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  1.  Great MK game


    Really good game, very violent, great fatalities, lots of hidden content and loads of things to do. Love the new tag mode, and love the character animation, and the fact that you cant win just button bashing - they have also made it easy to hit combos even with an xbox controller. I'm a huge MK fan and I loved the story mode.

    Online is okay for me, although sometimes a bit laggy and has a lot of spammers, but if you're good, you can own them :)

    Loads of replayability, love the characters and move combos.

    Only thing that gets annoying is the fact that challenge tower takes ages, and isn't very challenging until about level 185. Also, the bone breaking x ray moves get annoying as there is only one per character, so in challenge tower or story mode when you keep using same character, it gets little boring.

    Overall, I recommend this game, hopefully the DLC will be out soon and won't dissapoint.

  2.  Xbox Live Review


    - Well balanced guns
    - A lot of things to do on xbox live
    - Great online features - customization, camos etc
    - Generally lag free - played lag free on 2 bar connection when someone else in house was downloading

    - Helicopters stay for AGES on xbox live - and stops you from being able to call in anything else
    - Dogs kill in one bite - bit overpowered? Chopper gunners also overpowered? I've had 3 chopper gunners and earned 71 kills
    - Small maps - bigger maps really filled out - encourages submachine guns?
    - Killstreaks bit limited
    - No quickscoping - won't affect everyone but I feel this is a bad move

  3.  Great Headphones!!


    These headphones are amazing! The best headphones I've actually ever had. They are comfy, loud, great bass and sound quality, and they actually look hott! Would definately reccomend - Great price - Great Headphones.

    EDIT: I still agree with me original view - but my headphones have already broke - one of the headphones no longer works so I now have to buy new headphones - if you want long lasting headphones - i advise you look elsewhere