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  1.  Still not ready to be released.


    Following from the accurate review below saying to wait 6 months before buying I can confirm that they still have not patched any problems. I was thoroughly enjoying the game in every aspect until a glitch just after halfway through prevents you from continuing. I am glad I only spent 12 pounds on this game but the fact remains that this is unacceptable. Some people may have no problem at all with it according to what I've read online but for those who do encounter problems you can be sure they will not go away.

  2.  Just wrong!


    I have no idea what the people at Insomniac were thinking when they thought this game could be even remotely good! Everything that was great about the series they ve now taken out. For example

    Levelling up weapons - Gone
    Building up your health bar (nanotech) - Gone
    AI that was actually useful - Gone
    Wide selection of weapons - Gone
    Humourous script - Gone

    At the end of the day i think that this game has been made to usher in a new generation of Ratchet and Clank fans because for people like me who have played the series all the way through. It just isn't good enough.

  3.  As good as bender's big score!!!


    When i saw the trailer i thought it looked shockingly bad but when i actually saw it i loved it!

    Easily better than beast with a billion backs and easily tied with bender's big score for best futurama ever!!!!!

    Easily worth what i paid for it!!

  4.  RYNO!


    lots of fun and i found it quite addictive lol. as soon as u get the ryno 4 tho its just immense (even more). if u enjoyed the previous games you will love this one! a must buy for any PS3 owner!

  5.  dont bother


    aside from the genius ability to see cards come 2 life on your TV screen there is nothin more to this game. dont bother wit fighting the computer cos its borin only use it as 2 player but even then its not 2 impressive

  6.  heavenly!


    god of war with a lower age rating nd on PS3 basically. only reason i didnt giv it 5 stars is cos it 2 short (which has been sed a lot alredy lol)

  7. Lair



    Available  used  from  £2.02

     complicated but awesome


    im still tryin to get to grips with the sixaxis controller but the game and gameplay is really good!!

  8.  Best console ever!!!


    I just bought a 60GB console and i absolutely love it. It plays all my old PS2 games so I don't have to buy a PS2 to go with it and the games for it are awesome! EASILY BETTER THAN THE XBOX 360 AND THE NINTENDO WII AND THE PSP AND EVERY OTHER CONSOLE!!!! strongly recommended!!!

  9.  one of best i have ever played!


    the only problem is that this game takes a while to get going but when it does it is insane and amazin to play all the way thro!

  10.  AWESOME


    i love this game apart from the incredibly short story line and also my disk had a glitchy island (bottom left on the map) which was a bit irritating but as there is nothing there it was easy 2 avoid. i recommend this game to anyone who enjoys free roam games with loads of non-mission based things to do