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  1.  Brilliant game but there is something missing


    This game is great, the whole sense of WWII is there while you are playing it! You could be playing in Europe and then the next thing you know you are killing Japanese in the jungle. The graphics are absolutely spot on, better then COD 4. The weapons are just like what you would expect from a WWII game, loud, big and hard to control. The sniper is something I have to bring up, I am sure that a normal sniper would be bouncy and hard to use, like the one on this game, but the sniper used to be my favourite weapon now on this game I just find it irritating. That is one thing that is missing, the effect of the weapons. The whole cutting people open and running through open warfare is very realistic and this is why I love FPS games.

    Gameplay: 5/5
    Graphics: 5/5
    Weapons: 4/5
    Warfare: 5/5
    Maps: 4/5

  2.  Let Down


    Well it does have one or two good songs but this album is metallica's worst! As they're lastest album it isn't great and i hope that they're next album will be better, or else they are loosing they're touch. The bonus dvd doesm't really help the fault as its basically a waste of time putting it into the album! Over all a bad album and they could have done better!

  3.  WHOA!


    Absolutely amazing piece of work, apple have done it yet again. Apple have revolutionised music players since the first ipod. first it could hold photos then it had a scroll then it could hold videos, BUT NOW, it can do all that along with 3.5 inch touch screen where everything is accessed easily, Wi-Fi capabilities where you can acces stocks, google maps, mail your friends or just surf the web for FREE! 4,000 songs not the biggest capacity but i think it does the job as i don't have four thousand songs to put on it so i fill the rest with like-high definition quality but with widescreen resolution, AMAZING! Then there is itunes, just like the itunes on your computer but portable and without any hassel, just a tap f the finger you can download a song, €389, well worth it everyone should have one!!

  4.  Sleek, Stylish and Full of everything you need!


    At 0.9 mm wide and large screen, Nice colour, this phone is nothing short of the greatest looking phone made! It gives you everything you need with loads of application great camera nice bit of memory but needs a card! it plays great music! deffinetley buy it! its mighty!

  5.  Rampage all you like!


    This great the first dragonforce album i have listened to and it made a great first impression! Fields of despair makes it a good cd but through the fire and the flames makes it a GREAT cd! all songs are great and well performed i will deffinetley be getting their next album! if you haven;t listened to dragonforce yet start NOW!

  6.  Worth the watch


    This movie is worth the watch but I didn't think this is one of nicolas cage's good movies. Although the storyline was pretty good the outline of the movie such as the special affects or acting wasn't the greatest! great movie and great ending!

  7.  buy it!


    Its a game that is worth the buy but it can get annoying when your crossing the sea it takes a way too long! but thats probably the only bad thing about it but the rest is excellent! you have to enter the ocean king temple to find a map you find different maps everytime you get a new spirit! once you get the map you have to set off to find the spirit! there are three spirits to collect once you have them you have to save you friend tetra who was abducted by a ghost ship! the use of the stylus is great from drawing lines to writing to drawing and to moving. the phantoms and puzzles and the landscape are all done brilliantly! my advice is if you have a ds buy this game!

  8.  Probarly the best season there is!!!!


    Throughout season 2 of the simpsons more and more characters join the programme!!! It has some very good episodes and one very special guest.....Ringo Star!!! I would recommend it to anyone!!!!!

  9.  Great movies!


    great action packed movies gets right into the chase in the first and seconds movies but not so much the third! Geat storyline and acting good fighting and shooting scenes. Would be better if there was a bonus disc but over all its still a great trilogy!

  10.  This game is great


    Yet again, Link finds himself in a spot of bother when the town Mayor orders him to go to the Hyrule Summit. Along the way, Link enters the morbid Twilight Zone where he turns into a wolf.. Along with a few other friendly helpers, he must bring light to the land once more.
    .The game has been written with the unique control mechanism in mind, with the fighting consisting of some nifty sword work, bow and arrows, and some fancy horseriding! Sub games are great too, with the ever popular fishing pool making a reappearance, and it's more realistic than ever. buy this game!