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  1.  Amazing


    Usually if i review a game i write quite a lot. For this game, i can convey my opinion simply as "if ever you buy just one game for the psp - this must be it".

    I hope r* use this perspective for all their future handheld gta's.

  2.  A little underhanded


    A big problem with this game lies with the way they force you to subscribe with a monthly fee to enable the use of road based passenger transport. If you subscribe and use it, then cancel, it is taken away from you.

    Saying that, it is possible to pay £11.95 for a 3 month subscription, which in terms of an "MMO" would be ok, except this really cannot be described as such. The ability to trade resources with other players is pretty much as far as it goes - oh, unless you include the chat box :S

    As for the game itself, it is a good attempt at creating a City Builder, but falls short in many areas and unless you are very hardcore, you may get bored easily with the "grid" nature of the game, and the nasty bugs it still has to iron out quickly if they want people to stay online with it after the free 7 days.

  3. Manhunt 2

    Manhunt 2

    Playstation Portable

    4 New from  £11.66  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.99

     Sicko :O


    Doctorhazman: This game was originally bannd in the UK on consoles. One of the ways they used to ensure the PSP version wouldn't get banned was to blur the action. Even with the blurring, with the screen noise turned off it still shows enough sickness to appease the most perverted(?)

  4.  Good version


    As a bit of an old timer, who also has a slight disability, playing the console versions of Rock Band or Guitar Hero are ruled out, not to mention how being an old timer playing a pretend guitar looks to the rest of my family :P So, being an avid PSP user (For new games and being able to play old PS1 games on it) I took a look at the demo of this and then decided to buy the game (although not from Play.com this time - sorry play :O)

    So, how does the game play? For starters the various modes are cleverly worked out and implemented well considering the PSP's button layout. Playing in the survival mode with all 4 instruments (Guitar, Bass, Vocals and Drums) is a lot of fun, simply requiring a press of the L or R shoulder buttons to switch. It is quite challenging on harder modes too.

    The other modes are also nice to play if you want to chill out a little you can take the difficulty down to a point where even the least talented can play it.

    In response to a review earlier, DLC stands for "Downloadable Content". As it stands now, there are about 10 tracks on the PSP Store you can add at 99p per track. The plan is to release new content every two weeks, which is good for a handheld game.

    I have a long train journey coming up next week, and I'm hoping it will fly by whilst rocking out to this game :)

  5.  Patience is a virtue.


    First of all, running this game from the discs spoils the fluidity of the game, so installing to hard drive is highly recommended to avoid lengthy loading times - of which there are many.

    I chose to play this game on XBox instead of PC as I played the demo on PC and it didn't run as well as I'd hoped. Even on the XBox it still has some small issues, like slow texture loading and some sharp FPS drops in battles. But none of these issues take away from the game's enjoyment.

    From the outset, I would advise anyone wanting to play this to read the manual as if you aren't used to these types of games, then fights may seem daunting to keep track of what is going on. I am one such person, and the last time I played a game of similar type was way back in 2002 when I played Grandia II on the dreamcast.

    Graphically, the game is beautiful, and the battle sequences are a joy to watch so long as the signals from your eyes to your brain can keep pace with what is happening. Even with it being turn based, it can be confusing to track what is going on, and only by playing it for a solid few hours will most players get to grips with the way it works.

    Patience is a virtue well worth having with this game, and once you settle into it be prepared for it to suck up lots of your spare time. I have only scratched the surface of the game even after 15+ hours, and I can tell that it is a huge game. There are many cutscenes, lots of talking to people, plenty of work to do on your character's (and NPC's) equipment and masses of battles with bosses and tough encounters.

    I give the game 4 out of 5, I would have scored it a 5 but for the fact that you have to let the game chew up 12gb of your Hard drive to get it to play at a pace you can enjoy it at.

  6.  Midway deliver a game that performs


    This is a make or break game for Midway, and it seems they may well be safe with this release. The long time game developer has been in financial troubles for some time now and have some pretty hefty debts, so this game is a must-sell for them.

    One thing that has been so often heaved onto PC gamers are badly ported major releases that are very poorly optimised. This usually results in very poor performance on machines more than capable of running them. Recent ports in this genre, like GTA IV and Saint's Row 2 have left many PC gamers with a bitter taste in their mouths, having to delve deep into forums for days on end in an attempt to try and find user created 'fixes' just to get them to run, and having to wait months for proper patches, some of which never come. Wheelman, is not one of those games...

    I wasn't expecting much when I got this game, and my PC is now just an average gaming PC, with a OC'd to 3.0 ghz Q6600 chip, a trusty 8800GTX card, 4GB ram running on Vista x64 SP1.

    I was pleasantly suprised to find the game ran really well at 1920x1200 with average framerates at 80+. I forced AF on in control panel and it was fine. However, trying to force AA gave it a real downer, with it plunging the frames down to about 30-40, which for say, GTA4 on PC would be considered good on my machine. So, I left the AA off which didn't spoil the look of the game much anyway. Also, it should be noted that there are no real graphic options other than resolution, but you wont need any.

