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  1.  Worst norwegian (horror) movie ever


    I find the two previous reviews funny since they both experienced this movie as a foreign film and rated it top notch. The term "lost in translation" comes to mind in relation to being able to judge the quality and realism of both acting and the feel of a certain environment. As a native Norwegian I have to admit that this movie has about the worst script and acting I have ever seen in a Norwegian horror movie and even movie period. The dialog is so week it hurts at certain times. The plot is your average redneck gone bad horror cliché and in a Norwegian setting like this it becomes a totally meaningless cultural myth, meaning the American myth of murderous rednecks does not fit into the cultural landscape of Norwegian countryside. In fact in Norway the myth is reversed. Everyone talks about how bad the city crime is, never how weird people in the countryside are. In addition the running the woods become meaningless, chaotic, retarded and boring after a while. The only thing this movie had going for it was the photography, but when we loose sense of time and place with every location looking the same, that being green forest, we lose interest in that also. Sorry but I need more than pretty photography and gore to enjoy a horror movie.