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  1.  WOW this is the best Racing game ive ever played!!!


    Well...to start with the graphics are out of this world...my dad saw it for the first time and actually thought it was a TV show. I love the way they have done the damage affects, the way you can trash your car up realistically. The one downside to this game is that you can soon get up to the global licence, which in turn unlocks all the others. I would prefer it if you had to unlock each licence in turn but it is still a great sucess. Once you get to the top level and take on the incredable Ravenwest, win you can do any race with any car as you have unlocked them all which was good to begin with, but dissappointing you end up with millions and cant spend them lol

  2.  quite disappointing? Not as addictive as COD4


    When i first played this game online...it didnt look worthy of being a ps3 game...graphics were rather poor compared to cod4. I know you cant compare ww2 weapons to modern weapons but they are ok.
    Also i got rather annoyed because i was at level 19...you unlock a rifle at level 17...yet this rifle was locked and not possible to use as well as some of the perks until i came off it and went on it the next day,

    The main game is rather good though...although to short for more liking yet the graphics are better than they are online...personal favourite mission is quite early on...its like a scene from enemy at the gates and is fun to do :d

  3.  Brosnan was BRILLIANT


    I thought Brosnan was a useless actor until i saw him in a completely new role to James Bond. The story is incredible and you cant help but feel for him. Dont judge the story because you dont like Brosnan, this will change your opinion of him. There is great humour in this story as well, should watch it

  4.  Unlikely Finish!!!


    I have to say this is the one film where you could not see the ending being how it was. I thought this film was brilliantly written and Willis plays a great ice cold killer. This is without a doubt one of the best films i have seen, well worth a watch

  5.  Good but not Great


    I liked this for the fact that it is based on a true story. I do think that Washington has had a lot better films than this but it was dissapointing. I brought this as it was recommended to me but fell short of what i was expecting but still it was alright

  6.  Very Amusing


    I love that Japanese kid he is so funny. Putting that aside, this was a very well writen story with an unlikely finish. Its not the best film made but it is still worth a watch. I have watched it 3 times and still find it fun

  7.  Rather Good


    This was a lot better than i thought it would be. Very good story and overall worth several fews over the year. For £3 you cant go wrong. Well recommended

  8.  Addictive but Repetetive


    This game was the 1st i played on the PS3 and i was hooked for days, however i also had CoD4 and got addicted to that. Graphics are superb throughout, game play is good for a while until you realise that you are doing the same thing again and again. I would still recommend this game to anyone with a PS3. Also for the prise they are offering, you cant go wrong

  9.  Only 4 * Because....


    You cant race your friends online which is a little dissappointing. Othr than that for £18 it is a must have for GT fans. Hopefully the full version will allow races with your friends. OK, there are not that many cars but this is just a sample, and what you do get is impressive, not as good as COD4 online but still fantastic

  10.  Not What i expected


    This is not at all what i expected, it was really good, it goes through how he started being evil as such. Its more of a revenge story like man on fire, but with a different style to it. Worth a watch as you can see where he got his mask from, as well as his skills with a knife/blade and his knowledge of the body. Watch it