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  1.  SUCH! a great game!


    This is such a fantastic game! Highly addictive and i just can't stop playing! I recommend this to anyone! can be played absolutely anyway and for this price its almost a steal! Takes a couple of goes to get used to but after that you wont be able to stop!

  2.  Its Game of the Year for a reason.


    Since i bought my xbox in January, this game has hardly ever come out of the drive. Both the single player and multiplayer are fantastic. For those that think that the single player mode is short, then you haven't actually completed it, ie, got the 1000 gamerpoints. This game on veteran took a LONG time to complete, i found myself spending hours upon end trying to complete the mile high club!!! Now for the multiplayer, as i have said i only play this game so i cant compare it, but it is truely stunning. With over 15 maps to play in, and over 6 different games to play you will never find yourself bored. Some have complained about the perk that people use, noob tube, juggernaught, if you remember you can use them as well, then there is no need to complain! Multiplayer will keep you hooked as you try to acheive the 10th prestige and unlocked the golden weapons.
    This game is STUNNING.
    If for some reason you haven't already got it, get it.

  3.  A MUST for your PSP!


    This game is truely stunning. I Bought the game because it had been highly reviewed and wow, it was even more than I expected! The graphics are very clear and crisp which a lot of psp games lack , and when the graphics are clear and crisp, they cut down on the game time. Not this game. With over 30 missions this game has a LOT of great playing hours in it! As well as clear graphics, one thing that i thought was brilliant was that there are very short loading times so no waiting around! Also, this game does not have a massive learning curve like many games, there are 4 training games you can play and in each you gradually pick up the controls and how to use the weapons. At first the controls are hard to get used to but once you have finished the training sessions it will be second nature to you! Whats more you can play online and test your skills out with people over the world!

    This game is highly recommended to those who love stealth shot-em-ups, or those who just love to cause chaos! You dont even have to dig deep in your pockets for this game, at around £15 this game is a must!!! Finally, for those who are wondering whether the US version does actually work on the UK psps, well it does so no worrys there!

  4.  A Truly Incredible Game!


    This game shows the PSP off at the highest level. The graphics are spectalular and are just has good, or even better than on the PS2! There are LOADS of different things you can do, story mode, tekken dojo, tekken bowling and much much more! You can learn over 20 different moves for ALL of the characters, of which there are over 30 to choose from! Even more, you can watch different cut scenes for each character which is so detailed its amazing! Finally, with all of this you can even play with a mate with game sharing, so they dont even have to have the game!
    If you are looking to buy a PSP game, and you haven't got this, then for your own sake, get this. If you dont, you will be missing out more than you can imagine.

  5.  The beginning of an amazing band!


    The first album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is an amazing start for a band who is now known world wide. It has a brilliant funky rock vibe, shown from the songs `baby appeal` and `Buckle Down`. This album can be listened to for hours on end, by any generation who respects this rock vibe. A fanastic album that is highy rated, and would be if releases today!

  6.  A Must Buy.


    This game is a fantastic copy of the ps2 versions and even better you have the ability to ski! This opens the game up to a lot more options, instead of only snowboarding. Start a story mode and you have entered the world rankings, and it is your job to get to the top! Face loads of different races, points scoring and head to head challanges on the board or on skis. There really are a lot of differet challanges to face and this game will keep you entertained for hours! The graphics are very and the controls are very similar to the ps2. A highly recommended game!

  7.  A Very good PSP game


    This game is a very good example of the capability of the psp. The online gaming is fantastic and very good fun. Battle against people from all over the world in this action packed game, and with the headset it is even better. You can talk to your below team mates, giving or taking commands making the game so much more realistic. The single player game is also very good with a range of different weapons to choose from. However, i can't help feel that the game could do with a few more levels as the story mode becomes quick to complete once you have got the hang of it. If you have a wireless router in your house, this game is essential. Buy it.

  8.  Only for a true fan


    If you love the other splinter cell games, then this is for you. Yet i cant help to see a number of problems with this game. First of all, it does seem like you are playing in the dark for a lot of the game. This is not helped by the fact that the graphics are not brilliant, and also the camera angles are very hard to get used to! Also, for a psp game it does have long load times, and the multiplayer is not really worth bothering with. Yet there are some positives. With 9 levels to battle through it can keep you entertained for a long time and there are a wide range of weapons to choose from, however these cannot outweigh the negatives. Only recommended to a true splinter cell fan.

  9.  Nearly 2 years old, and still highly rated


    Many games that are converted from ps2 to psp have slight downgrades in graphics. This game has amazing graphics and is probably better graphics wise than some of the games being released today! However, and this being a flaw in many psp games, is that the game is very limited in what you can do, and there are acutally only 6 courses to race on which can be played at different skill levels. This can get quite repetative. Yet, after 2 years i still find myself playing this great game. So if your not looking to spend a lot but still want a great game then this is for you.

  10.  Why haven't I played Pro Evolution before?


    Before buying this game, i was a hands down Fifa man, and i didn't give a second thought to playing any of the Pro Evolution games. Until i was introduced to this one. Wow. The gameplay is So much better than Fifa and as a result is So much for realistic. The graphics are better, there are much more options than just league and cups, including the amazing master league!
    Yes, Pro Evolution does not have the licences of kits, names and badges but dont let this stop you! This is can easily be updated with a very small cost, and i assure you it is worth it! If you haven't got this already, get it.