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  1.  Survival Horror at its best!


    I don't quite know what that person a few reviews below is on about with the games difficulty, its exactly the same as the first! I have been looking forward to this game for some time now and I have to say it completely blew my mind! In all honesty I thought playing the first one I won't be a sucker for the unexpected jumpy bits but I was wrong. This is just as scary as the first and my heart hasn't stopped beating while playing it! This is one of the sequels I have ever played and I absolutely love it! I would have payed more if I knew it was going to be this good ;)

  2.  Fallout: New Vegas


    I bought this game on Friday and had to work until late in the evening. I got home and from midnight i played until the early hours of the morning. And the same the next day and the next day! I absolutely loved Fallout 3 and its going the same way with New Vegas. It is so exciting and challenging with so much more to do! The characters are brilliant and the new enemies are weird, freaky and scary! I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of survival horror or free roaming kind of games!

  3.  True Blood


    I dont think that there is any way that this TV programme can be faulted. I have to admit I am a fan of Twilight as well, but if I had to choose between either of the two, True Blood would be the favourite! The acting is brilliant and so is the whole storyline. I just cannot wait for more of this in the future!

  4.  "Don't Step On The Crack Or You'll Fall And Break Your Back"


    My little brother and I when we were a lot younger loved this to pieces. I recently bought and watched it and it came with a lot of memories. I thought it was brilliant and sweet then and I still feel the same about it now and I am 19! And I will say it is one of those cartoon films that I could sit all day and watch! Its a definite must to add to anyones collection :)

  5.  coolish


    I have to admit after reading a few reviews I thought I should put my own on here.
    1. Im currently playing as Rochdale and have found that I have annihilated Chelsea and Liverpool in the cup 6-1 etc but struggle to beat Darlington
    2. The crowd atmosphere has changed and you can barely hear your home fans chearing when you score.
    3. The opposition players go over to easy and too many freekicks are conceded and when it comes to your own player being pushed over you wont get nothing from it.
    Other than that I am really happy with the game.

  6.  good story guide


    i have to agree with a couple of the reviews already written, its not as good as the other guides that have been made. its very poor detail on what else you can do in the game but the main story walkthrough is very good.