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  1.  Still the Best Yu Gi Oh! Game on Console!


    I cannot believe we are up to number 5 in the Tagforce series on PSP! I really am glad Konami are still supporting this under rated handheld system. If you have played any of the previous versions you will know what to expect. If you are a novice then this is the best version to get as it includes 4,700 cards to collect! The most up to date current version of the game.

    This version includes a data install which really improves the loading speeds over last years game. Also, if you have kept all the previous versions you will receive a lot of extra cards and 40k of dp when you use the umd game recognition system. This gives you a good start in the game. This is unlike the DS versions where you need to start from scratch and build your card collection very slowly! It's much easier with the psp game to build your card collection up. It is also worth taking your system online as you can download more cards from the website for free including the awesome synchro card Stardust Dragon!

    I love this series of Yu Gi Oh! and Tagforce 5 is just as much fun as the rest of the series!

    Now, I am going to duel with my new Spell Counter deck!!

  2.  Excellent RPG!


    This is a real gem for the sadly over looked PSP system. Its a turn based battle rpg set in a military academy. Unlike most rpg's, the battles in this game are first person and involve moving your troops around the battle field and attacking the enemy. It oozes polish and looks superb. A handy install option speeds the load times up no end! Other developers take note.

    A joy for strategy gamers or anyone looking for a great PSP title with depth and enjoyability!

  3.  Addictive Fantasy Card Battles


    Having been a fan of the Yu Gi Oh! card games over the years I was really looking forward to the release of this title. So far, I have not been disappointed. This game plays out on a 3x3 grid of fields as the other reviewer mentioned. I found the learning curve quite steep to begin with and had not realised you could spend mana during a turn to activate attacks as well as summon new creatures for battle!

    Stick with it though as this is a really solid and intriguing game and does become very addictive. Some of the story battles can turn into really lengthy epic affairs.

    It maybe some time before I return to Tagforce 4! Recommended to all card and strategy fans. Others may find it a bit too geeky!

  4.  Excellent!


    I pre-ordered this way back in July. Now it is finally here and my goodness was it worth it? Yes! The developers have done a marvelous job of fitting this title onto Sony's PSP. I have played it a lot since getting it and can honestly say it is a lot of fun and very addictive. Stephen Frys narration is top notch and his tutorial videos for the frankly fanatstic level editor are a joy to watch and listen to. Even though this game has only been out a week, there are already loads of quality levels to download from the community moon. The only downside to this title are the slightly long load times, although this is only a slight problem. 15 to 20 seconds to load a level is no where near as bad as on some previous titles on the handheld.

    Bottom line, buy it now! It really is very good!

  5.  Nice Music Making App for the PSP


    At last a decent music sequencer app for the PSP. Anyone who has played with programs like Music 2000, Ejay or MTV Music Generator will understand how this works.

    Beaterator has several aspects to it which allows you to make music using the many built in loops. A loop is a bar of music such as a drum sequence or guitar melody. In the games live mode you simply press a button on the psp to cue up a loop and then use the d pad to move to another track, press another button to choose a different loop until you have built up a cocophany of sound.

    In the studio mode you can create your own drum loops and synth loops which you can include in the song crafter. This mode allows you to place loops onto a grid to build up your tune. This is the best part of the app for me. Trying to be creative and placing loops together that sound great is really good fun.

    There is quite a lot to this program and will take a little time to find your way around. Included are lots of tutorial videos and in game help.

    There are a lot of ready made tunes to listen too across a wide range of genres. Rock, pop, house, breakbeat, hip hop and uk garage. I recieved this game a day before release from Play.com and spent a whole afternoon with my PSP a pair of headphones and Beaterator. It is fun and very addictive.

    Recommended to anyone who enjoys music and creativity.

  6.  Awesome!


    Undoubtedly this is Kasabians finest album to date. There is not a duff track on here. It just gets better and better with each listen. The dvd content is also worth the extra cash. Still in Kasabian fever after seeing the guys play at the Bridlington Spa and then getting this awesome album a couple days later.

  7.  Addictive Fast Fun


    Was looking for a fast fun card game to take on holiday to go with the usual Uno pack. This looked ideal and after playing the online demo at pogo.com ordered it. The instructions and rules are easy to follow and after a couple of games with my son and my wife, we all became addicted.

    Its simple win concept and easy game rules make it a really fast fun alternative to the drawn out board game!

    Highly recommended.

  8.  Disappointed


    After watching Bill Baileys other stand up DVD's I was really looking forward to this. Wembley is a big arena and I just don't think Bill Bailey suited it to be honest. Unlike his previous outings this hardly made me laugh at all. Technically, the sets, big screens and lighting were all very clever but without the material to support it, what was the point?

    His serious attempt at Radiohead's Creep with the Hindi band just made me cringe and left me cold. Stick with the funny music Bill! Please!

  9.  Good Fun


    I am not sure why so many people keep being negative about the Christmas Specials. They have all been great fun and, for me anyway, the best present I could get for the past couple of years. There was a time when Doctor Who did not grace our screens at all. Now we even get these specials.

    This one was good fun, entertaining and as always with Doctor Who, well worth watching again and again.

    I am a long term fan having grown up with the likes of Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. I am more than happy with the transition to this remarkable new series and feel other so called fans should accept it too. No Who is not good Who!

    Buy it!

  10.  Good simulation of a classic board game.


    At last the classic word game is available for the DS. The simulation has been nicely implemented with clear graphic design and good touch screen control. The computer AI is quite good and you should find a real challenge from the stronger opponents. There is a career mode which takes you from local tournaments to world championships.

    My main gripe is the lack of playing statistics for the main game of scrabble. Oddly enough there are stats kept for your last ten tries on the three mini games!

    That aside, this is a game which will appeal to Scrabble fans and word game nuts.