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  1.  Fast blasting fun


    I have had this blaster around a week; so far it's been very good.

    Unlike most other Nerf guns you don't need to prime/cock the gun.
    3 AA batteries power fly-wheels in the barrel and when you pull the trigger these grip the dart and blast it out. It holds 10 'whistler' darts in a 'drum' (like a revolver) and you can easily fire all 10 darts in less than 5 seconds.
    It's accurate up 4-5meters (15feet) with a range of 7-8meters (25 feet)
    Jams are rare (it's much more reliable than say the CS-6) and it is easy to load (you can load 6 of the 10 darts without needing to turn the 'drum'.
    It is fairly large; it's comfortable in my (adult) hand but a small child would probably need to use both hands (one on trigger and the other by the barrel), the trigger is quite heavy but a friends daughter (aged 7) uses a Barricade quite happily.

    The downsides are it's bulk and the noise it makes, when switched on the fly-wheels are always turning so 'sneak' attacks are a little difficult.

  2.  Great value and decent speed


    I recently bought this for my Panasonic DMC-FZ38 (12.1mp).
    It is great when taking full resolution JPEG and HD video (720p) - with no noticable delays.
    When shooting RAW+JPEG images there is around a 1.5-2 second delay between shots while it writes to the card (that's about 20MB of data).
    Overall this is great value and I'd say fine for any camcorder (up to 720p) or camera (provided you aren't wanting to store RAW format images).

  3.  Disappointing...


    I bought one of these for my wife's birthday at Easter and it has proved so awkward to use that we now hardly ever turn it on.

    It is actually an Ality Pixxa model ALMD1 - you can see it on the alitypc web site.
    The frame looks to be well built although the screen is plastic fronted hasn't scratched yet. It is black with silver trim (not grey as the Play image seems to show) and has a large 8inch 4:3 format display (800x600), 256mb internal storage (toshiba) and a rechargable battery. It has slots for CF, SD, MMC and MS cards - these are easily accessible (I have only been able to test with SD cards up to 1Gb), it can be directly connected to a PC using the supplied mini-usb cable, it does NOT have a usb port for storage cards. It has touch screen-controls as well as a remote control, can be connected to a TV using the supplied av cable and can play music and video.

    I was initailly impressed; the display and sound on the demonstration slideshow were good; the touch screen controls are back-lit in white and an "Ality" logo lights up also.
    I became dissapointed the more I used the frame.
    The controls are not intuitive; the user interfaces are difficult to use and many features even essential ones like volume control are only on the remote control simple actions like pausing a slide-show tabkes between three and six button presses!
    Although features like the Clock and Alarm clock are fine; the photo-scheduler is very disappointing only allowing you to schedule a single image in a small window on the screen - I had hoped I could select a slideshow.
    Most disappointing is that you must treat the frame as a single photo album; I had hoped to store seperate folders on the frame or a card, e.g. Christmas, Summer Holiday etc. and select them to play as slideshows with whatever music I chose. Instead the frame appears to 'randomly' choose images as 'default' and it is only these images (up to about 300) that can be played as an automatic slideshow. You can also only play music with the 'default' images - and that must be stored in the same folder as the images.

    If all you want is to set up an automatic slideshow with a few images then this is a good frame; but it is badly let down by the software and the features such as image scheduler only disappoint in what they can't do.

    Plus Points:-
    - Excellent large display (Being 4:3 format means you don't have to crop your photos)
    - Fast 256mb storage (this held over 1300 800x600 images - I used Fotosizer to bulk resize my image library - it only took a couple of hours for 10,000 images)
    - PC Connect
    - Internal battery; allows you to pass the frame around like an album or change the orientation between portraint and landscape without interrupting the display.
    - Range of features;
    - Can mount frame in portrait or landscape mode and images automatically adjust.
    - An alarm clock feature allows you to set a text message and select a single music file or a video and displays this in a small window at the selected time.

    Minus Points:-
    - Clunky controls, poor user interfaces and buggy software.
    - The longest delay on images is only 10 seconds (on my frame this is actually less than six seconds).
    - Apart from the 'default' slideshow you cannot play music with a slideshow.
    - Sound always comes on at max volume and the volume control is only on the remote.
    - The power-on slideshow does not loop but plays once only.
    - The internal battery took several recharges before it seemed to hold much charge - now given a 12 hour charge it will last an hour or so.