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  1.  a galatic adventure


    I hated the first mass effect. It was my birthday coming up and there was no more games coming out. So i asked for mass effect 2. Glad i did my game of the year. Scrap that.... best game ever. The chocies the characters feel real and come alive. Guns work well. You can do loyality missions for people you recuit. If you dont do there loyilty mission wich makes there loyity full so they trust you more. I found the story very interesting. My mates put this game on a shelf to gather dust after the first half an hour they said it was boring. I stuck to it and im glad i did. Its a rewarding space adventure that is great to play. And play selling it for 12.99 at the moment you need to try this game.

  2.  and so our story begins


    I loved fable 2. I put hundreds of hours into finding every weapon exploring and just having fun. You wont belive how exited i got when about a year and a bit ago i was reading my x box magizine and their was a page of fable 3. I had more hype for this game than reach. I was so exicted and being a fan of the second one i got the collectors edition that was a bad move for me. Before i tell you the contents of the collectors editon let me tell you about fable 3. The game has framerate issues. They are very little weapons its harder to interact with people. You carnt pick what u do it gives u a random good and evil option when interacting with people. The game was dull and felt rushed. It took me 6 hours to do that includes about 10 mintues of exploring as it wasnt fun to explore and about 4 side quests as there were rubbish to. The yellow trail that guides you to your assigned quest dissapears quite often leaving you standing in the middle of nowhere. Instead of a simple pause screen they decided to add the santuary, A place were you can pick your clothes and wepons and magic. It is more complex than the simple screen in fable 2. They made it harder not easier. Co op on this is better i must admit having your own screens is a good idea and it works. One thing that dosent work is if someone goes to their santuary you have to go to and you carnt get out unless you press the pause button but then that just takes you to your santuary. I paid 60 pounds for the collecters editon. So i paid 20 quid for a book style case for the game a pack of cards and a coin. It was not worth it. Utterly dissapointed.

  3.  medal of dissapointment


    I was looking foward to this game ive been playing medal of hounour since ive played all the previous ones including the very first one. Then they decided to copy off call of duty and make it modern. Bad move. The story on normal took me 4 hours to complete. It was good the campain but to short. The game is glitchy in the campain. A few missions in you have to follow this guy called dusty and he said follow me so i got right up to him but he was just froze solid. It happend to a few other people i know to. The multiplayer was the last straw then i sold the game. You spawn centimetres away from the enemy. You spawn in clear shot of snipers. The online isnt worth playing. The campain is but only onece. If you want to play a good shooter play black ops.

  4.  guns blazing


    Let me start by saying the storyline is rubbish and confusing. The campain tries to hard to be a action movie. Saying that, i loved it and i think its fantastic. The cinematic slow motion moments. Zombies was great i was happy to see treyarch added this popular game mode again. Online in cod isnt exactly my favorite thing ever. I loved call of duty 4 online. I thought world at war was ok. I thought modern warfare 2 was rubbish online. But this one online is fantastic . You can do lots of customisation than the previous games.

  5.  ive got the need, the need for speed


    The other need for speed games never appealed to me. After hearing you can have online cop chases i picked this game up. I loved it, well the online part. The singleplayer was quite pointless it was just there to accompany the multiplayer. The online brillant your eithier a racer or a cop. They each have their own abilities. The racers can use spikes, turbo speed, jammer and emp. Cops can use emp, spikes,road blocks and helicopters. You go up ranks and as you do unlock new cars. If you love need for speed buy it. But as i said i am new to need for speed and i like it so either rent it or buy.

  6.  zombies zombies everywere!


    This is fantastic. The storyline in my opinion is better than the actual red dead story. You have to go around do missions help towns by giving the survivors ammo. You can find giant bats, chupacabra and a sasquatch aka bigfoot. Or like in the actual redemption game a nice spot of hunting but with a slight twist the animals have joined the undead. The atmosphere makes this what it is. The online gets a new game mode called undead overun. You and up to 3 other players have to hold out against oncoming waves of zombies. Buy it now you wont be disappointed.

  7.  mixed opinionns


    I think this game is ok. The jumping is so frustrating your character misses everthing you jump for. The combat is good. The light cycle feels very stiff to control as does the tank. The camera keeps zooming in and out all the time. The multiplayer is fun but it does not run on a good system. You get move upgrades so you could just punch and throw your disc. But the guy your facing could do groundpounds and stuff but its great fun mostly the team based game types i think its worth a rent. Also the constant neon blue enviroment starts getting boring to look at after about 10 minutes. If you are a fan of the tron universe you carnt go wrong with this game.

  8.  ok


    i was expecting little from this game. but it has its good points graphics are awesome and keep your eyes occupied and its fun to play with mates and its ok to play single player 19.99 is a bargain if you have money to burn on a game.

  9.  well worth the price


    2 great games lost and dammned is alot about shooting and ballad of tony is more about driving. This is an amazing package gotta pick it up.

  10.  fun


    this game is fun defenitly for gamers between 7 to 13. This game is short it took me about 5 hours in all there is only 4 episodes high school,carnival and toy factory,pier and ghost ship and finally keystone castle if your looking for a fun adventure game 17.99 is a bargain.