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  1.  Limitless Freedom


    In this game it the map you remeber not the character you could say its like a GTA game as you have no boundries the emenies, guns, clothes people are all stunning its a must have a collection is not complete with out it and it even has trophys

  2.  Fifa 09


    The best football game i've played it a firm step up from fifa 08 and the new features like your finsher doing a backflip to your friend online rubs the salt in the wound or the Adidas live season is just mint

  3.  Far Cry 2


    I told myself not to buy this game at full price but then the prices were slashed (they have gone back up since then)so i got the game
    I was amazed at the game
    The graphics are brilliant the guns, cars, boats the animals all look stunning, its very fun and making your own map is the best this i've seen on a game the online is addictive and very fun but on single player you have to walk, drive or sail to your next location which is ok at first but then starts to get boring and takes some of the fun out of this great game!

  4.  Great Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    After playing call of duty 4, this game had a lot to live up to as cod4 is one of the greatest games i ever played but world at war is just as good with a better story (i love playing as the red army) more online modes (capture the flag) and the graphics look the same if not better, but there is one slight problem the online server is faster but it sometimes ends the room after playing one map if the host leaves it should migrate the host which it trys to do but hardly works. But overall this is one of the best games i own it derserves to be game of the year!

  5.  Almost perfect


    This expansion pack is great all the different branches like black hand and marked of kane ,global conquest mode and the epic units but let admit the jugganaut is nothing compared to the avatar
    or tripod so i would have thought they would have brought back the
    mamoth mk2 which would even out the battlefield.

  6.  whats better resistance or call of duty 4


    On the review i did on resistance i said it was the best game so far but that changed when i got call of duty 4
    on cod4 the story is very short has on resistances it takes a bit of time and resistance can get more players in a match (40) where cod4 can only get 16 in a match but when you match the relistled and the graphics call of duty comes out on top plus there is more weapons and different kind of matchs on cod4
    so overall get cod4

  7.  lots of fun


    this games graphics are above ok but there no online
    play that means once you have completed it theres nothing to do after but the fighting is very good which got
    3 of the stars on my review

  8.  very very funny


    i alway loved the classic worms on ps1 but this more funnier and the weird voices are my fave

  9.  NO CRUSE


    I love NFS games but you can't cruse on this one the police are good they even try to stop the other drivers
    and the graphs are ok



    This game is superb with all the different stuff you can get on it wish you could get more than 200 units but i bet that stops it from going laggy