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  1.  MUST OWN


    So glad I purchased this,everybody knows about the film so this is about the quality of the BluRay.
    Paramount have done a fantastic job on the conversion,picture quality is one of the best I've seen on the format,no lazy conversion here,you won't believe the film was made in 1975 as everything looks so fresh and vibrant,the sound is awesome also,the opening when cranked up is a real wall shaker.
    I own over 200 BluRays and THIS is one of the best,a real demo disc,if only other companies would convert they movies like this one(FOX especially lazy).
    A Definately MUST OWN,you'll be glad you did.

  2.  Robbo72


    Already had the steelbook(theatrical)version so was a bit dubious about double-dipping,but glad I did as this "extended" cut is a improvement over the original.
    More story to the characters and a few added action scenes made the film more enjoyable.
    BUY it,you wont be disappointed!!!



    Defo my film of the year,brilliant story,characters and fx,film looks and sounds awesome,so glad I purchased this :)

  4.  Superb


    Awesome film,looks and sounds awesome,good story,good characters,good action,the X-men franchise is back on track,roll on the sequel :))

  5.  Average


    Was ok,nothing special,yes it's looks sumptuous but the story is lacking,think Spielberg is losing his touch what with this,War Horse and Indy 4,think he should stick to being producer!!

  6.  Robbo72


    AVOID,film is boring,nothing happens for the whole film,yes it looks brilliant but it's still boring,even my kids hated it,Scorcese should stick to gangster films.

  7.  Robbo72


    This film is brilliant,excellent story,excellent special fx,leads up brilliantly to the John Carpenter Thing,don't listen to the boring critics and BUY!!

  8.  robbo72


    Is Die hard with a vengeance the uncut version?,only people on other forums are saying it is the censored version.
    If anyone can verify this it would be a great help also is One and Two the same as the previous versions regarding Picture Quality and sound?
    Follow up:- so glad I bought this set,films look and sound awesome and number 3 is uncut,number 4 is still the pg13 version but that is the only version available on bluray,but this is still an excellent boxset defo worth a purchase.

  9.  Robbo72


    Excellent t-shirt and quality,print not as vivid in picture but still good,t-shirt is not as thick and heavy but feels good when on,t-shirt is defo recommended :)

  10.  robbo72


    Word of warning DONT get this film for the 3D because it`s not much different to the 2D version,dont get me wrong it`s a good film with amazing special effects and a killer soundtrack but the 3D element is virtually non existent,my advice stick to the 2D version.