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  1.  Silent Hill and Resident Evil eat your hearts out!


    It is not often that I find a game in which I cannot say anything bad about and this is definatly one of them. Over the years of playing FPS games going back as far as the first Doom and Castle Wolfenstein I am yet to call any FPS one of the greatest games of all time until I played F.E.A.R.

    F.E.A.R brings the best combination of FPS shooting and horror that any gamer could ever hope for. Comparing it to the likes of Resident Evil or Silent Hill when it comes to horror elements it is impossible to say that Resident Evil or Silent Hill come close to the sheer hair raising, back shivering experiences you will have in F.E.A.R.

    The graphics are simple beautiful from the water effects, to each character and enemy to the setting of the areas, to the buildings and the lighting in the game suits it to the max to give you the most errie feeling possible. The music is not very frequent in the game but when it is playing it suits the moment perfectly, an errie theme of music would come on giving the player an idea that something spooky is about to happen but the player can never tell what will happen and why. The character has a special ability though no a superpower as such but he has extremely high reflex ability which enables him to slow down time, just like what is known as bullet time where he appears to be going at an ultra high speed to the enemies but everything seems slower to the player giving you the extra adrenaline rush.

    The enemy AI is simply fantastic, they communicate with each other in various different ways depending on their current situation for example. If you run into a group of 4 enemies and you take out 3 of them, the last remaining enemy will attempt to return and shout "We need back up!". If you toss a grenade they will shout "Grenade!!!!" and jump or run in the opposite direction in an attempt to get out of the explosive radius and the other team mates of the enemies will also run with him. When in slow mo (Bullet Time) you could hear them saying "He's too fast" as i explained above. Your enemies attempt to stop you in any way possible from straight head on guns blazing, to flanking you, surprizing you by jumping through windows to throwing grenades at you.

    Unfortunatly I can't really say much about the horror elements as I don't want to ruin the great horrors throughout the game for any of you but what I will say it that the game messes with your mind in many ways where when you think something is going to happen it doesn't and when you lease expect it (sometimes you can expect it) you get the fright of your life and the music just adds to the suspence all the more.

    The weapons are great fun ranging from pistols, to sub machine guns to heavy machine guns, to rocket lanchers and much more giving you a field day of action and slaughter.

    Overall if you love your horror games and FPS games this is a must buy for your collection, but just as a warning, this game is not for the faint hearted when it comes to horrors, but if your a hardcore horror fan, close the curtains, turn off the lights and let the terror and action begin! Guarenteed great fun and it is one of those games you will play through more than once. Enjoy!

  2. Prey


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £1.44

     Living Weapons, Gravity has no rules and spirtiual powers!


    Prey was released in 2006 and was built on the Doom 3 engine. Prey brought in a new gaming experience where gravity is completely thrown out the window due to being able to walk up walls, along the roof and ceiling and much more. To give you a bit of history on the game, it was first brought into production over 12 years ago where they were attempting to make a game in which was far beyond the possibilities in the mid 90s and therefore halted the project until around the end of 2003 and 2004 where it was possible to make such a game with its unique features where gravity has no rules. The game was orginally planned to be like Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament back when the project was first discussed but due to the release of both of the above and the lack of programming abilities back in the mid 90s they couldn't make Prey anything new to or mind blowing to that of Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament.

    Just like any other game Prey does have its ups and its downs in which I am going to list below to give you an idea of what the game is like.

    The Ups:
    1. Excellent Graphics on the fantastic Doom 3 Engine
    2. Weapons that have never before been seen and are unique in every way
    3. Walk on walls, the ceiling, the roof, there are no boundries as to where you can walk with the graviton wallways
    4. Gripping storyline that will keep you hooked to the end where you just want to see what happens next.

    The Downs:
    1.Can be strainfull on the eyes and mind due to the regular changing of screening such as being upside down, sideways etc
    2.Storyline does drag on slightly and there are big gaps before the story proceeds
    3.If buying now on Xbox 360 online achievements can be very difficult to get as very few people still play Prey on Xbox live
    4.The game does take about 20 minutes before it actually gets going fully and you begin on your journey through the sphere.
    5.Cannot permanently die, when you die you go to the spirit realm where you fight the unhonored dead for about 30 seconds and then your back alive in the same spot as you died making the game impossible to lose, this feature can be quiet annoying at times too.

    Overall this is a fantastic game with many new features to the gaming experience and market. The games weapons alone will keep you entertained in destroying your enemies but the game itself is enough to keep you entertained. However this is not a game in which you will play straight through in one sitting as it can be very hard on the eyes as stated above and can get quiet tiresome with the long gaps in the storyline. The game is generally finished on average in 2-3 sitting per difficulty perhaps a 4th sitting on the hard mode. This is a must game for all lovers of FPS shooters and a great addition to your collection with an upcoming sequel due for release in the US on the 31st December 2009 and i estimate it to be released in Europe around mid january 2010 that I am greatly looking forward to.

