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  1.  Fab christmas fun!


    This film as become a tradition as one of the films i watch every year christmas time. Its brilliant fun, especially as its not a role you would associate arnie playing, but he does so brilliantly as the workaholic father who has forgotten to buy his son the turboman doll he so desperatly wants for christmas. So the hunt is on to find the now unatanable doll on christmas eve before his wife finds out he hasnt already bought it! Great fun for all the family to enjoy! xxx

  2.  Family christmas film


    Its no blockbuster but is a highly enjoyable family movie to watch christmas time. I bought this as it was patrick Swayze's last movie before his tragic death, but was not dissapointed.
    Not the best christmas movie out there, but as christmas films go its not awful either. The acting is not perfect from some of the cast, but the storyline is appealing and fun. This is a must buy for any swayze fan or a fan of christmas movies xxx

  3.  One of the best christmas movies out there!


    Fantastic christmas movie to say the least. I have absolutly loved this movie for years and watch it at least once around christmas every year. It dosent get old.
    Its a laugh a minute and the scene with a squirrel unforgettable. Clark as the father of the household trying to provide the whole family a "perfect christmas" with more than a few hiccups on the way. Perfect film to watch with the whole family old and young over christmas. Buy buy buy xxx

  4.  Mine was not black it was grey


    This is a lovely dress, however i was a little disapointed as it says that the dress is black but the one i has was light grey!
    But having said that its lovely over a black tshirt or long top and leggings. Its nice and strtchy so not restricting at all and made of very nice material xxx

  5.  Amazing!!!


    An amazing cd and dvd set. This is a must buy for any mcr fan. The dvd of the black parade gig brought back brilliant memories of when i went to see it. The cd is yet another awsum live cd from mcr and for this price is a steal! Don't listen one of the review below that gerard sounds awful and tired, because he dosent! Buy buy buy xxx

  6.  Scary!!!!


    I've noticed this movie has has some mixed reviews but i thought it was brilliant, it may start a little slow but when it starts going its very very frightning.
    I didnt think it would be scary as its only a 15 cert, but i was jumping like hell through most of it! Really good haunted house movie, best film i have seen in a while and will defo be buying! x

  7.  Slightly dissapointed


    ok so its a good teen horror movie, good kills and alot of them, however Jason has been changed to apparantly "adapt to his surroundings" so he's not as big as what he used to be in the other friday 13th movies. This was a let down to me, as i didnt think he had very good prescence on screen and didnt really frighten me.
    The acting is so so, gore is great but Jason was the big dissapointment.
    Its worth a watch, perhaps rent it o buy when it comes down in price x

  8. Teeth



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     Funny and gross!


    I really dont understand why this movie has had such bad reviews, its not that bad at all!
    You know that its goin to be strange because of the story.
    I have never seen anything like it! Its gross out but mixed with comedy, i dont think it should be taken so seriously.
    If you fancy watchin somethin a bit different and nothing complicated then give it a go!
    Its been talked about so much i think its a must see movie, love it or hate it! I thought it was brilliant! Xxx

  9.  Buy!Buy!Buy!


    Love this album, currently listening to it whilst writting this.
    There is not a single track that i dislike, every track could be brought out as a single - not just a few good tunes like most albums.
    If big Fans of Kings of Leon this is a must, but if not a fan buy this and i guaranty you will be! xxx

  10.  bad!


    I was really lookin forward to watching this movie but was very dissapointed.
    Yes there is a twist at the end and yes you can see it coming. The whole film is pointless, not even very gory.
    I didnt like the story.
    Not even a motive behind the killings! Will not be watching this in a hurry again!