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  1.  Deserves more credit than it recieves


    Too Human, a cybernetic / futuristic hack & slash with a touch of Norse mythology.

    I bought this for 4 pounds, played through the first hour... and got completely engrossed.

    The game is really addictive, great story, great visuals, nice cinematics and good solid gameplay. However there are a few minor aspects of the game that let the overall experience down slightly, the first being very long levels. Some being longer than an hour of none stop hack and slash action, however this isnt so much of a problem since its actually fun.
    Another issue is the sheer amount of repetition; however the game mechanics work well enough to encourage the players onslaught by rewarding experience and pickups.
    The final issue, is the odd cinematic, the games story telling works really well and its all done to a high standard bar the odd sequence that either looks really bad or just plain cheesy.

    Apart from those issues theres an abundance of mechanics that really pull this game together to deliver a really enjoyable experience.

    First is the levelling system, levelling up rewards points to spend in a talent system, this system has multiple paths to suit different styles of play.
    Another great feature is blueprints; these items enable the player to create pieces of armour / weapons of greater standard than the average item drops.
    There's so many features that really do help bring this gem of a game together.

    To not give this game a chance it so rightfully deserves is foolish; its a very polished game albeit repetitive but still none-the-less offers a great experience.

    Too Human offers a good solid hack and slash with a not so traditional setting; delivering great story and gameplay and will entertain for quite some time.

    - Vicousvern

  2.  Not a great game at all


    I bought this not long ago and spent about 2 hours playing it just to get a taste for what was in-store later on, the thing is after an hour I had enough... This game is definatly not "Oblivion on steroids" as a review states on the back of the game. Don't get me wrong its not a terrible game because you can tell some effort has been put into the game but the way the game looks and feels lets it down, in my opinion it's trying to be too much like Oblivion and not its self.

    The major pro and con with this game is you have to activate the game before you can even play it but to counteract this you get an in-game bonus item! so its not too bad.

    If you have low expectations this game may be enjoyable for you otherwise steer away from this title since there are better out there!