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  1.  Why Negative reviews???


    this game is underestimated so bad but why though its great it wont be cod4 if you're looking for cod4 like game play its meant to be a game were you can run around go crazy shooting every thing in you're way its brilliant and the online is awesome really it is online is the best about this game i recommend 110% go buy and add ma account mat1212

  2.  A lot of fun


    i love this game because its better than motor storm it was really hard motor storm where as this is a bit easy and more fun i love the freestyle bit about the game i love the x cross tournament the whole game is gd fun add ma account mat1212

  3.  0ut of this world


    Quite simply the best game ever along with call of duty 4 go buy please its fantastic and i recommend Mx v atv untamed fab game and add my account mat1212

  4.  Why Wudnt you buy it???


    Simple as best game ever why wudnt you get it i really cant understand why you wudnt buy it online is amazing dont buy if you havent got online campign very short but reali good whole game good graphics outstanding go buy and well your at it add my ps3 account mat1212 go add please ta

  5.  Shut up moaning


    god you people don't know a good game when it hits you right in the face why so many bad reviews this game is fantastic graphics are quite neat nice change killing dinosaurs and people to i love the stealth killing online is fabulous best game at the moment trust me add my account mat1212 don't delay just add hurry up go add

  6.  Excellent a lot better than a 360


    This console is awesome it has stunning graphics. but at first i had to admit would i regret buying this would it be a waste of money and the games wernt to good but my opinion a;; changed on that ages ago i did have a 360 and i had to admit that was good i had that for two years served me well but the problem with that is that i just got fed up of paying for online features £40 a year otherwise £4.50 monthly for xbox live a just thought ps3 online feature is FREE yes free no membership fees when your online your online no extra fees or anything that excludes mini and retro games still cheap though you see the thing about the 360 is i feel the population will gradually decrease and lots more people will move over to ps3 because its free and that will happen trust me loads of my mates are buying a ps3 for big forthcoming releases like metal gear solid 4 resistance 2 little big planet gran tourismo 5 gta4 buy a ps3 there way better believe me on that ok the online feature isnt that devolped yet because it didnt come out not so long ago but it will change the only way 360 will stop there population from decreasing is by simply making it free which wont happen believe me switch to ps3 i prayed for 360 to be free everyone did they took no notice ignorant pigs sony are better than microsoft game console wise anyway buy a ps3 miles better and please add my account mat1212 add please just add dont ask just add taa

  7.  Paradise here we come


    this game is like mint graphics rule like when you smash into someone graphics mint overall good game bit short though if you want to play with me on it add me ps3 id mat1212 add it i need friends please add i shall buy a headset soon so wen u add me il shall talk to you thanks

  8.  Nice easy simple game


    good all round fun for the family a well put together game graphics awful but not all games are about graphics and this one isnt its about having fun and this one certainly does go buy

  9.  Let hell break lose and fun!!!


    this game is fantastic best wii game up to date awesome graphics you get so much joy out of bombing the living daylights out of each other wonderful game go buy

  10. MySims


    Nintendo Wii

    4 New from  £10.74  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.64

     Not bad for first day or so


    well i think this game is well its just another sims addition basically not really thought out well the controls can be akward at first but are easily learnt after playing the game for a while but sooner into the game it feels like you've wasted you're money because of the boredom of the game it drags on its just building buildings you cant feed you're sims or give them drink it isn't that type of sims overall not bad the onm gave it 94% a little to high for a game with such boredom but why not give it a try and see what you think its not awful by any stretch of the imagination