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  1.  one of the best games i have ever played


    this game is one of the best bloody games iv ever played next The Knights of the Old Republic also made by Bioware ;)

  2.  Amazing


    this game is so awesome i mean there is like 30+ hours game play, and if you add the Brotherhood of Shadows Mod thats an extra 10+ hours, what more could you ask for :) (fyi dont install Brotherhood of shadows until you have done the bastilas mothers quest as it stops you getting it for some reason haha!!)

  3.  Its Good But...


    This game is an awesome game once you can get it to work, there are many problems that could not be fix with this game because the idiots at lucasarts rushed obsidian, so what could of been the most awesome starwars game is the second best, first being bioware's original.

    All in all once you get this game to work it is an awesome game, you'll just have to put up with saving every 10 mins to make sure that you have your game incase it crashes (btw i think it only crashes on vista but i havnt tested it on xp yet)

  4.  KILLER


    This album is killer, after listing to the mp3's i can safely say this is going to be the best album of 2008, i know its missing slash and duff but hey if you care that much go buy a vr album.

    Gn'fr for life

  5.  awesome


    Haha so now i have to by two things on the 24th lee evans: Big and guns n' roses chinese democrocy !!! Gonna be a awesome chrimbo this year!!

  6.  this album


    this is one of the weakest albums iv ever heard

    this album is miles off of what i expected from the amazing band that is bon jovi.

    if you want a Bon Jovi album and you havnt already got the Have A Nice Day album get that its alot better (this ofcourse is in my opinon)

  7.  these own!!


    i 1st heard this kick a** band on a CD that i got free with Metal Hammer and when i 1st heard the song (Zeppo) i instantly loved them this is one of the strongest albums from a new Thrash metal band iv heard in a wile....apart from Megadeths new album, but to be honist i think Sanctity have a lot more energy the Megadeth