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  1.  Mediocre, rather pointless specials


    For many OFAH fans these episodes are by far a low point in the entire franchise. I don't think they're as bad as they're generally made out to be, but I can see why this is. The previous specials which formed the 1996 Christmas trilogy gave us the perfect ending to a perfect series, there was no need to carry it on beyond that. Yet five years later, in 2001, the Trotters were back in a rather padded out episode that pretty much rendered that ending meaningless. It had it's moments, the funeral scene in particular was great, but in all in all it was a bit of a mess and lacking the magic of older OFAH episodes.

    The second special from 2002 is an improvement, it's still a bit rough around the edges, but the illegal immigrant storyline is classic OFAH stuff. Del and Rodney's discovery of their late Uncle Albert's dirty old ways, whilst far-fetched, is also bound to raise a smile or two.

    The third and final special from 2003 is a bit bland and IMO a somewhat unsatisfactory conclusion to the series. It does tie up a few loose ends; Rodney and Cassandra finally have a baby, Freddie the Frog is confirmed as Rodney's real father, and Uncle Albert leaves a nice surprise in his will that gets the Trotters back on their feet, but other than that it is pretty forgettable and the plot is almost non-existent.

    Still, what's done is done, ideally the series would have ended with the spectacular 1996 Christmas trilogy, but whether we like it or not the Trotter's returned once more in three more Christmas specials. They're definitely worth watching, but are by no means the best of OFAH. With Buster Merryfield and Kenneth MacDonald both dead, the remaining cast getting on a bit, Damien being a slight annoyance and the plot going backwards, these specials just go to show that by bringing OFAH back they were trying to squeeze a grand out of a tenner. The second episode is good, the other two are watchable but we could've done without any of them. Catch them if you can.

  2.  Brilliant box set!


    At under 70 pound this is an absolute steal, that's just over 3 pound for each film and therefore a huge money saver in the long run. I still own most of these on VHS but, as I don't have a VCR to watch them on anymore, I have been meaning to upgrade to the DVD versions for a while, and I'm glad I did. They have been remastered beautifully, perhaps not to the extent of the Blu-Ray releases of course but I'm not complaining. If you are a Bond fan, then this is the set for you.

  3.  Like cheese it matures


    I must admit that when this season was first broadcast I was left feeling rather cold. I loved the first season, even if it was a bit hit and miss, but upon my first impressions the second season didn't quite live up to the magic of it. Now that I have rewatched the second season however, I have completely changed my tune. I agree with the reviewer who said that Torchwood seems to get better with time.

    Although there are still several mediocre episodes present in this season, it's an improvement on the first, with a little less silliness and a little more independance from it's parent show, Doctor Who. And whilst Owen's 'undead' storyline is a bit daft, it ties in well with that of this season in general. The characters are certainly more down-to-earth and better played, espeically Rhys and Ianto who are far more heavily involved in this series than before.

    All in all, whilst it doesn't quite match up to Children of Earth, season two is mostly an exciting, shocking, emotional, well-written and all round great thrill ride, and an improvement on the already great season one. 'From Out Of The Rain ' is a particular favourite of mine.

  4.  How it all started.


    Although these serials may be too dated for the typical modern viewer (they were transmitted over 20 years before I was born), there are a must-have for any Who junkie.

    'An Unearthly Child' introduced the Doctor onto TV screens for the first time ever, and did it well. 'The Daleks' was the world's earliest glimpse at the shows most iconic villains and, whilst it does drag on a bit, doesn't fall short of suspense. I've yet to watch 'The Edge of Destruction' but I would recommend this boxset regardless. At this price you can't go wrong.

  5.  Meh!


    I bought this a while back mainly for the remote as that alone is usually about the same price, so you're basically getting a free game here. At first it sounded like quite an interesting game, especially the billiards, however I only had one quick go on it by myself and then it got left in my games rack. Even when I've had people over I haven't bothered with it, it's really one of those games which you'll play once, mildly enjoy it and then forget about it.

    I'd only recommend it for the same reason I got it; the controller, at least then you could make a few quid back by selling the game.

  6.  A good laugh but does it deserve all the hype?


    We've had our Wii for just over a year now. It originally belonged to my brother but he found that he wasn't bothering with it much so I ended up having it as an early Christmas present. However I too am finding that I can hardly be bothered with it now. It's great fun if you have family members or friends who you can regularly play on it with, but otherwise it's not worth the money IMHO.

