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  1.  Big suprise!


    Did not have a good mindset pre-film as I thought it was a cheesy action flick from the 80's, which aren't really my type of film. However this delivered such a shock with its brilliant story, intruiging characters and action pack fight scenes. An absolutely awesome 80's action flick with an element of mystery and darkness to it. Loved every second of its cheesy-ness and one liners, excellent film.

  2.  Enter Corny Cliche Here


    By todays standard, not particularly that scary as in jump out of your seat, gore, psycho killer but rather an intelligent, creepy horror movie that freaks you out. Stephen King as always writes a absolute great story that Stanley Kubrick portrays on the big screen perfectly. This is more of a suspense horror, its more about an external thing such as cabin fever which is where somebody goes bonkers basically from lack of communication to the outside world and stress and other factors. Rather than centering around 'The Shining' which is a power that the boy, Danny, possesses the film i think centers around Jack Torrance (played by the fanatic Jack Nicholson who couldn't have played him better) who is affected by the cabin fever and the writers block and enevitably goes nuts. It's just really a great movie, built on suspense and eariness, the creepy, huge, halls of the hotel thats miles away from anything. The slowly deterioting mental state of Jack Torrance, the ghosts that haunt him in the bar, just everything makes it an absolute pinnacle of film perfection. 10/10

  3.  Absolutely Stunning


    As the other 27 reviews this is the review of a 10 minute demo. BUT WHAT A DEMO! The first notable thing is the graphics, from an unbias review these are the best graphics on a game i ever seen! I played Resident Evil 5 and i thought they were the best id ever seen but the attention to detail on the Helgast, on the weapons, on the location, on the cutscenes etc... the list is endless. The physics are another noticable thing with realistic movement of the gun, like because he is walking/running the gun bobbles from side to side realistically (not annoyingly though so no worries). The locations is the final thing im gonna say, the dark, gloomy surroundings just adds to the creepy feel of the Helgast planet and the detail on the troops is unrivalled by any other game i have ever played, cod4 and halo move over, Killzone2 wil be gracing my disc drive for quite some time
    5 STARS!

  4.  Different for the better


    This is a spectacular game, the graphics are extremely well polished, the controls are easy to pick up and master and alsoit has trophies. Although rather short and with a extremely boring storyline that i couldn't get attatched to, its gameplay makes up for it 100%. You really do get a sensation of speed and how high up you are, jumping from bulding to building 300ft really is amazing and looking down is scary because you do feel like your up there due to its first person perspective. All in all, running across buildings is extremely fun and realistic with a true sense of speed and adrenaline, the combat is intense and it really is an intelligent first person... err running game.

  5.  COD: WAW


    This is a great game, graphically everythings been polished, looks amazing in 1080p, the sounds and atmosphere of a hectic battlefield are all there, yet it still feels like another Treyarch fail. Call Of Duty 4 ha an amazing, epic singleplayer with online that no one rivaled but this, its singleplayer is pretty boring i felt and its online is mediocre, its just nothing special, even a year on i find myself going back to COD4 instead of this because its just doesen't have that spark COD4 has. Hopefully Killzone2 will finally give us a game to play online all the time.

  6.  Beta Based Review


    Well, one word, SPECTACULAR. I absolutely love it, the co-op mode is amazing, bringing all your friends in to beat all these huge new types of chimera and pounding them with great new weapons, it seriously is a truely frantic, fast paced experience. The deathmatch, team deathmatchs etc are also stunning with a great new squad feature, new weapons, new customizable characters and much, much more. Now on to the graphics, they are amazing and have been improved greatly to now compete with the cod4's and battlefields. The graphics just look much sharper and texture wise everything looks much better which adds up to the whole experience. The physics have been improved, like the gun wobbling, the reloading looks more realistic and just all these little things make a big difference. Just in general everything looks much sharper, better, clearer and looks like a serious rival to COD:WAW on my christmas list. Can't wait for the epic final game.

  7.  Essential


    Truely amazing. Sony thought rumble was a last gen feature, boy were they wrong. Playing Metal Gear Solid 4 and feeling every explosion in the distance and the tanks tracks rumble by, amazing. Feeling all the rumbles of shooting innocent bystanders on GTA IV and the roar of the chimera coming to life with the dualshock 3. I bought this thinking it would be a waste of money and not be worth the price of a game. But obviously i was wrong it is amazing and its not like trophies nearly every game supports dualshock so it really is worth it.



    4 stars, are you kidding?
    This is the funniest thing ever created, Family Guy writers are comic genius's and this just proves how funny they really are. The series i absolutely adore, they are incredibly funny and this is just a treat. Absolutely hilarious, if you dont buy, you will regret, this is the funniest thing ever!!! Not even an understatement, it really is.

  9.  Funniest Series Ever!!!


    Family Guy is undoughtably the best show ever created, completely blows the simpsons away, the simpsons isn't funny compared to this, Family Guy is pure genius and the funniest show on television and my favourite. Literally a t.v. show has never made me cry from laughter but this one made me shed buckets, freakin' hilarious

  10.  Tymothy Olyphant Was Not Made For This


    Tymothy Olyphant is not made for a part like Hitman, he is not ruggid or on edge enough to convince me that i am watching agent 47. Tymothy Olyphant talks a bit weird and was very soft and not hard hitting enough. Jason Stathem or someone like that would have been perfect because he's ruggid and on edge whereas Tymothy was just soft and femenine. An Embarrissing move for an amazing game, very disapointed, avoid