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  1.  Great


    I have been after a film for ages like this, if you press your phone hard against glass it will stick to it, this is the only reason i wanted it. Apart from the glass sticking the screen protector is really good. It is easier to apply than other protectors i have used but as with all of them it is very hard to get it applied 100% perfect. I give it 4 stars because all the pieces protect your phone from scratches but if you dropped it on a corner then this cover would do nothing. Without the side bits my bumper fits very well but i then lose the ability to stick to glass. I would also watch a video on youtube on how to apply , mine came with a solution to help apply and it did help reduce the amount of bubbles, i have a few really small ones on the front and none on the back, anyone who rates low or complains about bubbles is the kind of person who just cant do them at all

  2.  Waste of time and money


    I have not yet watched this film but expected it to be your run of the mill slash and kill horror, the thing that has made me buy is the 3d, It really is great 3d that they use, its like wearing sunglasses with just a slight tint..... that is until the DVD release and like BonVoyage says in his review i wont even bother watchin this as it come with the old fashioned 3d glasses that dont make anything 3d and just give you a migraine.

  3. Fuel


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £3.99



    I totally agree with lukethegamer, this game is one of the bigest let downs ever, the game probably isnt the worst game ever made but when you look at who its made by and what they have done before with the likes of Grid and Dirt then this really should have been a world beater. I only played the game for about 20mins and traded it in, Graphics are quite bad, and even though it boasts a huge map when you start to play it you really just dont care how big it is because the games so boring. I used to love smugglers run by rockstar on the ps2 and i was hoping this would be along those lines but on this huge scale map, i was half right as it didnt look much better than smuglers run on the ps2. If you really want this game either rent 1st, lend it or wait til it goes really cheap.

  4.  Shocking


    i bought this because my 6 year old son loves spiderman and from the talk about this game it sounded like it would be a massive improvment on the spider man 3 game..... it really isnt.

    there are some good points, the combat is a great improvment but still isnt that great, and the fact you can change into the black suit when you want is great. The bad points.... it looks awful, some really bad graphics, we really need a world that looks as good as GTA with the combat of somthing like this ( which still isnt quite there yet) and somone need do make a world that will generate a lot of different storys for players each time they play, then i will be happy playing a spiderman game.

    if you are like me and are buying games like farcry, littlebig planet, fable2 , midnigt club, dead space, fallout and bond then stay away from this. if this is for somone younger then still stay away, the spider man 3 game is £9.99 on here and much better value, or just wait towards xmas and see if this goes down. ide give it 1 star but my son is enjoying it so im giving it 2.

  5.  Im still a guitar hero


    Really disappointed, I was looking forward to this for ages but traded it in after a week of having it. After playing it for a few hours I found my self going back on guitar hero, the basics of both games are the same, there aren't great differences, and the price of the instruments for rock band aren't that bad considering what you actually get for your money, imp just sick of the music on these games. I suppose I am picking on rock band when in real terms I feel the same about guitar hero. I don't play instruments in real life but love music and really enjoy playing guitar hero/rock band, and I just wana rock out to some tunes I love, I don't really know a lot of the songs on the game and the downloadable content is as bad.....and I hate songs NOT sang by the original artists.
    When you go to the shops and by a cd that is titled the greatest rock songs you get some of the greatest rock songs, on these games you get a few classics in chart terms, then you get lots of other classics which are only really classics to people who listen to nothing but rock.
    I wana be able to play starship - we built this city on rock and roll, which I know to some is a awful rock song BUT its fun, its a classic, and more people would know and enjoy rocking out to stuff like that. But this is just my opinion, if you like the songs listed on these games you will love this.



    i was going to come on and give this 2 stars, i had this for the 360 when it 1st came out, it was fantastic. I recentley got it for my ps3 because i have always been a fan of splinter cell over metal gear solid and i wanted to enjoy the game again. It is now awful to play, it seems to take forever to load on ps3 and the graphics already look a bit dated compared to what 360 and ps3 can now push out. i am still giving it 3 stars because for 14.99 it is a must play if you havnt yet, and if you wana play this online it works really well on playstation network and as you all know playstation network is free.

    i am actually going to get Metal Gear 4 because i want my ps3 to impress me for a change, although i still dont think metal gear online will be as good as splinter cell is online.

  7.  Great


    This version is better than the 1st Vegas, its worth getting even if you had the 1st one. I just think it should have been cheaper like when Rainbow 6 Black arrow came out.

    I have only given this 4 stars because of the price for what i feel is a update of the last game but saying that this is still my fave shooter and wont be coming out of my console untill Grand Theft Auto.

  8.  twizze


    i agree with the above review , i used to enjoy mario partys when playing with friends they were a good laugh , this is just the same again and they are trying to use the wiimote but it just makes life awkward , i feel the same about monkey ball on the wii.

    if you want a mario party game then try mario party ds.

  9.  twizze


    for me this game gets 4 stars because the online play again is excellent, BUT the single player is awful. The 1st halo game is still the best of the 3 , the story line just kept me wanting to play. If you want a FPS game to play alone then get bioshock or the orange box, if you want the best online game you can buy for the 360 then get halo 3.

  10.  twizze


    I hadnt bought a DS game for a while and i have never played a zelda game before, this is by far the best ds game available. The intro and little cut scenes can go on for a bit too long for my liking but that doesnt stop this game already being a classic.