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  1.  Worst F1 game to date


    I can't believe I got rid of F1 2012 for this garbage. The graphics arnt as good and playability is worse, the loading times are never ending. Don't get me wrong I love a challenge but this game is impossible to control and drive. Every race I've tried with all matter of settings the car is not quick enough or all over the track, 2012 was easier on the harder settings than this is one on the easy setting. Apart from the classic racing there is no up-grade here at all very disappointed ...



    I got this game on day of realise, and having spent the past few week trying to get to grips with this game, I just cant't get into it at all. The game just does'nt feel right.
    There is no feel of speed with this game at all, and when playing career mode you feel like they have over done it with the power-ups, every couple of seconds you are getting pelted with something and you cant have a decent race because of it,

    There is also no power sliding around corners, And some turn's due to the lack of power sliding you just shoot off the track which causes you to loose speed and then loose position in a race.
    Yes there are penty of tracks and there are many short cuts to find on each of the tracks, But this does'nt make up for the other flaws of the game. Dont get me wrong I love a challenging racer but this game in part is to much of a challange...

    On-line is better if you can get a match as at the moment there are not to many games to join on-line, Compared to Sonic and sega allstar racing transformed this comes a distant 2nd for me, and as the title says try this title before you buy as you may be wasting your cash..

  3. DiRT 3

    DiRT 3


    4 New from  £13.80  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £24.44



    Well codemasters have got this latest version of the Dirt series near perfect. Graphicly this game is truley stunning, racing through the rain and snow is awesome, Night racing is fantastic. It really is that good.

    If you are a fan of F1 2010 the drive and handeling is much the same, and depending on what skill level you set your self up on the drive is either very arcade type (easy) or more full sim.

    There are loads of cars to unlock both new and classic. and some of the track's are great. there are the same race type's including

    Rally Cross
    Land Rush
    Trail Blazer
    Head 2 Head
    And the all new Gymkhana (Lots of jumps and skids in a small space)

    Over all by far the best in the series, even the menu's are a lot more easy to navigate. There are far more rally tracks than before. Not yet tried on-line play due to PSN not being fully running as you need to reg an on-line code. my only niggle is some of the tracks seem a little short. but hay... worth the money though. this is a stunning game...

  4.  In A Word 'WOW'


    Let start by saying, I have always been an XBOX fan, I had the 1st xbox then xbox 360 and the new 360s 250gig consoles, I got a PS3 for the Blu-ray player as the price of a decent one was'nt much less than the PS3, And ho boy what a machine this is.

    It does everything, Play's game's, full internet browser, Blu-ray player, BBC and ITV player and Channel 4, music player, it's a full media center, where as the Xbox does none of this.

    Playing game's the graphics look far crisper on the PS3 than xbox, and you also dont have to pay 35 pounds per user to go and play on-line. It has a massive hard drive (320G). I love this machine, so much so I have now sold my XBOX as the PS3 is a far better console.

    So if your looking to buy either the PS3 or an XBOX 360 take my word for it, out of the two the PS3 is by far the better console.....

  5.  Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.....


    WOW !!!!, Thats the word to sum up this headset, I actualy have the x11's which is the up-dated verson to the x1, but none the less these are awesome, You get the best of both worlds here - 1. Mega sound I mean you can hear everything e.g. Modern warefare 2 you can hear people coming up from behind if your sniping, our anything coming your way. And Red Ded Redempition you can hear sooo much more with far better sound effects, 2. Built in mic, so you get awesome sound and can chat at the same time. And both the mic and sound have there own volume switchs so you can balance to two to suit your needs. And to be honest there is a lot of wire but I have no issue's with it, as I taped it up and tucked it away job done... Would be lost without this bad boy headset now...

  6. Blur


    Xbox 360

    2 New from  £39.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £7.56

     Burnout Meets Mario Kart


    Wow what a game, You'll be hooked for the start. This game has all the madness from the classic Burnout games and combines this with power ups form the likes of Mario Kart or Sonic & Sega Racers, And what do you get all out racing madness, Suberb graphics, The speed of the game is spot on, The action is non-stop. If your lucky enough to lead a race every one is trying to wipe you out, If youre unlucky enough to be at the back your trying to wipe out every one to catch up, and if your stuck in the middle of the pack its every man for him self. Single player is fun loads of tracks and challanges to be done, But on live this game is awesome its mad. One of the best races yet you'll have so much fun you'll loose track of time.

  7.  Good Bit Of Kit This


    Having had the plug in and play charger for a while I started to have a few problems with it as it would either not charge my battery at all of it would take hours on end to charge after messing about for arount 30mins to get it to charge in the 1st place(No joke), So enough was enough, I splashed out on this bad boy and it is a much better bit kit, it charges your batterys sooo much quicker as it is run of the mains rather than a USB port I can fully charge a battery in around just over an hour, And on the plus side you get an extra battery with this charger, so If you are looking for a charger for your 360 I really would recommend this one over the plug in and play charger. this one is quicker and a far better bit of kit and does not drain power from your 360.

  8.  Check This Out !!!!!!!!!


    Had this a couple of days now, and hoo boy I cant put it down, Takes a little getting into but once you get the hang of it you'll be mixing well into the night, The turntable controller is easy to use 3 buttons on turntable and your mixer and fader buttons to the side, works much like guitar hero follow and match what comes around on the on-screen 12" and build up your score with pleanty of scraching and mixing thrown in, the track listing is awesome from the jacksion 5 to Eminem its all there, and also there is a set were you mix up rock and rap and in this set if you have a guitar hero guitar this can also be used to play the rock music while you mix in the rap, Awesome, If you like guitar hero and rock band you'll love this game. graphics are great as you choose from many differant venue's to preform, and as you work through the game the set's get longer and harder. well worth the price tag as this is pure entertainment on your 360....

  9.  It's Does The Job For Me


    This headset has had some stick in some reviews and to be honest i was a bit weary about buying it, But im glad i did, this headset is far better than the wired head-set when talking to friends on live everything is a lot more clear, and from what ive been told i sound better talking back, , Its very light weight and easy to use, yes it can take a while to charge but charge it over nite so its ready for the next time you need to use it, and as for the battery life i have no issues with that either, im on live most nites with friends and perhaps charge it once a week. its not broke on me either, as long as you dont throw the thing around and look after it a bit it will last, i dont have any probs with this prod at all so if like me you have a spare £30 i think its a good buy as i does its job for me.....

  10. Fuel


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.98



    Dont get me wrong I love racing games Pure, Burnout, Need for speed, LA midnight club to name a few. But this game is impossable, I rented this title after reading most of the reviews left about this game, I played the game for a week to give it a good chance but this game is impossable it is so frustrating at times, the handeling of vehicle's in races is rubbish you are all over the place and you hit everying in your path, There are some good points such as the size of the game which is massive but after a while this to gets very boring after driving around and around looking for your next challange, I stuck with it to see if the game would improve with things like up-grades and new tracks and so on but it never did, which is such a shame so if your looking to play this game i really would rent this title 1st rather than spend £30 and get home and be disopointed at wasting your hard earnd cash. this could have been a great game as well.....