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  1.  Cool Kit


    I wont ramble on about the technical items here. I'm a gadget freak, always have been, and this is a seriously cool piece of kit. I am also pathalogically incapable of throwing books away and my house is not all that big so I seriously needed some way of not filling the house up any more. This thing looks really cool and works really well. For reading the screen quality is excellent. It's pretty cool for photo's too (nice to see them in black and white).

    If you buy one of these and don't like it, I think you have missed the point of what it is and what it is for. There is more content out there than you you could ever read and certainly if you travel (or even if you dont) this is just the best thing since the iPod. Buy one, you'll love it.

  2.  Fun family game BUT Dreadful 3D


    I have also played the original in Florida, and unlike that game you don't have to wait in line for 90mins to play this one. Unlike the original, however, the 3D on this game sucks. The game play is pretty much the same as the original and it makes for a great family game but ignore the 3D element. It uses the old-fashioned red and green glasses that just make you feel ill after a while and the 3D itself is practically non-existant. Good fun though.

  3.  Hopefully it will grow on me....


    I must start by saying I am obsessed with anything Douglas Adams has done, from the very first time the Hitch Hikers Guide hit the airwaves to the later Dirk Gently books (and the often ignore but utterly brilliant "Last Chance to See") so I really wanted to like this latest radio series. Obvioulsy the CD isn't out yet but the series is currently on Radio 4. Why only 3 stars, well I would say that if I hadn't read the book I'm not sure I would have understood a word of it. I'm not sure that Harry Enfield is the right casting for Dirk either. I am hoping it will grow on me. Listen to it on Radio 4's "listen again" feature before buying to avoid disapointment.