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  1.  Cod on the go


    Brilliant game. Am I playing it on the ps3 or ps vita?????
    That's the point, I can play the biggest franchise on the go.
    People should be embracing this game, because if we don't. We may have to put up with cheap games on mobiles. Cutting edge hardware with software just starting to unlock the power of ps vita.
    Graphic's 8.5
    Gameplay 9
    Online 9.5
    Multiplayer 9.5
    Overall 9.25

  2.  NFS Most Wanted (Burnout) Top game, driving game of he year?


    The best NFS I've played in years. Its using the burnout paradise formula and its all in a hand held. If any game is going to set sale figures a light its going to be this game. At 35 pounds its a snip, well worth every penny.
    The graphics are great , the gameplay is non stop. Use your e brake and tear it up. I have recently bought wrc 3 for the vita, that was a 4 out 5. And based on them marks, this can only be a 5 out of 5. Excellent game of PS 3 calibre standard you can play it on the go. Or when someone is hogging the TV and you can't play your PS 3. When the Vita price drop comes I'm going to make a prediction... its going to sell fast. Don't miss out on a top bit of tech and games, its better than anything else on the market.

  3.  Unbelievable ! Is this a portable game?


    Ok, Uncharted series is one of the all time greats on the PS3.
    If you have a PS3 you probably own one of them, or if like me all three.

    The PS Vita brings the home console game onto a portable system.
    The PS Vita truly brings a triple A title to a handheld.
    Graphics surpass the other limited handhelds and some of the home consoles.
    The gameplay works really well with the dual sticks and additional usage of the touchscreen front and back.

    Top game a must buy if you own the Vita!
    Reasons to buy the Vita - Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Disgaea 3, Fifa just to name a few.

  4.  Gravity Rush - A Must Have for your PS Vita Collection


    The game grabs you from the beginning - its fresh and a brand new game/story only for the PS Vita.
    The graphics and game play are extremely strong.
    The game concept is new and has top game of the year all over it.
    The game works due to the dual control sticks and touch screen interaction. Its a game designed from the start for the Vita.

    If you buy one game this year, take the chance and buy it - you won't be disappointed.

  5.  You cannot Resist - resistance is futile !!


    Resistance: Retribution

    March 30, 2009 - this game is sweet! The online is awesome. If you liked the ps3 versions you will enjoy this one just as much. It has some very cool online modes that will keep you busy all day. This game is right up there with god of war. This is a must buy for psp!
    Reader's ratings for resistance: Retribution
    Rating description
    Out of 10 click here for ratings guide
    9.5 Presentation
    Very cool cut scenecs. Pretty easy to navigate. Looks clean.
    9.0 Graphics
    The graphics are pretty good. They will not blow you away but they are good.
    9.5 Sound
    Very good sound.
    9.8 Gameplay
    Almost flawless gameplay. Very easy to control once you get use to it and you will have to get use to it.
    9.5 Lasting appeal
    Of course the lasting appeal will be the online factor. A+
    9.8 Overall
    (Out of 10 / not an average)

    And remember - hook this bad boy up to your ps3. Unlock infected mode - levels opened due to additional powers. Or if you have a psp 2000/3000 play it on the big screen and ue your ps3 controller !!!

  6.  Resistance 2 ..A surprise. Awesome game.. No 1 game 2008?


    Resistance 2. I don't review games often, don't see the point. With all the reviews already wrote, who's going to read this one? Firstly i have played number one and i liked it, it was ok maybe good. I wasn't a massive shooter fan, more fifa or racing games. My son loves cod and i admit i found myself occasionally playing.
    So that leads me onto resistance 1, which i completed 4 days after buying r fom 2... Yep i had it since ps3 launch and only just completed it.
    So i started to play resistance 2 campaign. I found myself wanting to just play that extra 5mins, which actually lead onto1 hr .. Well you get my drift. The story, the enemy, the levels - surrounding, graphics & the weapons. The list is long and well i'm not going to bore you with every spec of the game i loved.
    So if that covers campaign, then you got co-op and single online modes - which have to say are awesome. It kinda utilises all that is good from cod series and expands.
    So to sum it all up before get totally bored from my review. Its one hell of a game, story, graphics etc and i guess into today's money worries your gonna play this for ages. Cause when you have completed the campaign game once, twice etc you have so much online fun its unreal - and you gotta get all those trophies!!!!! So don't waste your money on other games buy resistance 2!!!!!

  7.  Motorstorm Pacific Rift ROCKS !!!!!!!


    I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Have you bought the game?
    No, why not!!!
    This game is awesome !!!!!!
    Buy it !!! Go on,,, go get it !!!!!!!
    Brill game.

  8.  LBP top PS3 game Casual game of the year?


    Ok first I'll start and state that I love COD 4, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 1 & 2. Why have I stated the previous games? Well because this game ain't nothing like them. I bought this game for my 10 year son & 12 year old daughter. I had a quick go and have been hooked ever since, in fact I'm thinking of buying a second copy, my son and daughter keep wanting to play it. We have two PS3's so you can see our problems. The game is light but full of non stop fun and believe me its not repetitive. Its a platform game for all ages
    and LBP is far more than just a plaformer also sony have been releasing loads of downloadable content on the PSN network. Hopefully the rumours are true also and a PSP version will be released - buy and enjoy !!!!!

  9.  Simple excellent!!!


    Well what a game if you are into the superhero world this is the game. And if your not, well still get it.
    Simply its good, no its brilliant you can play this game for hours. Select your team - unlock characters, use different powers.
    This game is reason enough to buy a PSP.

  10.  Solid game


    Bought this game for my son who is into army/shooter games . He loved it, now he can play his favorite style of game on the go. The PSP really delivers, remember its ahand held machine, which seems to nearly have the power of the PS2. The game is in depth & draws you in - a good buy!!!