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  1.  A dichotomy of gaming


    Age of Conan is an interesting game on many fronts but first lets get a few things out of the way.

    When the game was launched it was bug ridden, unbalanced and full of exploits. Much of what is reported here was true but the key to that statement is WAS true. The fact is that much of what people have reported here is no longer true. There are far fewer exploits than before and while no MMO will ever be exploit free exploits are continuously fixed.

    The combat system is far more balanced and number of "God mode" builds have been erradicated. Thats not to say there isn't still siginifcant balancing and "fun" modifications to do but they are diminishing with each patch.

    The quest hole in the early 60's was eradicated with a new area and whilst there is still a large hole at 75+ the next patch should fill this hole.

    The game as a whole has matured considerably and the leveling experience is now pretty smooth. There is certainly still some issues with quests not working as intended but these are very few and far between, well documented and trivially repaired by the GM's.

    As a framework and as a game AoC has considerably more to offer than most current MMO's. The fighting control method and the graphics offer a huge scope for future development and upcoming patches offering more endgame content and a re-itemisation of the entire game making items worth more (and potentially providing an economy) are also coming.

    AoC has its flaws (lack of endgame content, poor raid loot system, poor itemisation, leveling holes after 75 etc.) just like an other MMO but as of right now the game is a LOT of fun and can offer many 100's of hours of gameplay for the money. The game will only get better from here and now is a great time to give it a go.