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  1.  Fifa does it again


    Fifa is the best football game around and you know that when you have a fantastic game (08) and the following year they some how manage to improve every aspect in the game. It is now more responsive and much harder to score (alway's good), and with Be a Pro 10v10 you and alot of friends can play together. Vastly improved on 08 and well worth buying.

  2.  OK


    This game is ok because the gameplay is exacltly like FIFA 06, but with International teams. Still it's a very fun game, squads were up o date at the time and the achievements are really easy.Good price aswell.

  3. FIFA 07

    FIFA 07

    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £19.99  Free delivery

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     Look at the good points


    The graphics are good, there may be no leagues, fair enough that was a mistake but there a good stuff to focus on. Online is absolutley fantastic, although scoring is too easy. You get roster update so all players move clubs after transfer windows. Classic and World XI is a good idea and manager mode is good. Better than people say.

  4.  Clancys still got it


    Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 or "GRAW" as it's commonly know, had a reputation to keep in tact seeing as number 1 was fantastic. This game is equally as good but slightly shades it as online is betters, this is because; they kept the good maps from GRAW 1 and added more, better ones.Cheap too. Worth a try but i'd reccomend getting #1 frist to get in to the storyline and it's cheaper.

  5.  Clancy knows how to make a game


    This game is for the more careful gamers, ones who like to sit back, study the area and enemies. You can't run out onto the battlefield on this game and live. You have to be smart and use everything to your advantage. A quality war game, at £10 it's a steal and has good online, achivements are hard but apart from the good buy.

  6.  COD at it's best


    I have to agree with FunkeeMunkee (What a great name!). This game epitomizes the COD series. It's set in World War II, and portrays it perfectly, one of the first 360 games out, and one of the best. Great graphics, epic storyline and ONLY £10! The perfect game from all angles. I didn't realise it was £10, i just bought a copy.

  7.  Rockers only


    This game is awesome although it's the third in the series i still find the fact you get a guitar (Although not with Solus) great. Has a fantastic soundtrack, many are classics such as Schools Out and When You Were Young, which most of us have heard before. Also a fun game to play with the controller. I would reccomend this game to ANYONE it's that good. Well worth £25.

  8.  Great game


    This game is great. You get four little hand held buzzers and have to buzz in when you think you know the answer. Playing with your family is great fun although the older people will always know more...be warned! Voice over is tacky but i think that's intended. A huge variety of film clips etc. Worth a buy if your a family gamer.

  9.  Really good game


    This is a really good game. Graphics are outstanding as is the gameplay, and the first Smackdown you can run around in circles! Match types are great as there are many of them, plus the fact you get T-shirts and posters etc. makes buying this all the more worth it.

  10.  metalheadster - I'm 19 and still found it fun!


    This is a fun game, especially if your a Star Wars fan. The graphics are good and using Lego people and Lego cities has never been done before, so good idea on that part. The actual game is really long because yo go over the first three films, but that's what you want right? Your moneys worth? A great game and can even go online and get some help with your missions.