  3.  Enjoy it or hate it!


    Kingdom Under Fire Circle of Doom is a game in which you will either enjoy or hate and I am here to do my best to help you decide as to weather you will enjoy it or hate it before buying. To start with the first game that comes into mind that I could compare it to is Diablo 1 but in a 3D graphic setting.

    I myself enjoyed the game greatly, my reasons being its replayable, there are 6 characters to choose from, random map generation, each character has their own storyline and plenty of skills to learn. Just like any game out there it has its ups and its downs and I will clearly state each of them in as list of the ups and the downs.

    The Ups:
    1.Good lengthy RPG hack and slash with plenty of action
    2.Each character has their own storyline
    3.Plenty of skills to learn
    4.Random map generation for replayability
    5.Three difficulty modes, Normal, Hard and Extreme
    6.Upgrades on all equipable items

    The Downs:
    1.Map generation can become boring
    2.Some maps are very awkward and hard to navigate through
    3.To learn a skill you need to kill a certain amount of a specific monster, some monsters can only be killed in a certain difficulty
    4.Some quests are not very clearly pointed out such as location or how to get there.
    5.Some people may find the controls a bit awkward
    6.Upgrade system is complex
    7.There are no towns in the games, just idols in which you can trade and upgrade with.

    In my overall result as when it comes to the game, it is nothing new and nothing fantastic but if you like your hack and slash with plenty of violence and games similar to the Diablo series you will enjoy this game but it is not a game to expect a fantastic gaming experience from but is enjoyable. Please do note that when I say it is similar to the Diablo series, i am just comparing it in game style not in how good the game actually is, just to clear what confussion might be put up by that, the Diablo series are better games but this game comes very close to it in gameplay style.

    I hope that this has help in deciding as to weather you would enjoy the game or hate it.

  4.  Guns, Monsters, Explosions and Trigger Happy Soliders


    I have read through most of the other reviews in which have been placed for this game. I must say that some I do agree with and some I do not. I will point out the games good features and its flaws along with some information for people thinking about buying it.

    The Good:
    The game has a total of ten large areas to explore with respawning enemies and quests to repeat for trigger happy gamers and RPG element fans.

    A massive arsenal of weapons ranging from Hanguns to Sub Machine Guns, to Machine Guns to Rocket Launchers and Sniper Rifles and also all FPS gamers favourites the grenades and grenade launcher.

    The world is yours to control but every action has its conequence. Upon saying that I mean that you can do whatever you want to do. If you see a stalker walking along the road you can kill him if you want but it may also have an impact on how others may behave towards you.

    Dozens of side quests in which you can accept and complete if the player wishes and can repeat quests that they wish also ranging from Search and Destroy, to find a specific item to delivery.

    Excellent enemy AI. Groups of enemies will take cover when needed, will run for the hills at the sight of a grenade (most of the time), if they see a better weapon on the ground they will pick it up and use it against you, when you come across groups of certain mutants once you kill most of them leaving one or two they will retreat. Beware some of them will continue to attack while others wont.

    The storyline I found to be quite interesting, not something in which you could compare to another game with ease. If you like a game for a storyline then this is worth a try as it keeps you wondering as to who is who and what is what.

    If you like a game in which is challenging then this is a must for you. Due to the large groups you come run into especially in bases it is very challenging to fight your way through them all to your objective.

    This is not just a run and jump shooter, you must think, sneak, shoot and survive just as the AI does or better.

    The Bad:
    The game is rather buggy and it is highly recommended to patch it up to V1.004 before playing otherwise if you patch it up later your save games will not work.

    The game is very picky about the system it plays on. Some people find it runs alot better than others and some find it more buggy than others. Also the patches can fix some bugs but uprise others in some cases. This has however not happened to everyone.

    If you are a perfectionist when it comes to quests where you wish to complete them all and have no failure quests then beware it may not be possible. Some people find that some of the quests are bugged where the NPC or item does not appear where it is supose to or does not appear at all but again this happens only to some.

    Freezes from time to time and can crash occasionally but this varies from player to player drastically. Some claim it is but for a few seconds while others claim it to be a big problem.

    Side quests do need to be repeated at times in order to get the news ones in which have become avalible from continuing the storyline.

    Travelling to various areas can be boring and annoying due to their large size and enemie respawns.

    Overall this is a great game in which both RPG and FPS gamers will love as long as they can play through the bugs they may encounter and can withstand not always getting 100% completeion. Unfortunatly I have not played the Multiplayer side of things so cannot comment on that but have heard is it slightly like counter strike in certain ways.It is a must to try for the price of £10 and for all FPS and RPG fans.