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  1.  What a sound card


    Alot of people overlook sound cards as they believe if they can hear what they see then what else do they want with sound, true if u dont play games, watch dvds or listen to music and who dosent do any of those. not many people is the answer, i bought this sound card and almost died the power from this card is unbelievable is has a seperate processor just for sound. thats true power. when playing games i heard people about 25 minutes before they got even near me. and dvds well i played top gun and war of the worlds and realised it was better then going to the cinema "honestly" it can make 7.1 dobly from absolutly and headset. thats pure power. it has a game mode entertainment mode and a audio creation mode. and it can make your pc run up to 15% faster as the sound card processes all of the sound leaving the cpu to run other tasks. anyway i love this sound card and am just wainting of the fatality headset to go with it. is definetly recommended. 5 of 5. easily.



    This headset is the best in the world for playing games or virtually anything actually, the worlds number one gamer Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendal sponsors this headset and plays with this headset, this with a creative sound blaster sound card equals you winning get this headset. worth every penny. just hope there are still some in stock.

    my opininon is i agreed with wendal this headset rules.

  3.  Just you wait mate!


    Look no matter what console comes out it always takes time to get going, in a few months you'll be laughing your head off at how much better the ps3 looks compared to the xbox 360, any game that happens to come out on xbox 360 is on pc lol, so i cant think of a point to have a xbox, ps3 on the other hand has blu-ray, true HD, wi-fi, free online play, overall its cheaper as you dont have to keep paying out for online play, call of duty 3 was having trouble running on the console, and a statement from take two have said it hindering performance of grand theft auto 4 becasue of the amount of space the xbox discs can hold only 9gb compared to 50gb for ps3 and not everyone has a hard drive with there xbox, so xbox has gears of war, big deal, ps3 has metal gear solid, gran turismo, devil may cry, final fantasy 7 and 13, motorstorm and resistance fall of man. I think we know what console is going to win.