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  1.  What a film!


    The boy in the striped pyjamas,well what can i say....I have a big heart & this film broke every piece of it.I was still thinking of it & sobbing hours after.It is great to see a WWII film through the eyes of a child but its also alot heavier on the heart.It makes you sick to the stomach thinking what these poor people went through for no reason at all,but it also shows that not everyone knew what was going on & those who did know,not everyone liked it.But they didnt do anything to stop it.The friendship between the two boys is so naive & sweet,I wanted to reach into the tv & hold Schmaul.I was not expecting the ending & when the 2 boys held hands my flood gates fully opened!!Its hard to believe people are so evil,I think we all know what went on in them camps but to see it happening to children its that much harder to accept.Being only 22 myself its weird saying this,but kids really dont know they are born these days.A must see for everyone.A film that will stay with you long after the credits......

  2.  Confused


    Very very good book & read from beginning to middle.It was very easy to read & i couldnt put it down.I had my own little slideshow going on in my head as i read it because the details are so precise,BUT.......i just didnt understand the ending,i was expecting a major twist but there wasnt one,which was abit disappointing.Very strange ending.All in all it was a good read.

  3.  Welcome to the real life Britain!


    Very very good film,I did expect it to be more explosive by the way the trailer was portraited,BUT,having said that,it is brilliant & not OTT.Its all so true & shocking showing britain as it is every day,which is sad!It reels you right in with a happy out come.If only it was really that easy to make Britain a better place!If you like Eden Lake,you will enjoy this.

  4.  Perfect


    Loved it!Funny & touching.Ryan & Sandra are a perfect match for this film,Like someone said,time flies by when you are watching this film,i didnt want it to end!!I love Gammy.I hope they bring a sequel out "The Marraige".Its a must see,i can watch it over & over again.Enjoy,im sure u will.

  5.  10 Stories to long!!


    I found this very boring!I was really excited to watch it as Paul Rudd is in it & he is such a brilliant actor,but you cant even call his part in this acting!It all just seemed pointless.I will never be watching this again,oh well,at least its another dvd to my collection.

  6.  2 out of 3 aint bad


    Date Movie-I really enjoyed this,i found it very funny & loved trying to figuire out which films they were taking the mick out of.It is you're typical slapstick film,but not one that is unbearable.

    Epic Movie-My review is going to be just like the film...RUBBISH.I turned it off 20minutes into it & that was a struggle!

    Meet the Spartans-Bearable,Cant really say much about this film as i havent seen 300 or spartacus,which im guessing it is based on.Ok but not great.

  7.  One film to far!


    I hated this film!!But yet i watched it all to see if it got better.Nothing like the other 2 at all.They went one step to far bringing this out & have given the other 2 films a bad name!!The acting is terrible & it wasnt til i watched the special features that i found out why.They were English actors!!Not that all English actors are bad,but these certainly were!Really did not enjoy it..

  8.  Funny


    I really enjoyed this fim,if you are into the American pies,Road trip & that you should enjoy it.There are some very funny parts.Its just one of those dvds you can watch to pick you up or a typical have ya mates round & watch dvd.

  9.  I was expecting more!!


    After all the hype i couldnt wait to watch this film.5 minutes in i said it was boring,but i carried on watching it.It did get more interesting but not much more.There is jumpy bits,But what made me jump most of all,was my pop bottle the side of me popping back into shape!!It is worth watching.I dont understand that it is ment to be fiction but at the end it mentions one of the characters never being found,which baffled me abit.Give it a watch & make you're own decision.

  10.  You will never feel safe again!


    This film was just brilliant!Whether the footage was actual footage i dont care,but i believe it was real.The film is just so intense n has a great storyline.Made me jump plenty of times & im not a film jumper.Whether you believe in aliens/UFO's you should still give it a watch.People should judge the film on their own beliefs,just purely on the film.LOVED IT!!!