    The graphics are good but by current standards, they are nothing special. Compare them to those of the PS3 or Xbox 360, and you'll see what I mean. To be honest though this is no big deal to me. My main criticism regarding the Wii is how it's not really a console you can chill out on by yourself. When I get home from college, I don't feel like moving about like you have to with most Wii games. If you're on your own then this can get boring very quickly. Furthermore the majority of games on the Wii seem to be aimed at social gamers. Now don't get me wrong, I love "party games" and I've never considered myself as a hardcore gamer, but how many of these games do you really want? How many are you actually going to get through with your mates? Personally I found that we were sticking to Wii Sports mostly, which of course is bundled with each Wii console. So if you're like me then you'll probably buy a Wii with Wii Sports but hardly bother with any other games for it. Which is why I think the price needs to be dropped considerably.

    Brushing all that aside, it's basically an amazing console with its motion sensitivity and the way it appeals to pretty much everyone. My personal favourite is Mario Kart Wii, which is one of the few games I've played on the console that can be good fun on your own as well as with others. But as I said, I found that my mates and I were mostly playing Wii Sports.

    It also comes with some interesting/handy features such as the "shopping channel" or the "weather channel", with many more available to download from the former. However unlike it's rival consoles, it does lack media player capabilities and the online play is fairly basic.

    All in all, whilst it is arguably a tad overrated, it's a fab console. But as I've aforementioned it's best played with others in the same room as you, even the online sessions can get a bit boring otherwise. If you're after "serious games" like GTA 4, then you're better off getting a PS3 or Xbox 360 if you haven't already done so, they can still be good fun with others too. But if you're only after something to whip out when you've got friends over and it's not going to be forgotten after a couple of months, get a Wii, although you may want to wait until there's another price cut first.

  7.  Somewhat disappointed


    I could get shot for saying this but I watched Withnail & I for the first time last night and I often found myself wondering if I was seeing the same film as everyone else. It does have it's moments but most of the time I couldn't see how it was meant to be funny, it seemed more like a drama than a comedy to me. Not much happens plot-wise either so to be honest I found it a bit boring and tedious. In short I thought it was pretty overrated.

    Still, it's not a bad film, as I said it does have it's moments which are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The acting is brilliant also. If you want to indulge in something simple to kill a couple of hours then it's worth a look, but personally I wouldn't go mad for it.

  8.  Great boxset!


    At the price for these two films you can't go wrong. The original is great fun to watch (although it does drag on a bit at first) and a true British classic, it has a very good car chase and is generally a good laugh. The 'remake' is very different and ironically it's barely even set in Italy but it's still a worthy watch...with its fast-pace and action galore! Highly recommended.

  9.  Bargain!


    Nice to see that this boxset has fallen down to a reasonable price. I paid about the same amount just for one of the 'vanilla releases' 18 months or so ago, and they're still going for that amount in alot of places now. So you'll be saving alot of money with this boxset at £17.99.

    Anyway, Torchwood is, in a word, great! I love Doctor Who but sometimes it can seem a bit too childish for me (the revived series anyway), so it's nice to have this 'adult' spin-off. However, as the previous reviewer has mentioned, it tends to try too hard to be mature at times. Like it's parent series, some episodes make you feel as though you are watching a CBBC show, perhaps despite the odd swear word, violence and sex. That said, most of the episodes are really good at the very least, 'Countrycide' is a favourite of mine, very much like 'The Hills Have Eyes'.

    Torchwood is packed full of fast-paced action, emotion, clever storylines and humour. And it gets even better in the second series, shame about the price on that though.

  10.  A bit corny and dated but a worthy watch for any Whovian.


    Firstly I'd like to agree with what the previous reviewers have said about these being very dated, they are terribly old-fashioned in many ways, not to mention rather camp. Nevertheless, they're not bad entertainment, especially the second film.

    I can remember watching these when I was a nipper which is why I always used to think of Cushing's character as "Doctor Who", and I still think he played the part well now. The storylines are great. They follow the TV serials on which they were based very well (I may even go as far to say that they are even better than them), although they are a number of fundamental differences between these and the Doctor Who TV series, such as the Doctor being human and all.

    Anyway, that's enough rambling for now. All in all, whilst these two Dalek films are very dated and frankly a bit daft in places, they are a worthy watch, especially if you like just about anything Who-related like I do. A must-have for any Whovian.