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  1.  An emotional rollercoaster!


    This is one of the most emotionally epic games ever made. In terms of character development, it cruises a 5 out of 5. In terms of cinematics, it's 5 out of 5. In terms of gaming innovation in gameplay, it's 5 out of 5. Overall, this is an amazing game, but it's not for the faint hearted, it's really sad.

  2.  Doesn't Disappoint


    After hearing about this game I purchased Rayman 1 on my PSP for a few pounds and gave it a play. It was good, but surprisingly, incredibly difficult to complete.
    After completing it, I purchased this was the excellent price of 15 pounds from Play.
    One month on and it's honestly up there with one of the best game purchases I've ever made (incredible value for money).
    The game has fantastic multiplayer capability; playing with friends is really good fun and rewarding (you can revive each other when you die/"pop").

    There's a mixture of level types, from boss levels, flight, mini-games, platforming and my personal favourite, the races to catch the chest (find out when you play the game).

    It also utilises themes from the first Rayman (as well as others) - it's basically Rayman 1 dragged into 2012.
    But, to note, I think to fully appreciate how excellent this game is you must play the original Rayman (the one from Playstation 1).

  3.  Great.


    A Long Album With A Lot Of Fillers.
    The Album Has Some Truly Inspiring Songs, Such As "C.16th+-", "Infinity Ytinifni", "Colours" & "Numerology"

    However, It Feels Like Many Songs Were Just Made Up On The Spot And Inserted To Make It Longer.
    Its Quite Confuddling When It Comes To "I Will Say This Twi..." & "..ce I Will Say This Twice".

    Overall, Want Something With Several Build Ups Throughout, Get It.

  4.  Fantastic.


    Its Been A Long Time Coming, And They've Certainly Lived Up To Exceptions And More.
    They've Put Most There Songs On The Lengthly Album, Which Doesn't Disappoint. Whether Your Just Listening To It Relaxing Or At A Party, There Are Songs On The Album That Meet Most Moods.

    The Run Of Reckless, Black Panther & Tell Me What To Swallow Build Up A Great Electro Thrash Mood Then Calm Down Again. Its Great.

    The Great Thing About The Album Is, If You Want Mindless Thrash They Put On There Best Thrash B-side, XXZXCUZX Me.

    Great Album.

  5.  Best Quality I've EVER Heard....


    ....However, There Is A Major Flaw In That, If You Are A Regular User, Such As Myself, They WILL Fall To Pieces. I Highly Recomend These Headphones, Espeically If You Use Your Headphones About Once A Week.

    I Am A Daily User, And Within 2 Months They Are Almost Unusbale, But They Are The Best Headphones I've Ever Used.

    They Deliver An Immence Sounds Quality, But, After Two Months, The Input Jack Is Broken, The Buds Have All Fallen Off And Been Lost And The Headphones Are Falling Apart. BUT, Not All Is Lost, With Such A Cheap Price, Its Well Worth Buying 3 Pairs And Putting Up With This....They Are AWSOME!

  6.  Blow Away. A MUST OWN!


    Sure You Can Pick Some Very Insignifcant Flaws Once You've Completed It, Like The Complex Plot, Or How It Can Occcasioanly Feel Repertitive.
    But, In All Honesty, This Is One Of The Best Games On PS3. It Is Mindblowingly Good, The Plot May Be Confuddling, But Its Ingenius. Its So Fun To Play Aswell, You Can Silent Assassinate People And Just Walk Off Like A Preist!! How Awsome Is That! Aswell As That You Can Climb Literally Anything, And It Is Pretty Dam Realistic, Well Up Until You Take A Leap Of Faith From 100m High Into Haystack, But Still, There Should Be No Gamer Who Enjoys Single Player Action/Adventure Not Owning This Game. It Is Superb. Reminds Me Of Prince Of Persia A Lot, Just A Thousand Times Better.