    As far as graphics are concerned, this isn't no GTA4 and nor does it try to be. But given the overall concept of the game is one where it doesn't take itself seriously, the graphics are fine. The game focuses more on fun and unreal 'movie type' action instead of trying to take itself a bit too seriously, which GTA4 did, and resulted in it being somewhat of a disappointment to the long standing fanbase it has.

    If you are looking for a bare knuckle ride, masses of open ended gameplay, and at the same time want to support a long standing game developer like Midway - then you really should buy this game. It has had some mixed reviews in the 'pro-magazines' but those who have given it low marks really need to step back and look hard at what this game is, and isn't trying to be and rescore it.

    In an age where PC gamers are treated as an after thought when it comes to optimizing ports from consoles, Midway should be given a pat on the back from all self respecting gamers worldwide.

    Three cheers from me, and five stars for what is an enjoyable driving PC game (at last) which doesn't need hours of fiddling about with to get running.

  7.  If you haven't played it...


    I first played Guild Wars when it was released. I enjoyed the original and then moved on to WOW, which I played for over 2 years in a hardcore manner, raiding 6 days a week.

    I then revisited Guild Wars and bought up each expansion one-by-one as I completed the storylines ending with Eye of the North. I enjoyed every minute of it, be it playing on my own with the AI parties, or with friends. The storylines are told well, and the combat system is compelling, with you having to decide on ability templates before you venture out. You can "steal" special abilities from various boss-type NPC's throughout the world and use them yourself. You can even steal them for your AI heroes that you have in your party. The same goes for armors and weapons.

    The previous rewiewer of this game said that this game is a shambles and that anyone who plays this in favour of WOW is naive, well I'm sorry to say, but as a mature and experienced gamer I think it is the reviewer who is being naive and also very short minded - but then again, most WOW fanbois tend to have this closed minded attitude against other MMO's and almost all of the game's long term fan base struggle enourmously to open their minds to other games. I know, because I too was one of them, and I still hold WOW up as a game I was thoroughly addicted to. However, there are more wonderous games out there to enjoy - and Guild Wars is definately one of them.

    For 25 quid, you will not find much more out there that gives you so many hours of gameplay. A definate buy if you have never played the game.

  8.  Full of Bugs


    The FM series has always been a good franchise up until this one. I bought this from the EA store on release and it is insanely packed with game breaking bugs, the worst one being that at random, you can watch a 3D match (one of it's main features) and you will watch your team win 3-0, only to exit and find out the game has registered it as a 2-1 loss or some other strange result.

    It also has issues with staff changing their jobs at random, and if you play in text mode, you can find yourself winning 20-0 and other extreme non-realistic scores. You can end up having your scout looking after training, your stadium manager picking the team, and all sorts of wierd and wonderful random mistakes.

    I have only touched upon a few of the many many bugs the game has, there are way too many to list, but if you head over to the game's (apparent) official forums you will see masses of posts about problems.

    Last year's FM08 was released with minimal bugs but this year the game is unplayable. There is also no support from EA and you have to rely on visiting a German based mod forums to gain any information. It also seems as if the developers are hoping the scene's modders will be the ones to fix the game as EA haven't even acknowledged the game's existence on their own support site yet.

    Avoid unless EA officially patch it properly.

  9.  Venquish is wrong


    I think the previous reviewer either has a naff PC or works for Blizzard. I come from a background of over 3 years in WOW, and WAR is like a breath of fresh air. Firstly, the graphics are in no way outdated, and running on an 8800gtx or higher with AA on just x2 you will find the sharpness of the textures far better than anything WOW could give.

    The combat is also different, yes it it is at a slower pace than WOW, but then WAR is more PvP (RvR) based and the pace allows those who normally shy away from PvP, be it because of slower reactions, or simply because of the confrontation aspect, a chance to compete and enjoy it.

    The only negative aspect is one of it's main innovations, the Public Quests (PQs) is a great idea let down by server populations being so far spread out that the PQ's can usually not be completed as the difficulty does not (yet) scale down to how many players are doing them.

    Levelling up your character can also come to a slight stall past level 20 as grinding out the XP can start to become a little boring. Open world RvR on a core server is very much a waste of time as the game's travelling system means you can potentially waste an hour travelling to a RvR keep just to find nothing is happening.

    Overall, the game has been out just a month, it needs balancing - and i'm not talking about classes, I'm talking about it's content. XP gains still need bolstering, ease of travel needs work, and whilst we have affordable mounts at level 20, people still don't respond to RvR announcements because it's too much of a distraction to what you are already doing.

  10.  Easily the Best


    @cool3st - This game is perfectly compatible with Windows Vista (both 32 and 64 bit). Ensure you run it as administrator if you come across any issues).

    I played the '07 version to death, and the new '08 version is even more addictive. Masses of depth and a far better user interface than the other 2 competitors it has. Combined with the 3d match engine, it's a definate must for football manager enthusiasts!