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  1.  Amazing Bust


    1st of all, I would like to say that I respect the previous persons view on this bust and I do agree with what they said.

    I knew this bust would be light-weight, I had seen a few video reviews online and to be honest, it is very light-weight, infact I would say the 3 x AAA batteries (not included) weigh more than the bust does, having said that, you are paying for the likeness and in that respect it does not fail, the likeness to War Machine is fantastic, insert the 3 x AAA batteries and his eyes light up red (a bit too red and too bright) and his arc reactor also lights up a dazzling white (again, probably a little to bright).

    Although the brightness of the light up feature is , in my opinion, way too bright, once it has been left on for a day the brightness fades, making it look much better.

    One slight issue I did have, there is no anti slip material under the base, a rubber coating would have been nice.

    Included with this bust is the amazingly well detailed Gattling gun, which fits to his back and rests over his shoulder, this gun is movable, it swings around on the mechanical arm and also tilts up and down, War machines head can also be turned left and right slightly.

    Yes, this bust does feel cheap and light but once it's on display, it looks stunning, the price on play.com is cheaper than I've seen anywhere else by about 20 quid.. I'm happy with this purchase and look forward to hunting down the Iron Man Mark IV bust by Hot Toys.

  2.  a great likeness


    This is a fantastic bust from gentle giant, the detail and likeness on this bust is amazing, the only downside is the paintwork on the lightsaber hilt looks a bit shoddy. These busts are very limited, I think 2200 in the world and sell for much more than play.com are selling them for so grab one while you can.

  3.  What A Letdown


    The excorcist this movie is NOT, while it has it's share of shocking moments they are few and far between, the docu style movie has been done to death and most if not all fail, this is no different.. the acting is good, the atmosphere is also pretty good but the story is lacking, it tries to twish and turn as to what caused the posession but it all feels so half hearted.. this movie lacks the shock value of the exorcist and altho the exorcist is now dated it is a far superior movie.. I had high hopes for this film but left feeling disappointed

  4.  They are actually pretty good


    I have read alot of mixed reviews about these headphones, I still thought I would give them a try especially at this price.. they arrived today and im listening to them as i type this..

    my first impressions are quite good, the overall sound it really good, maybe slighly on the bright side especially when listening to 128kbps mp3's they certainly dont flatter low bit rate mp3's playing thru the laptop but even so the sound it still respectable.. thru a marantz amp and marantz CD player they sound great, full bodied with just enough thump and attack for rock music, deep bass is lacking but still better than I thought it would be.. the sensitivity isnt great when playing thru my HIFi, my old sony headphones could be played at around -20bd on my marantz amp but these sennheisers need to be cranked up to about -2bd which is pretty high.. because of the mixed reviews i was dreading trying these but overall im quite surprised.


    Nice sound (maybe slightly bright of some)

    good attack and drive with rock music

    Comfy and snug fit

    Long cable (may be a pain for some people tho)


    lacks deep bass

    double entry cable

    cheap feeling cable

    low sensitivity on some amps

  5.  Great TV


    I got this TV to replace my 2 year old 32" Toshiba LCD TV.. this TV is huge but seems slimmer than my old tosh. turning it on for the first time was amazing, the colours are so rich and black levels are inky black,, after calibrating the screen I tried several sources, blu ray looks fantastic as does the xbox 360, my pvr looks ok, nothing to write home about but its not HD so i wasnt expecting much from that, the same goes for freeview, depending on the channel, some look poor some look ok, again i wasnt expecting too much from freeview either but its watchable. the sound on this tv isnt great but messing with the settings should enable you to get something a bit more to your liking.. viewing angle is quite poor, sitting on the couch is fine, but laying down on the couch causes the screen to fade enough to be noticable and colours wash out slightly too.. 2 things that may be an issue for people are:- only 1 scart socket,not a problem for me as i only have my PVR that uses scart and also no headphone socket, this was quite a big issue for me as i prefer using headphones for night time viewing, i just hooked up 2 analogue cables from the back of the tv to my hifi amp's aux input and plug headphones into my amp now, problem solved. this is a great tv, beautiful HD pictures, beautiful looking set and a decent all round performer.. just watch those viewing angles!

  6.  Good but not great


    Ok first off, this game has pretty much been done before, Incredible Hulk ring any bells and yes the spiderman games are very similar too.. but despite this its still a pretty good play, the campaign is long and you will get a good few hours gameplay, the missions are varied too so it never feels completely repetetive, to be honest, if you havent played crackdown then I would say thats a much better play than this, for a start off you can only get into a handful of vehicles on this game (altho helecopters are great fun) where as with crackdown you can drive everything.. the graphics on this game are not spectacular, far from it and the game suffers from dreadful pop up graphics that are drawn before your very eyes.. the plus side is i havent noticed any drop in frame rates when the action gets heated.. there are much better games than this and of similar style but if you want a game with a lengthy campaign and is fun to play then this may be worth your money but only just.. it would have been a much better game if co-op could be played

  7.  Nothing like the "real" events


    This movie is nothing like the real events.. they have taken "artistic Licence" way too far.

    Watch the documentary where the family themselves tell what happened and you will see that this movie is 2% fact and 98% rubbish.. this goes well beyond fleshing out the story and even as a stand alone fictional horror movie its poor.

    too often movie makers are using the phrase "based on a true story" to get bums on seats, just look at The Strangers which never ever happened and was loosly based on several different events from around the world.. Im sick of movie makers taking people for idiots!... try and watch the documentary instead of this fictional rubbish

  8.  Fantastic


    Ok so mummy 3 isnt too great but its not bad, the 1st mummy movie is by far the best, followed by the mummy returns (except for the annoying kid)

    The blu ray versions are excellent quality, i did own the first two on hddvd and the quality is as good, not the same standard as say the dark knight but for older movies the 1st two look great.

    Where this collection really shines is on the mummy 3 disc, the disc oozes bd-live extras, movie previews, a documentry about the yetti's in the movie and even a bd live community section, if you have a player that supports bd live and you want a movie to try it out then the mummy 3 is the one, much better bd live function than iron man where you get a silly quiz!

  9.  The most restrictive free roaming game I've ever played


    Don't get me wrong, this is a good game but after playing for a few hours you will realise that this "free roaming" world isn't quite what it seems.. for instance, you are at one location, around the corner is the location you need to get to but standing in your way is a 100ft high pile of rubble which means you need to wander half way around the map to get to where you need to, this happens alot in this game, a cheap way of making the game seem like it has more play life in it than it actually does.. all too often you are pushed in certain directions to get to places..

    Other problems are with the aiming, occasionally (actually quite often) you sights will aim at the floor when you use the auto aim to get your targeted shot and another problem is the controls are often clunky, pressing the red button in the middle of battle so you can medicate yourself often doesnt work..

    on the plus side, great graphics, a large play area even if its not quite free roaming, a pretty good story and at times its a pleasure to play.. as much gore as Gears of War, Oblivion with guns this game may not be but even so its still a good RPG offering with plenty to do

  10.  absolutely stunning figure


    I have never seen a figure so well detailed, it just looks like marcus and everything seems spot on, the only problem i had was getting his pose, the joints were quite stiff and getting him to hold his lancer was a bit difficult.. the figure seems solid, well put together and every single detail is done to almost perfection, add to that the fantastic service from play.com and for this amount of money you cant complain, if your a Gears of War fan then buy it