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  1.  awesomely funny


    have seen this film a number of times and it never gets old. admittedly it is a bit silly in parts but that just adds to the fun and the feel good aspect of the film. for under three pound it is cheaper than a dvd rental and in some places cheaper than a pint of lager. so buy this have one drink less and end a good night out with a good laugh while eating your kebab

  2.  dissapointed


    i have waited with this review because i wanted the chance to give an honest review and not jump on a bandwagon.
    first off i want to say that i am a gnr fan and in my opinion it's what the music sounds like rather than who plays it. i have enjoyed all the guns albums and i still think now after twenty years and countless albums that appetite is the best debut album by a band.
    the only song i didn't like on illusion 1 and 2 was get in the ring, mainly because i thought it was a pointless tirade at the critics.
    i loved gnr lies even though it was more of an ep than album and the spagetti incident had some good covers on it.

    but back to chinese democracy.
    i know there are a lot of people out there who say they love this album, and of course that is their rightful opinion as is the ones of the people who are slating it.
    all in all i think the album is ok and there are one or two stand out tracks (better and street of dreams) although i do not like the title track. the more i've listened to this the more it has grown on me, but even so i can't give this more than two stars because even though i don't want to compare it to earlier gnr or be sucked into the hype, there is clearly something lacking from an album that has been 14 yrs in the making.
    in this time bands have come and gone and reformed and recorded better music.
    like i said, please don't get me wrong because if this had been a quick follow up to spagetti then yes it would have a perfect place in a discography that would probably have better music following it.
    its just that i would expect better from ANY band who had a year to write and record any individual song.
    rumour is that two more gnr albums are due out over the next three years, probably with unrecorded material from this album.
    i honestly hope this isn't the best of the lot because it would be very disapointing otherwise.

    now whether to buy this. the answer is that you could do a lot worse. at least this doesn't have death or magnetic in the title.
    gnr fans then yes because you are fans.
    non gnr fans then yes because the album is ok in its own right.
    just was not up to my expectations. SORRY GUYS

  3.  business as usual


    I am listening to this cd for the fifth time as i write this review and i am loving it.
    I have always been a big fan of this band and this cd does not dissapoint. The first song which is actually the title track sounds like a left over from 'into the now' which is by no means a bad thing because it comfortably eases you into the rest of the album which is typicaly tesla with jeff keiths smokey vocals and frank hannons crafted guitaring. The rockers are there and so are the slower tunes that sway just this side of ballardry. But with the new guitarist in the band it brings a new side to the tesla sound which is fresh enough not to retread old ground too much.
    I would recomend the tesla fans out there to get this cd, and sadly there are probably not too many of us. But i would urge anyone who is on this page by accident that if you like rock and you haven't heard anything by tesla to either buy this or one of their other cd's cause they are pure rocking band.

  4.  very inventive


    Have played the demo for this after downloading it from the playstation store and was very impressed.
    Now without trying to confuse people and sound contradictory, the game contains a lot of elements from other games, but carried off as tho they are original ideas.
    The ability to carry weapons in one hand while injecting a 'plasma?' into the other arm to produce lightning bolts or fire etc is quite clever in the way that you use one button each to flick thru your various wepons and one button each to fire.
    The rest of the button controls are basic also but effective to the playing of the game.
    The visuals are very attractive and shows that the ps3 is developing nicely towards its potential.
    The gameplay seems to be a cross between solving puzzles (like when reprogramming various machines for your own benefit) and action (shooting, self defence etc).
    The game also seems quite grusome, so the 18 rating is understandable, if maybe three years over the top. Having not seen the finished game tho, 18 may be appropriate.
    If you have a ps3 and are registered on the store then it is worth downloading and trying because this is a lovely gem of a game and should sell vqey well on release.
    I don't know if it will have online capability, but the possibilities could be endless with people meeting each other in various locations in the game as they play it.
    This would add to the endless variaty that the developers have already promised. No two plays are the same they reckon so playability and longevity should make it value for money.

    From what i've seen, this game promises to be awesome

  5.  a lost cause


    St anger was absolutely tosh. There is no getting away from that fact.
    It was for that reason i borrowed this album to listen to first, and i am glad i did because even tho it is not as diabolical as st anger, this offering is not far off.
    Metallica stated that this was back to what they did the best, but didn't they also say that about the last album?
    Load was a far superior album to this and that tells you something.
    Puppets was a classic and no amount of trying is going to bring back the glory days of the eighties. The last good metallica album was the black album. Since then it has been one disaster after another. This is a total shame because metallica were awesome in their day. Its so sad that the day has long gone.

    I for one won't be buying this cd i'm sorry to say. I will instead put puppets in my player and reminice on the band that once was

  6.  a nice breath of fresh air


    This is contender for album of the year surely. Having broken into the mainstream with "i kissed a girl" she is destined to remain there on the strength of this album. It is quite hard to catagorise the genre, but it is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.
    The track "ur so gay" may sound offensive but it is one of the best songs there and will get you humming the tune at any time of the day. It is very hard to find a weak song out of the twelve, and there is pretty much something for everyone to enjoy.
    But it. You won't regret it

  7.  back to their best


    to get straight to the point. motley crue in the nineties sucked.
    there was too much fighting within the band and it affected the stability and the sound.
    but something great has happened in the last few years. they have grown up and put their disagreements behind them. this has resulted in their best work since dr feelgood.
    i have heard a downloaded version of this from a friend who got it from america and absolutely loved it.
    i thought the crue had lost their way. i am so glad i am wrong. i will be buying this as soon as my credit card allows. lol

  8.  awesome design


    bought this tee shirt because of the excellent reviews and can not complain one bit.
    design is awesome with plenty of detail although i'm not looking forward to washing it.
    if i did have one gripe it would be the size. i had read that it was best to get one size up on play's sizes so i got a large instead of a medium cause i like my t's loose.
    even at this size it still feels too figure hugging, but that is for me to learn by trial and error and in no way a negative reflection on the t shirt.
    if you like t shirts with an original design that is good then you couldn't do much better. these shirts rock

  9.  Of Course Rhodan Rocks Is Right


    Rhodan. You are right in your criticism. Considering this is supposed to be a landmark concert, not much effort went into the transfer. You see some of these old films that have been re-issued on dvd and the transfers are very good. So why the half arsed attempt at this one. please don't get me wrong cause i've been a maiden fan for over 20 years, but this dvd just has all the feeling of another cash in. Live after death. More like death after live. Saying that though, i am looking forward with great expectation to the blu ray release of the somewhere back in time tour. It will happen (maybe with a bit of fan pressure). If you are a maiden fan, you will buy it. If you like to remenis, you will buy it. if you just want an excellent maiden concert then buy rock in rio.

  10.  It's Leppard!!!!!!!!!!!


    It's hard to believe they are actually releasing an album of new material. After the awesome X it's with great aprehension that i await this release. rumours on the grape vine suggest this could be a cross between High n dry and Hysteria.
    If this is the case then it has the makings of being their best album so far. Let's hope however that it doesn't become another Adrenalize. While being a good album in its own right, it was a damp squib after the might of Hysteria, and X progressed into being as good, if not better than Hysteria. let's just pray that the rumour mill is correct and that the band will give us the album that all leppard fans have been waiting for since god knows how long.
    Only leppard fans will understand this review, so instead of getting Wasted, let's Run Riot.
    And Rock On