet it's really good! I found myself laughing out loud. He plays his part really well. The story is really feel good, and reminds you of high school days. It's a little cheesey, but hell that's what we want! Good all round entertainment. Recommend it to anyone, kids, family, parents and teens.
    Don't be put off by the cover!

  4.  Not bad, not amazing


    It wasn't bad is my opening statement. There are funnier films with Paul Rudd. Nothing on Role Models.
    I felt it was a little slow to start, with a highly predictable ending. But it did give a few laughs, and was entertaining. I certainly didn't feel like I wanted the hours back.
    However, is it worth buying on DVD? Not at full price no. It will drop in price soon, then it's worth picking up.



    This game is pure and simple. If you're a Halo fan, then you NEED to know how it ends. The graphics are much better than those of Halo2 were, it seems theyve made much more use of the console power this time. The storyline is brilliant as ever, and it is NOT just a repeat of the previous games (as Halo2 was of 1).
    The new weapons are pretty neat, but you realise that only a few are ever of any use. The campaign is a bit short however, but make sure you wait until the END OF THE CREDITS when you complete it.
    Single player alone, this game scores 4/5 for me. But online is where this game really shines. It is supurb, and has hours and hours of entertainment a day packed into it. The element of trash talking has been greatly reduced from Halo2 as you can no longer chat via proximity to an enemy team. There is a wide selection of playlists and game types to choose from, and Guests can play online too. So if you've got 3 mates over, hook em up and take your team online! GREAT FUN.
    Overall, a 5/5 game for me. But I am a Halo fan and so, probably biased. =D

  6.  Halo fans NEED this


    It's quality, pure and simple. Don't need to say much more than that. and its LESS than a standard Xbox 360 controller! BARGAIN!

  7.  It's Average - Hard to call really!


    Yeah this game is immediately quite fun, you're generally just wasting people and swearing lots and the graphics set it off to be really impressive. But within a few hours maybe you find you're still not really being challenged in any way and you kind of lose interest in where you are. The storyline is a bit... empty.
    The controlling was definately unusual but like all games just takes adjusting too.
    Overall, good game. Worth a play. Nowhere as good as the Hitman series, but if you like that sort of game, its definately worth a rent at least! 3/5 - it is fun!

  8.  NHL 07 - UK Review


    Being from the UK, and not knowing a thing about Ice Hockey I wasn't too sure about this game. But I am totally satisfied with this game. Within 2 days I picked up all the rules of the game and have mastered the rookie difficulty. It is an all round fun game, with some serious freedom to create teams and have your own strategies in the Dynasty mode. Online play is fun, but can be frustratingly hard at times! A quality buy, and at only £17 this is an offer well worth picking up!
    Game play is sound, and the stick control is really good fun, it allows you to have full freedom over your players. Graphics are also brilliant, as is commentary and all other basic aspects of the game.
    Like Ice Hockey, or just interested - buy this!