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  1. FIFA 11

    FIFA 11


    10 New from  €5.19  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €1.97



    It is more challenging like it is harder to score goals and you really have to think about how you are going to score as you cant just ping pong the ball like in Fifa 10.

    The graphics are cool. All the top footballers really look like that person in real life and the stadiums are really nice to.

    ONLINE IS A JOKE!!!!! I hear so many people who are having problems like myself. Just go to the Fifa11 forum to find out more. There are so many bugs and connection problems it is unreal. Sometimes it takes me more then 10mins to try and find a player online. Even if I get to play a game, most of the time it says I have lost connection or quite a few people quit on me which is annoying.

    DO NOT BOTHER WITH THE CAREER MODE!!!!! So many bugs its unreal. You always play the same teams in the cups each year. At the end of March the screen freezes so you have to go to the calendar and sim the match instead. The board give you very unrealistic targets to meet each season and even if you DONT meet your targets you still get rewarded for a job well done.

    The commentators always say the same thing and get quite a few things wrong. The referee makes a few mistakes aswell but that happens in real life.

    YOU CAN NEVER OUT RUN A DEFENDER. The defenders will always run as fast as any of your strikes etc etc. Know I know some people were complaining in Fifa 10 then it was to easy to run past people but this is the complete opposite.

    Oh and if your one who always plays it online and you are thinking of buying this game no one chips the ball when you are 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper as it is to hard. THE CHIP SHOT IS NOW HEADERS AND MANY PEOPLE USE THE 1 2 AND LOP THROUGH BALL ETC ETC. It all gets very boring after a while and is not a realistic football game at all. From my personal experience, EA has not done a good job on this game and you would not be missing much if you choose to go with another football game or just to save your hard earned cash.

  2.  Great movie, alot better then what i thought


    The storyline is very easy to follow. Lots of horror scenes which some are very funny. Very good acting and def worth a watch or two!!

  3. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    8 New from  €18.66  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €8.60

     Good game but not as good as GTA


    Just completed the story mode which took me just over 11 hours which included watching all of the cut scenes. There are 15 chapters altogether and this was my only real disappoint as I thought the story mode would be more challenging and longer to complete. There are not as many missions as there are in GTA but this is still a good game. The storyline is very good, graphics are good and the weapons, cars are pretty cool to. Im glad I rented this game out and the only reason I done that was because there are some bigger games coming out within the next few months. If youre a fan of games like GTA then definitely buy or rent this game, you wont be disappointed.

  4.  One of the best games on ps3!!


    Everything from the story mode to playing it online is great. I def prefer this type of game to COD but everyones different. I think its more challenging and the graphics and storyline is fantasic. The only negative i have is that it does take a while to load when your playing it online it can get really frustrating at times but its worth it.

  5.  In a league of its own!! :)


    This is probably the best movie ive seen since 2000. Everything about the movie is great, its very unique and keeps you intrigued all the way until the end!! :)

  6.  OMG This movie came out of no where!! :)


    Just happened to be browsing the movie channel one night and come across this amazing movie. One of the best movies ive seen this decade. The acting is brilliant and the storyline is fantasic. I could watch this movie many times.

  7.  It didnt make me laugh as much as i thought!!


    Some very funny scenes but overall i would say its an average comedy movie. Seen alot better over the years!!

  8.  Awful game!!


    Ok so where to begin. Well I downloaded the demo and thought it was errrrr ok and since I had played the first game I was intrigued more then anything so I decided to rent it from Blockbuster for a week. I completed it in 4 hours and returned it back the same day as I was disappointed to say the least and im one who is very easily pleased when it comes to video games but this game is a joke on a serious note.

    Better graphics

    Storyline: Just awful and needs to be longer etc etc
    Weapons: You can only carry 2 weapons and many other problems like aiming etc etc
    Problems with the characters: You shoot people in the head and they get back up, Kane seems to be invincible from enemies it was just getting silly I mean you seem him constantly getting shot all over his body and his just standing there doing this crazy dance thing from the impact of the bullets!! Ha ha

    Basically to sum it up everything is awful about this game apart from the graphics. I would say if you really want to test it out then maybe rent it out because I personally think its a waste of money actually buying it and what with xmas coming soon, theres going to be plenty of better games that will beat this game hands down.

    If you want a really good and detailed review, go to gamespot.com. They give it a rating of 6.5 out of 10 and you might get a better understanding on where I am coming from with this review. Cheers

  9. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10

    Xbox 360

    4 New from  €9.60  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €2.24

     Stick with fifa 09


    Ok so ive always been a fifa fan and i play this game for like 4-5 hours every day yet its hardly an improvement from fifa 09. The gameplay is aweful and the defenders seem to be as fast as the strikers and you get bullied of the ball to easy. The referee is so annoying its unreal. You can never seem to score from corners and the passes you make seem to never go to the player you want. The improvements however are more detailed like in manager mode etc and the weather conditions added are good but overall i have to say this is the first time that this years fifa has not lived up to its expectation. Only playing it to unlock the achievements. Think ill go back to playing Far Cry 2 online. Honestly don't buy this game, stick with fifa 09 instead, your not missing out on much guys.